G’day Steemers. Let’s liberate the world from the tyranny of central bankers.

My name is Jason. I’m an American living in the great nation of Australia.    

I have a beautiful English wife and six, yes count them, six kids. As you might imagine, they have some very confused British-American-Australian accents.   

We do receive some strange looks when we go out in public since a family of eight is somewhat of an anomaly. Here are a few of the more common questions we hear:    

  • “Are they all yours?”   
  • “Have you figured out what’s causing that?”   
  • “Have you ever heard of a TV?”   

My wife’s favourite response is, “Yes, but I just love the sex.” That usually ends the conversation.   

She’s an amazing woman as you can see.   

In my day-job, I mentor property investors and write for PropertyInvesting.com, a community of about 70,000 people who want to be smart about buying real estate. Around 80 of them are my clients that I personally mentor.   

I took a rather unusual path toward this role. I essentially learned everything I know about how to help people be awesome by leading in churches. Getting volunteers to do what you want them to do feels at times like herding cats. It’s the perfect training ground for influencing people.   

I’ve also had some great mentors along the way who have made a lot of money investing in real estate. They’ve been kind enough to teach me, and my work gives me an opportunity to pay this knowledge forward.  

I’m a student of economics and not a big fan of how central bankers manipulate currencies. They seem to me to be pushing our world to the verge of chaos. I suppose it’s this passion for the free market and decentralization of power that has led me here to join the likes of all of you.    

I never owned a cryptocurrency until yesterday. I had to google how to buy Bitcoin just so I could “power up.”    

I’m not much of a speculator, but it seemed to me that actually buying Steem was an important part of the process. If you’ve ever played poker, you’ll know that the psychology of the game is different if you’re not playing with real money. It’s important to have some skin in the game.    

Why am I here? There’s something about Steem that feels like it’s the future. Maybe the future will be Steem, or maybe it will be something else entirely. But I felt compelled to come along for the journey, if for nothing else to learn more about what the future may look like. 

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to helping you all make some money.

Shout out to my friend @lukestokes who introduced me to Steem. Hopefully I can someday send him on a 10-week getaway to Costa Rica to say thanks.

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Welcome aboard, Jason! Glad to see you here and very well done on your intro post! I completely agree regarding the tyranny of central bankers and money manipulators. Here's hoping for a decentralized future.

This quote, I think, will do very well here:

“Yes, but I just love the sex.”

I'll be sure to show that one to @corinnestokes :) :) :)


Thanks Luke! I'm excited about seeing where this goes. Thanks for making that YouTube video.


Welcome, Jason! Olivia's response is classic. I've fantasized about saying something snarky to rude people but have never had the guts. Specifically, since pregnancy left me with an abdominal split which made me still look pregnant no matter how hard I worked out....people would come ask me out in public if I was pregnant and I wanted to say, "No. Are you?" (or something even snarkier) but I just couldn't ever manage it. (I posted about my saga with the abdominal split here on Steemit: https://steemit.com/postpartum/@corinnestokes/my-postpartum-enemy-diastasis-recti. That's part 1 of 3. Part 3 includes before and after photos.) Oh...I love the family photo, by the way :)


Thanks Corinne! Olivia is feeling your pain. More Steem = tummy tuck for her :-)


YES! And if not by Steem, please find another way!!!

Your wife's responses made me laugh. With this kind of introduction you could do very well here on Steemit.


Thanks @mctiller. Feeling the love.

hello @jasonstaggers very good welcome! 8]

Welcome to Steemit! My Friend- Greeting From @dog

Welcome You to Wonderful Steemit World @xem!

Welcome Straya
Glad to have you on board - a heartily Aussie welcome @jasonstaggers


You have a lovely family - what a handful @jasonstaggers


Only a pleasure mate


Awesome. And you said Straya!


I studied at UWA and lived in Aus for 3 years loved the people and culture - I'm from South Africa #cousins lol

What a lovely familly! :-)


Thanks @chicana. Great work on your second post!

Great post ...the picture of your family is cute!... I look forward to reading more about real estate investment... check my blog I regularly write about economics, crypto-currency and trading techniques...

Welcome, always great to meet likeminded people. Crypto is definitely a good hedge against our friends the (central) bankers. I would think about keeping something in btc too as part of a small diversification strategy ;)

Welcome Jason! Glad to have you aboard.

nice. beautiful family!

good to see you

Yes. I love this. This is what Steemit and Steem.io are all about!!!

Welcome @jasonstaggers
Never too late to start using cryptocurrency.
You have a wonderful friend @lukestokes who gives you advice about use Steemit.


Thanks, I agree!

Welcome man! Congrats you with first earnings!

If you like my idea - it'll be totally interesting to see you window's view right away!
Views from our windows - post your photo right now

Welcome, love the aussie accent. Very sexy! =)

Nice family, welcome...


Thanks @verelst. Nice work on the whale searching :-)

Beautiful family!

hai Jason..

It's great to have you with us! I can relate to the sentiment behind this comment:

"I’m a student of economics and not a big fan of how central bankers manipulate currencies. They seem to me to be pushing our world to the verge of chaos. I suppose it’s this passion for the free market and decentralization of power that has led me here to join the likes of all of you. "

Enjoy the journey!


Thanks @bbrewer. It's amazing how government power seems to be becoming more centralised, while technology is making the way for greater freedom. It will be interesting to see how the future unfolds!

Nice post! Central banks have had a very interesting story. If you haven't already, I recommend watching "Century of Enslavement." It has a fascinating angle on this history.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who upvoted this first post. It was a very encouraging start!

Jason, I just read your introduce yourself post. What a beautiful family. 6 kids?! Requires a lot of commitment from both you and your wife. Great to meet you.


Thanks @izzy! It's not easy but definitely worth it. Being a dad is awesome.