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I have been using Steemit for quite some time now and I personally prefer to use the Raw Editor when it comes to writing out my post. Using Markdown editing allows me to format my post to the fullest extent, so if you want to create original content valued by the Steemit Community, it's advisable to know how to write out a neat post

Since there are over Thousands and soon to be Millions of users registered on Steemit, you shouldn't have a problem when it comes to finding an audience, but the big question is how you're going to capture the crowd's attention when there is so much competition

It has come to my attention that the majority of images attached to Posts tend to aligned to the Left,

When you attach an Image, Video or GIF's, all content by default will align to the Left,
so it's a good idea to learn how to adjust your alignment rather that just using the default setting

For Illustration purpose we will align Text, Images & GIF's since an embed Video will automatically center align itself
Just for your information, you can apply the Markdown Code on any content using the Raw Editor


It's so easy to do! All you need to do is type out a simple Markdown Code followed by content and closing Code

Markdown Code to Remember




<center>Learn to Align Text to the Center of the Post<\center>


Learn to Align Text to the Center of the Post





<center><a href=""><img src="" title="source:"></center>


(No space in Between Markdown Code)

At this moment, there is so much opportunity so you should definitely siege this moment! But as time passes, there will be a lot of creative individuals competing out there. So you have got to learn the basic's before you excel at something, with a little bit of practice!
Markdown Editing will be easy for you!


Doesn't this go well with the SteemVerify Logo? Anyways, if you spot an error in any of my Guides please feel free to correct me and also if there is anything you would like to see a Guide on, let me know!
Will write another tip on Markdown Codes Soon so Follow me for more😇!

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Reply this, so I can reference it later. Thanks for the useful post.

More html tag than markdown code :)

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Videos not centered using the tag


Whenever I use a Youtube video Embeded Code, it will by default align itself to the Middle! There is no need to include the Markdown code because it pretty much takes up a section in the post! That's why i showed you how to align Text, Images and GIF's.

Brilliant information. Many thanks

Thanks, this is helpful and useful! 😀

how to do pictures that are smaller then the max size without resizing and reuploading them?

Thank you great info! Was wondering about this actually!!

Thanks for sharing! I have always wondered how to center text. Now I know!

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Thank you, even though this post is 6 months old I can verify that it still works today after using it for my first post. I just joined up so I figured I give any new readers a heads up about this. So great work with this article because research wise this issue gave me a little trouble online. :)


I signed up for
but seems a dead site, All 7months old?
looked like a good idea though


Eh, I wouldn't know about it but it seems like this site is really picking up major steem online. I mean I see people I'm connected to everywhere slowly posting from here


Great Work

Great post, thanks a lot @steemitguide for to do this valuable content.. UPVOTE this post :)

Thank you for your tip..especially center tip is so useful to me. I am from Japan newbie. @steemitjp

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Thank you. I wasn't sure how to center, searched steemit and found your post.

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Yay i finally figured out how to center text and images thanks to you.
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I have a quick question. why My raw HTML is different? xb

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Thank you for posting @steemitguide. Esteem is one way of uploading images directly from ones library...however since they are working on is currently out of comission.
How does one go about submitting a photo....from particular which of the options is compatable with either markdown or raw?
Sorry for the trouble.


You just need the Link for the Image! You can pretty much just copy paste the image into the Raw Editor.
I personally use and Just need to copy paste the Link into Raw Markdown Editor


Thank you for your reply. Will give it a go.


Thank you for your reply @stemmitguide. Very kind of you to send these links....the latter is what worked for bleujay.


Happy to help out ! Also followed you for your ''principle of the day'' Posts :) STEEM ON!


Thank you for your reply @steemitguide. Hope you enjoy the principles.
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