Introducing myself, how I found Steemit, why I'm here and my work/Art...

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Hello everyone I just wanted to introduce myself and show you some of my work... My name is Nico Simon Princely and I'm a Photographic Artist and Photographer.

So, here I am with a brand new account on Steemit, a total newbie and this is my first post. How I ended up on steam it is that I found out about Steemit when I made the post below on Facebook and a friend I used to work with commented about Steemit, so I thought I’d give it a try.

My Facebook Post:
“We have a very sad and unfair business model online right now. Facebook, Instagram, etc... All make money from our content we create and we get nothing. Likes don't pay bills.

Think about it without the content of it's users what would FB and IG be, just an empty shell. Likes should actually be a small tip, it would make people give them out more judiciously and reward quality content.

I know they were thinking about doing this months ago but it seems nothing has come of it. Youtube allows only some people to make money, but my work would not qualify due to nudity they would demonetize it.

So, in essence we have a situation that others make money once again off of the work of the creative people leaving them working for free yet again. Smh”

I’d like to mention that in this day and age where many people are desensitized to images as they see so many, do to reposting, piracy, Instagram accounts that steal the images from photographers, etc... Most people don’t know how much work goes into a quality image and photographers are really struggling. I know many who have quit. I have come close to quitting myself a couple of times but I'm doing my best to stay in game.

What you are about view is my work. I shot it, processed it, I retouched it and in some cases composited it. In many cases it’s the result of many hours of work for a single image…

These are in most cases, very involved shoots taking many hours of planning, setup, tear down, model selection, image selection, retouching (sometimes 2+ hours on a single image), etc…

In the future I may also do educational posts with details from how I shot certain things if people want that. It all boils down to if I can monetize it as this all takes time and work.

That’s really all I wanted to say and that I think Steemit is a new frontier and I want to see how I can best utilize it and to be part of it. I hope that it works really well for me as I’d like to bring a lot of other creatives over to Steemit but to do that I need to be able to show them the numbers and proof.

Oh yeah… Since I am a newbie if you have any tips on how to use Steemit and make the most of it please let know.

And without further ado some of my work... (These have all been posted on Facebook and Instagram with no problem so they should be "Safe For Work")

These first few are from my first shoot with models and professional lighting this is the shoot that lead to me going into photography as a career later on (it's a long story for another post). These were shot on a crappy Nikon D70 with a kit lens (I say that because I want people to know you can take good pictures even with cheap cameras.)

Model: Renata - Lighting: Large Softbox Octibox - Camera: Nikon D70 - Lens: Some Crappy kit

 Model: Renata - Lighting: Natural Light - Camera: Nikon D70 - Lens: Same Crappy kit lens.

These next few images are from my first shoot I put together on my own...

Model: Viktoriya Dov - Lighting: Underpowered crappy lighting kit and on camera flash diffused
Camera: Nikon D70 - Lens: Same Crappy kit lens.

 Model: Viktoriya Dov - Lighting: Underpowered crappy lighting kit and on camera flash diffused Camera: Nikon D70 - Lens: Same Crappy kit lens.

 Model: Viktoriya Dov - Lighting: Underpowered crappy lighting kit and on camera flash diffused Camera: Nikon D70 - Lens: Same Crappy kit lens. 

Model: Tezia - Lighting: Natural Light - Camera: Nikon D70 - Lens: Same Crappy kit lens. 

Model: Tezia - Lighting: Natural Light - Camera: Nikon D70 - Lens: Same Crappy kit lens. 

Below is after I moved into a loft so I could have a place to shoot full time... I also upgraded my Camera from the Nikon D70 to the Nikon D7000 and then to the D810 and upgraded to a quality lens or two.

 Model: Alexandria Halbauer - Lighting: Two Softboxes Camera: Nikon D810  Lens:  Tamron ‑ 24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8  

  Model: Melinda - Lighting: Two Softboxes Camera: Nikon D8o0  Lens:  Nikon  24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8  

 Model: Stacy - Lighting: One Softbox Camera: Nikon D7000 Lens:  Nikon ‑ 24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8 I think?

  Model: Sarah - Lighting: Two Softboxed Camera: Nikon D7000 Lens:  Nikon ‑ 24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8 I think?

Model: Kristy Jessica - Lighting: Two Softboxes - Camera: Nikon D810 Lens:  Tamron ‑ 24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8 

Model: Kristy Jessica - Lighting: One Hardlight - Camera: Nikon D810 Lens:  Tamron ‑ 24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8 

Model: Stefanie - Lighting: Two Softboxes - Camera: Nikon D810 Lens:  Tamron ‑ 24mm‑70mm ‑ F/2.8 

I hope you enjoyed this small sample of my work. If you like my Photography/Art please upvote, follow me and resteem and also check out  my other post on my page for more of my work. Let me know if  you want to see more and also the uncensored nudes.


Nico Simon Princely

PS: Some links to more of my work that I have posted:

Black & White:

Modern Pinups:

Subdued Tones - Matte Finish Style:



Fine Art Nudes/NSFW:


Hello !

fantastic pictures. Here comes my first advice as the author writing the most post on steemit in the last 4 month.

Instead of doing one post with 20 pictures , create a series and do one post per day with one pictures.

i.e Model of the Day #1

write somethhing about the fotoshoot (location, which camera used, lightning, name of model , how long took the shoot etc.)

post the picture.

fantastic pictures, these are really amazing women you shot!

