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Greetings Steemlandia! I am humbled to be in your midst and allowed to regale you with some of my cognitive ruminations and faulty recollections. First a standard disclaimer: Who I am in this moment cannot be adequately conveyed by a listing of titles or a partial description of past events. However, I will attempt to elucidate my core nature (as I understand it) in this present incarnation.

To begin with, I am a student of all that comes within the pervue of my perceptual reality. As someone who has studied symbols for over 50 years (e.g. spiritual, esoteric, financial, legal, natural, etc), I understand that what is presented to me in any given moment has an outward (i.e. commonly accepted) interpretation as well as an almost unlimited number of alternative interpretations. Like the Samurai of old, I meditate on the hidden meanings but honor the messenger and what they wish to convey. In a world that becomes more complex every day, I attempt to chart the shifting shoals so that I (and all those who I am connected with) may create a dance of beauty and harmony amongst the decay.

I am fond of jumping off high cliffs and attempting to build a hang glider as I freefall. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I learn a painful lesson, but I have found that the jump is never fatal. I recently left NYC after working in the belly of the beast (financial technology on Wall Street for 23 years). Late last year I exposed an executive fraud scheme at a large multi-national corporation and was promptly fired for my comprehension. A month later my Mom died. The third ordeal (they always come in 3’s) came soon after when my wife of 25 years told me that she would be moving out. I packed a truck and moved to Tennessee. My hang glider is still being built, but I am not alone and many have lent me tools. I am grateful for all of the assistance. I am even grateful for the events and karmic consequences.

There is a battle raging between a small group of closed minded, hierarchical “globalists” (who wish to control all through legal constructs, imposed narratives, actual violence or the threat of violence) and the 7.5 billion people who are the true guardians of the Earth and who are connected in consciousness. I understood this many years ago and have been slowly implementing changes in my interactions with all to reflect this understanding. However, with the leap from this last cliff, I am now fully committed to the new paradigm that is inevitable: Open-source consciousness that will continue to build holistic, distributed, permaculture communities that benefit all. (The block-chain, crypto-currencies and Steemit are all manifestations of this paradigm shift.)

Though in essence I have only described the latest monogram sewn on my left shirt cuff, I promise to reveal much more in the coming days. I wish to honor the distributed, open-source consciousness vision and will assist this movement with all of my heart, imagination and willpower.

I thank you all for allowing me to join this innovative ecosystem. I look forward to learning and participating in this community.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

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I enjoy your florid language.

Thank you sir. As RA Schwaller de lubicz states: "Music evokes a state of being. The painter and sculptor shape it, then the 'surgeon' arrives to dissect and analyze it." I live my life as a spiritual journey so my communication is more effective as poetry.

We are all just watching shadows move on the wall of our cave.

Best intro that I've ever read! Amazing writing style, very inspiring. Hope to see more soon!

Thank you, I am honored to have you in my corner.

thanks for your sharing :)

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Thank you


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