Greetings steemit, a Finnish Swede from the Archipelago here to introduce himself.

in introduceyourself •  3 years ago

Hey steemit! I haven`t really introduced myself yet but im a 22 yo Finnish Swede boy from Finland and my name is Linus :) Im a builder (i build houses mostly) but im gonna post some photos from my work later :) Heres a photograph from nearby my hometown! Just gotta love the finnish archipelago :P

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Welcome to Steemit! My Friend- Greeting From @dog

Welcome You to Wonderful Steemit World @xem!

Welcome yo!
Nice to have more friends become active here! :)


This seems like a good thing to put my time on :P

That shadow...

Nevermind. Welcome to Steemit!


Im not the best photographer :S

Welcome man!