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My name is Ilber Chirinos and im from Venezuela

1 year and 20 days ago i took the determination to learn how i could earn money online.

It was a hard time for me and my family because of the economical and political situation in Venezuela. It was a hard process of learning, mistakes, bad and good experiences but after 3 months without having generated even 1 dollar i saw the light.

A good friend told me about this opportunity to earn a lot of money Online compared to what i expected to win, at first it was difficult to believe but I could not allow myself to doubt, if I did not success, my family was at risk.

I took the risk and i started to work on that proyect, 1 month later when my situation was on the limit...i received my first paid.

I couldn't be more first thought was to share this information, with my family, friends and everyone who needed it. Currently after a year of achieving many goals i am working on a project which aims to help all those people not only from Venezuela but from all countries.

My brother and I are working on a platform that provides information on methods to generate income online at all levels.

The name of this project is "Freelancer Venezuela" we are a small community of approximately 150 people that have changed their lives thanks to Online incomes.

¡And we are going to change a lot more of lives!

Everyone its welcome to our community:

Thanks a lot and i hope this post can show you a small part of the reality of other countries.


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Hello @ilberch welcome!!

I'm @andyluy and I've been here for almost 2 months, and I can tell you that steemit is the most amazing thing I've ever seen at the internet so far. I'm happy seeing it grows every day!

I had some hard time on the firsts week, so I spent some time searching information to improve my experience with it, latter I've decided to make posts about those and others helpful information in order to help the new ones to have a shortcut to get deeper knowledge of steemit and its potencial.

here is some of my posts, I hope It mitght be helpful to you:

SteemBnB(this post is not mine, it is fruit of an amazing Idea from @chicosonico, but I've made a traslate to portuguese, you can find it at the comments section)
steemit awesome tools #2
Steemit-Police First official Investigator
The Randowhale

Here is a post from @hannahlicious That i think Is useful to have a look too (she is also a great source of information and high quality posts):
Randowhale is CHEAPER Now!!

I intend to keep posting useful info that I manage to gather, and in a near future some give away. Feel invited to follow me and if you have any question about steemit you can ask me in any of my last posts, I'll try my best to help.

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Thank you my friend, this information it's very interesting.

Welcome to Steem @ilberch I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Thank you my friend, It is nice to be welcomed.

Good post
Flow & upvot
Hope you do the same @lane1982

Done my friend, thanks for your support.

Welcome to Steemit! If you have questions - ask me @dobroman

Thank you my friend! It will be a pleasure.

Wellcome, looking forward to your posts :D

It will be a pleasure to offer quality content.

welcome here @Ilberch! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunpoom

Done! Thank you for your support.

What was it that started making you real money? And how much does and a dollar US buy you in Venezuela? Does the exchange favour you?

My first real income was thanks to the crowdsourcing pages, one of them has been spare5 which has provided me more than $ 400. Besides that platform I have worked others as "definedcrowd".

I am currently working with an affiliate marketing page that has the potential to generate more than $ 100 per day.

The salary of an average Venezuelan does not exceed $ 20 therefore with $ 1 you can buy 19 eggs. (Yes, only that) so for me and all the Venezuelans we have been able to help, generating even 50 dollars is a tremendous help.

Exactly by the exchange control we have been very benefited from this type of income in dollars. (Now I can buy more eggs haha)

Based on the egg exchange rate that's about a 10 to 1 difference, makes it a lot easier to profit.

Good luck making money! Keep in mind though what your hourly rate is though. Sometimes it may seem like you are making money, but in reality you are making way less per hour worked than you could with a conventional job.

Welcome to I am @pranjalphukan . Steemit community has the power to change our life if we simply upvote and follow each other. I joined steemit for a cause of helping my students.
Please follow and upvote me ( @pranjalphukan )and I will do the same for you.

Welcome to the community. I think that's pretty cool that you took the situations in your own hads. That's what bosses do. Good stuff.

When you have the right motivation, nothing is impossible.

Welcome to steemit @ilberch, I am a month and some days old on steemit and have become quite addicted to some wonderful posts out here... Would love to read your posts too.. I am still a minnow and have a long way to go on steemit, but I am very glad to be a part of this wonderful community... Cheers and welcome... Have upvoted & followed you too...

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Nice to meet you, @ilberch :) Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you @god-is-love

Welcome and good luck

Thanks a lot my dear friend.

Welcome to the community !!


Happy steeming !

Thank you for your welcome!

Thanks my friend !

Welcome! I hope you have fun on Steemit! We are growing faster and is good to know that you are interested in sharing some content with us! I am a Brazilian writer and videomaker, living in London. Here I post about photography, travel and stories. Have a look at my profile and if you like it, follow me. Cheers!

Ok my friend, it would be a pleasure.

Hello @ilberch and welcome in this wonderful world of steemit. You will soon be addictive like us to this network.

If you need help, or if you have question, don't hesitate and contact me.

I followed, so be free to follow me back, I am trying a new concept with a friend, a duo-post every monday, we already did two and It's quite funny to do ^^.

I would like to know more about that

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Thank you!

Hi @ilberch, welcome. I hope you'll provide quality contents in this platform to make it much better and safe.

welcome to our community.

Thank you @tfury


Sou brasileiro e fiquei muito feliz ao conhecer seu canal no You Tube >

Aprendi muito sobre a Comunidade Steemit.

Espero crescer com muitos amigos aqui na Steemit !!!