100+ Followers. Time to Introduce Myself. Any Gentleman on Steemit? ;)

Hello everyone,

My name is Cristina-Maria Lopez, my friends call me 'kikiriki', I'm 19 years old and single. I live in Granada, Spain. I'm a student of Marketing.

When I was in high school, I fell in love with a 28-years-old math teacher. He made a lot of promises to me. My friends found out and it became public. My parents taught me the lesson.

Not much to say, I'm still young for life experiences. Anyways, my life continues.

When I heard about Bitcoin I also heard about Steemiit, so I started using it wishing to gain some money for myself, but this is not that easy.

I just created a Binance account hoping to gain something and start trading.

So, would any gentleman here help me by sending any of the cryptos in my Binance account, pretty please? ;)

Here are the deposit addresses:

Bitcoin: 1PtUg3i3SCQi6LXG9YsUiFeGLHFMiVn5LH

Ethereum: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

Litecoin: LVundN8QYqX7Vw5pTKdCKDk4H8hsgM9D4r

Cardano: DdzFFzCqrht1Mdaqr9DQEG18dxpzdEtKYTYEDe4vxVXdFQhabe6focSdGN8TXGF39AMantzVe16jYUAVLCJdfrR2BmW3mDfux3bGH93m

Salt: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

TRON: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

Verge: DLcn6aB9sExRNLHP4JQSaaaCKg2kmd2osG

EOS: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

Qtum: QN3kZKQdzUf4baj6bjcGXgaxTK7typ8o1j

Binance: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

Dash: Xj9G3K2hDjPnMuyngu3DtiUBCKnUus8RM9

OmiseGO: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

ICON: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

Zcash: t1Nbkyc4EJxNDoN99R6yaXUMsJY51Y3PQVh

VeChain: 0x82e28d9c3a1dcf19630984a64dddf75aabde9a93

Waves: 3P3qCy9XehyRJYnZJmFbA82Rx43mmE8FpSV

Hshare: HBHxpemdQUZxCBXLgsefoVXWE2cJ3EpGV7

STEEM or STEEM DOLLARS will be very appreciative as well. ;)

In case you would offer to help me with other crypto, just repply.

Thank you very much in advance and warm hugs for you. ;)


Nice post but you need to improve on your post, you shouldn't ask for money on steemit. Your introduction post should be about your life, and your purposes on steemit @kikiriki

Thanks for the comment. I tried to write something about myself. I saw other users sharing their addresses for donations, so I thought it's not a problem if I do the same.

Anyways I'm sorry that I can't have more purpose on Steemit. ;)

No don't say that, you have more purpose on steemit than any other person. You just need to realize your purpose on steemit or something you are good in doing it. Or you can ask some great people in steemit how to make it like @davemccoy @adsactly @surpassinggoogle @dobartim @papa-pepper @helene

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions

Congratulation for having 100+ followers, wish you all the best and keep it up. =)

Thank you for your kind comment :)

So, would any gentleman here help me by sending any of the cryptos in my Binance account, pretty please? ;)

lol.. why are you only asking gentlemen and no women? And did it work already? Why don't you use some of your SBD/Steem to start trading?

Anyway, here are some tips I give to newbies when I see them. Maybe this can help you to amass a fortune here on Steemit without relying on gentlemen ;-)

  • Never just copy a text or publish a photo/video without explanation. Always add some text and never forget to add an image to a text.
  • Never steal an article and if you quote something or re-publish one of your own articles from somewhere else, always add a link to the source.
  • Always use all 5 tags for more visibility.
  • Here is an interesting site where you can look up the stats for your account and others.
  • This is another stats site where you can see your reputation and what to do to climb up the ladder. (commenting other posts is very important).
  • There is even a help site for Steemit where you can find explanations for the site's functionalities
  • I wrote a post with an explanation of the most important Steemit vocabulary.
  • Behind this link you will find a list with a total of 60 introduction videos for Stemit.
  • If you want somebody to read your article or follow your conversation, mention their username (don't forget the @).
  • Commenting other posts is very important because you get "curation rewards" which means Steem Dollar from the pot for the article as a reward for the interaction.
  • Learn the Markdown styles to format your posts (you can find how it works in a link on the right side below the text box)
  • A lot of votes on steemit come from bots that you (or others) can pay for a vote. Depending on the bot, you end up with more $$ than you had before.
  • All bots work pretty much the same way: You go to your wallet and click on the little arrow next to the Steem Dollar amount. Then click on transfer, fill in the name and the amount and add as memo the URL to the article for which you want an upvote. Very simple.
  • For newbies the @earthnation-bot is excellent, it supports only newbies and has very profitable upvotes.
  • There are also resteem bots, but I don't find them too useful and don't know which one is good.
  • Be careful with your password and watch out for scamming attempts. Several big accounts got stolen and now they try to lure others into giving away their password by posting comments with links to fishing sites.
  • You have several different passwords. Whenever you have to use a password and it is not stated differently, use the active key and as little as possible your owner key! The latter is the big key to your account and if that is gone, you account is gone.
  • If you have further questions or experience problems, you can always go to the Steemit Chat for help.

I will follow you now. (<- always add that to a comment when you intend to follow the person who wrote the article. This way, you increase the likelihood that they follow you as well.)

Thank you for your helpful tips. I'm sure it took you time to write this to me. Very appreciate it. ;)

Maybe I was exaggerating when I said about gentlemen only, I don't know. Unfortunately nobody donated.

I don't have enough STEEM to start trading.

To be honest, the bullet point list existed before;-)

Stay on it and you soon will get enough Steem together to start trading a bit. Two months and you're in. You should check out Bitshares, it's a platform for trading by the developers who also created Steemit.

hey so nice I really like your post! Thanks for it! I actually wrote my 2nd part of my introduceyouself and I write about that I went to jail because of cryptos... lets make steemit together to a better place with our content! I would like to read a bit more about you and maybe do you have some more pictures? Maybe you upvote me and follow me swell as I do? https://steemit.com/counterfeit/@mykarma/2-jail-review-counterfeit-euro-speeeeending-time

I did, I hope you will do the same here ;)

Welcome to Steemit kikiriki. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem or anything related to it! The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information https://steemit.com/faq.html - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. We also have DTube - our very own Youtube, DSound for Soundcloud and Steepshot if you prefer Instagram like experience. I'd also like to mention ChainBB - forums, Busy - Steemit with more modern look and DMania for memes. That's right, you can actually make money of memes now! Welcome to the blockchain

Welcome to steem. Good luck.

thank you so much ;)

You're welcome.

Wow you sure have many wallets! Welcome to Steemit @kikiriki and congratulations on hitting 100+ followers. It surely is an incredible milestone. Passing by to say "Hi" and show a little support with an upvote. Cheers and Steem on!

Thank you for your kind comment :)

About all the wallet's, it's Binance, it has all the wallets.

www.binance.com/?ref=19597985 - create an account using this link, I think you get a bonus. Not sure how bonus works :)

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i liked your post!
today was my first post,!!, this is my post read here 😏

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