Thank you and I agree. I have already started doing that. I just wanted to show some of my work. I actually removed some of the pictures I had put up as I had up far too many. If you check out my page you'll see some of them.

yeah now I see them. followed you man !
fantastic. if you want to earn money on steemit you need to socialize. so answer the comments of your followers. upvote their posts too. make sure only to make 4 posts per 24h, if not steemit is giving a penalty on new posts.

join steemit chat. and yes great pictures! get more of these cuties onto steemit please ;)

Thanks for the tips I appreciate it.

Hi welcome. I have collated some of my Steemit help guides here: if you want some references to get you going. I also did a post yesterday for new users on how to build a following on here.

Hi there, lovely pictures, nice to meet you :)

Hi Nico,

welcome to Steemit. Better use the nsfw (not safe for work) tag instead of photos.


This is not safe for work? Never had a problem with any of this on FB or IG or anywhere. There is no full nudity in this post. I could find and guide as what's allowed?

there's no guide because it's a decentralized platform, meaning that anyone could flag your post for any given reason. Also flag from someone with low rep score and little Steem Power would have no effect, flag from a whale ( someone having a lot of SP) would nullify your reward and probably rep score too.
There's just a few dozen whales here around and it seems like there's some sort of consensus among them that nsfw staff is not really welcome here.
Earlier when there was just about a few hundred people around here some people have tried to promote slogan show your tits and get rewards, but it proved that show tits would almost surely guarantee no rewards

And this post is safe for work their is no nudity in it so I have removed the NSFW tag as this images have been in FB and IG and never been taken down so it is safe for work. Inonlybadded or due to the first comment.

There is no consensus among whales that nsfw is not welcome, nor is it the case that the one girl who did show her tits got no rewards. In fact she got rewarded repeatedly, for multiple rounds of photos, but people just lost interest in seeing the same one girl over and over again (nothing against her at all).

@nspart, you are correct that being against nsfw is a huge mistake and while I said there is no consensus (and there isn't) that doesn't mean that some people won't object. Not everyone gets it. Please don't let that discourage you or your models.

(agree that this post is not nsfw)

What do you mean by NSFW staff not really welcome here?

Earlier when there was just about a few hundred people around here some people have tried to promote slogan "show your tits and get rewards", but it proved that "show tits" would almost surely guarantee "no rewards"

Btw way who ever is against the NSFW. That huge mistake NSFW and porn has driven the success of the internet. It's the reason why the Internet took off in first place it's also the reason Betamax lost to VHS and Bluray beat HD DVD when Sony realized their error they made with Betamax.

Someone will just come along copy this concept and site and make it pro-adult content and take over the entire market if that anti-adult attitude continues.

The reason we even have the level bandwidth and video capability we have today is because of the adult industry. That's a fact. The billions made in porn is what went back into technology. I remember I was there and it's also why payment processing online took off.

And I don't see my work as porn but art and erotic art and I think there is a difference and that art should not be penalize.

yes but you talked about NFSW staff? That would imply that they were connected with the site and dealt with post that were NSFW but not labled as such.

Thanks. Is flagging down-voting or is that something different?

Hi Nico,

Welcome to the steemit community!!!

Welcome to Steemit Niko,

You do very beautiful photography, and of course for your line of choice have women that fit the part. I didn't realize the amount of time your work involves, but now it is more clear.

Have you ever thought of shooting women with clothes on, or is that aspect of photography dead now a days? If it is profitable, I think your level of skill may have a much greater audience that would be interested.

I am not opposed to naked women. All of God's creation is beautiful in their own unique way, but most of society cannot handle naked people, and especially women. Mainly because of the fallen nature of man that lacks self control, and also the perverted pornographic industry that makes women into nothing more than filthy, worthless, sex objects.

God made mankind naked. Everything is naked to Him, so it is no big deal, but He has a problem with the way people make merchandise of themselves whether they are naked or wearing clothes. It is no different than prostitution from His point of view.

Wish you all the best in your career!

You got a follower, it's nice to meet you.

Btw. What is your favourite lense? I see you are into portraits so I guess it's somewhere in the range of 80 to 100 mm. I love my 135 mm prime to bits when it comes to close-ups, but since I'm at heart a nature photographer I mostly end up using an older 75-300 kit lense and an ultra-wide. I wish I could afford a good fixed aperture zoom or a 400 mm prime. Maybe some day.

Thanks and I use a Tamron SP 24-70mm Di VC USD I don't really like primes that much I feel very limited for my style of work. But I do use them occasionally.

I'd like to get Tamron SP 70-200MM F/2.8 DI VC USD Maybe if the post does really, really well I can get it, it's a $1500 lens.

Right now the Tamrons were testing sharper than the Nikon lenses on the D810, are cheaper and have a better warranty.

Cool, I've noticed the 3rd party lens makers are really putting an effort into their products lately. I even got myself the 50 mm Sigma Art 1.4 and boy is that sharp. It's just that although it's a excellent lense, it weirdly doesn't make it as a favourite. The 135 mm Super Carenar 2.8 I mentioned is a lens almost 40 years old and it's still one of most used lenses. :)

I think I need to check out whether there's an affordable Tamron zoom for outdoor and nature photography.

They probably have one. They seem to be a good company. There are still things Nikon and Canon have over them but the price and better warranty and sharpness is hard to be when you're saving $500 or so. Also Lightroom let's you do lens correction which helps a lot in some situations.

Awesome work, not at all tarty.
What Ive noticed is that, most of us folks dont have much attention 2 or 3 pictures in 1 post is quite cool. Otherwise people will just skim while looking at it. It's a shame if those pictures arent much appreciated and given what they deserve.
Welcome here on Steemit!

Thank you very much.

Nice photos, Simon

keep it up nico ur good

Thank you.

Gorgeous girls!!! :)