This is me. Introducing myself.

Not really sure how to start this "Introduce Yourself" post, so I'll just jump in with a simple greeting... Hello :)

One of my friends suggested that I join Steemit as an extra platform for me to share stuff, with the hope of spamming our WhatsApp group less, as well as just seeing what happens and maybe making an extra bit of money. So, here I am. Not too sure what I'm doing, but I plan on figuring things out as I go along and also maybe find my voice.

Here I am laughing very weirdly with Table Mountain in the background.

I was born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa and still find myself here. Got my Bachelor's degree at Stellenbosch University, which is a 20 min drive away from home, and I'm currently still trying to finish my Post-Grad degree. I am bilingual, Afrikaans being my home language, and I'm 23 years old.

Minau steemit.jpg

As a way of making sure I didn't completely bore whoever read this, I added a photo of my cat sleeping- In dire need of someone to brush his hair. (He will definitely be featured again in the future because look at him, he's damn cute.)


Welcome! Your friend took you to the right place! your going to love the Steemit community!

Welcome to Steemit @maretha94 :)

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Hello @maretha94 and a very warm welcome to Steemit. You've been born and bred in one of the best places on earth in my opinion. I visited cape town last November and fell in love with it :) the only problem was that it was very very windy. Never experienced such winds in my life before. Looking forward to your posts!

Nice cat beautifull God Bless him

Welcome, hope you find it easy to get into the community. I just joined and i post about travel if you would like to follow me :)

Thank you. Sounds awesome. I'll definitely check it out.

this is me following and upvoting you! :) welcome

I wish you a warm welcome to steemit ;) I am sure you will have an awesome time here ;)

Hi, enjoy your stay here ;)

Thanks. I'm sure I will.

Welcome to steemit ! Hope you will enjoy being here just like I do. Stay active, post quality content and you will succeed.

Welcome, glad you finally gave in and joined

Welcome to Steemit!

I look forward to learning more about Cape Town. Have always wanted to travel there!

For some help feel free to check out:

Upvoted & warm welcome to steemit!
Never been to south Africa or Africa in general but definitely planning on going there next year for an internship. Actually already applied for one this July, but didn't get it.. =(
So will follow you and I am excited to see some posts about South Africa.
If you find the time, check out my posts and follow back if you like.
Until then: Cheers, Tjark!

Nice to have you on board, Maretha! You are going to love it here! Follow me at

Very nice images, I likes
I love to join steemit and to help earh other
#vote and follow you
Do not forget to follow and upvote me

welcome to join steemit, I hope you become my friend in social media account space steemit. Good work

Resteemed. Upvoted. Followed. I love cats. Thanks for sharing. Welcome. I am new here too.

Hope you make lots of money too.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Glad you like my cat. All the best for you too.

post is nice is a good is a sky is wow plies one vote

I'm disappointed I need just one of your vote that's will help me to grow up trust me i never asked this to anyone my friend told me that can help me
I'm so sorry :/

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