Let me introduce myself!

My very first blog post!

My name is Kerry and as I am new to Steemit, I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. I am very excited to be a part of the Steemit community!


My father (@robbierush) actually introduced me to Steemit. After hearing about it, I was definitely interested in joining the community and I hope I can create posts and content that engages all kinds of different people in the community!

I am currently a student in Leeds studying Early Childhood Education and training to become a primary school teacher. I have always had a passion for working with children, just observing how they learn, building relationships with pupils and knowing that you are making an impact on their learning, social and emotional development each day is the most rewarding thing in the world! This does not mean, however, that being a teacher doesn't have it's stresses and it's downfalls. I have already completed two teaching placements and there were times I felt the pressure, but there were also many times I would come home with a huge smile on my face because of the children. And the children are the reason I strive for what I do!

A provision on placement that I had set up to support children in learning phonics! (Sounds in words)

Alongside my studies, I work part-time at Costa Coffee! I've been a barista for almost two years now and I love making coffee. At Costa we're a family that's a bit bonkers but my co-workers make the job so much more enjoyable!


In the future I would like to be a teacher and want to travel the world! I have looked at teaching jobs in Dubai, Thailand and other places in the world. So, watch this space...

I also adore cats! Below are pictures of my gorgeous cats: Molly and Mia! I love them so much and they both have their own sassy little personalities. If you want to know more about them, I will be posting a blog about them very soon!



Thank you for reading and I can't wait to start blogging!


Resteemed by Robbie... so it has to be good! ;)
Welcome to the community!

Haha thank you very much!!

I love how you did that with the coffee, Stuff is amazing haha Welcome to Steemit! =)

Haha thank you, it's taken me a lot of practice!! :)

hey Kerry Nicole =) Welcome to STEEMIT. Your tigered one is so CUTE!!! I want to snuggle them. Nice Coffee's too!!! damn !

Aww thanks! I know I love her so much :)

Welcome to Steemit @kerrynicole :)

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Hi! You have my votes! Robbie a fellow UK Brit! :)

Yes my lovely daughter has now joined steemit keep it in the family I say 😂😂

Just resteemed darling feel free to resteem mine some time 😘

Haha, thats always funny when our parents are ahead of technology then us. I just joined and i post about travel if you would like to follow me :)

I know, he knows much more than I do! Sounds great, I will give you a follow and please give me a follow back :)

I know right 😂

Hey there, how are you doing..... Welcome to the Steemit community
Glad to have you here
Hopefully you get around the system and achieve success
Looking forward to reading more of your post.

Thanks much appreciated!

Welcome to steemit @kerrynicole. It is indeed an amazing place to be and am sure you will love it here. You are right who could resist Steemit ..It is so exciting. Teaching kids is a lovely job and a lot of fun as well. Hope you have success on this platform and may your world tour dream come true :)

Thank you so much, yes teaching is so rewarding! And fingers crossed!!

Welcome to Steem @kerrynicole I have sent you a tip

Welcome to the Steemit Community!

Welcome!!!!! :-)

welcome to steemit Nicole
The coffee looks nice and hot ;) especially liked the bear drawing on the top left one, can u make a doberman head on a coffee?

Haha thank you! I'm not sure could you show me an example? :P

found this one on google

I could probably give it a go haha!

Great intro! Welcome to steemit @kerrynicole

Thank you very much @afief :)

Welcome to steemit ! Hope you will enjoy being here just like I do. Stay active, post quality content and you will succeed.

Thanks for the advice @trendo! :)

Hello, and welcome!
Ill hope you will enjoy it here.
if you follow me i will follow you for upvote some posts ;)
Good luck, see you

Thank you @luxurious I have followed you!

Hey, Kerry! I can definitely share your​ passion for working with kids​, I teach acting at Theater school, hope to see more stories from you in the future! Followed and upvoted)

Aww that must be fantastic! Thank you i've followed back :)

Welcome :) I hope you enjoy your time here on steemit ;)

Welcome to #Steemit, wish you best of luck for this exciting journey ahead !

Thank you Alex!

Welcome and welcome to join in steemit, you will be welcomed and well received here, much we can do in media steemit.com, you have made a very correct decision to join steemit.com
at steemit.com we can share our work and if our work is good then we will get reward from result of our effort in making article, steemit.com will make your life more interesting

Great too meet you @kerrynichole, you will awesome on Steemit! Followed! :)

Welcome to Steemit!! The future of social media. :)

I always dreamed about teacher like you! :D
Hello and wellcome to steemit.

Hi @kerrynicole. You are welcome to Steemit.
I believe with hardwork you will succeed here. It's a great community.

Followed!... and do keep in touch.

Thank you very much @mcekworo!

You're welcome

Welcome to steemit. Happy to have you around!

Welcome to this Steemit community. Nice coffee! I'm looking forward to see your next post. ^^

Thank you very much :)

Welcome to Steemit Kerry! Great post, and glad to have you on board! Will keep an eye out for your work! :)

Awww welcome to Steemit!! You're not far from me, I'm in Huddersfield. It's so cool your dad brought you here haha.
I haven't had my morning coffee yet so my favourite pic of all were those 5 cups of gorgeous coffee coffee coffee, I better go and dose myself...
Looking forward to seeing you around. =)

Hi welcome to steemit! I'm looking to become a barista as well once I begin my bachelor this autumn. Have any tips? haha, followed! :D

thank's for you upvote very much!

welcome I upvoted and followed you

Welcome to Steemit Kerry with a positive message to start your week!

"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation" - Robert H. Schuller





first photo is you??

plz follow&vote :)

Hey! Nice topic. :)

Hey @kerrynicole

** Your way of introducing yourself is marvouls . I am happy with your post hope awesome post from you in near future **

I would like to request you please keep posting this type of valueable content for the community of steemit as this platform is growing up day by day .. I would request you that you must support new steemer like me and other .

I am in love with one of my post as a senior steemer I need your Honest feedback regadding that . If you get time from your busy life and write your comment upon it . It will be really apprecited ..*

If I missed I do Apoligize for that ...

Lots Of Love For Future Posts

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Waiting for feedback on post

Regards Sophia Olive


I followed you. Please follow me back @srsrahman

You want to be a teacher!!!!
That is awesome!!!!

Cool introducing™

nice post

I'm more of a tea drinker, but those coffees look yummy.
Nice introduction, great to see you here!

I'm a teacher as well! late welcome :)

Wow you are super pretty!
I want to be your korean friend.

I love you @kerrynicole

Welcome to steemit @kerrynicole. Thank for resteem @jackkang

welcome to steemit dear ;)

great 3

follow me okay + up vote

Want to say thanks for visiting my page..can't wait to be able to pay all you nice people back ..congrats on your profession and nice cats as well!

Great introduction, welcome...

Hi guys and gals! This was an off the hip introduction to my YouTube channel that I recorded on February 6th, 2010 (Not 2009 as I accidently say in the video ;D) as a test. I quickly wanted to thank all the people who have always been there for me, who have always supported me. You're truly incredible and I could never thank you all enough. My YouTube Channel is a work in progress guys-so please give me the benefit of the doubt. Enjoy Entry #1, and I'll see you soon with Entry #2. Also, check me out on..


your personality is so good so i follow you. Thank you.

nice post ... follow me and upvote my post

Welcome to steemit! I am a teacher as well and have been blogging about my experiences as a substitute. Next Fall I will be teaching 8th grade science. I love your phonics garden that you set up for your students! I was a substitute paraprofessional for an early childhood special education class most of this year, so I can appreciate the work it takes to set up an area like that for the kiddos. Best of luck, I am sure you will love this community!

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