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Hello, Steemit :)

My name is Hannah, and I am here to introduce myself to you, my new friends :D You have my husband, @tannerholm, to thank for me being here. If I had it my way, I would almost never touch technology. It's like a horse--it knows if you don't like it and responds accordingly. Sigh.

My identity over the last three and a half years can be summarized quite nicely as "MOM." I have three beautiful sons who are world-changers. These little boys make it a better place just by being here. They are kind, loving, funny, feisty, smart, glorious rays of sunshine and I am absolutely honored to mother them. Everyone says parenting teaches you so much, and it was something I never understood until these babes arrived. Seriously...SO MUCH. And not just how to expertly change blow-out diapers or how to maneuver a meltdown. Profound, eternal principles about life, living, humanity, and love. JPEG-0037.jpg

Besides being a mother, I am also a wife to an A+ husband. This man, let me tell you, is incredible. He is not perfect--he doesn't sort the laundry before he washes it or as he folds it (okay he does NOW), he puts things in the wrong place when he unloads the dishwasher, and he doesn't appreciate my driving tips. Whatever. In all seriousness, I believe a persons flaws are just as important as their strengths--they are the things that teach us and propel us forward, the things that bring beauty and enlightening opposition into our lives. Anyway, back to my man. He makes everything possible for me by the way he structures his work, his encouragement and belief in me and what I have to offer the world, and his never-failing patience with my own flaws. No one could love me like he does.JPEG-0047.jpg

I am also a writer. I LOVE to write. I've been imagining up stories since I can remember. Writing characters is like meeting new friends. Plotting out a story is like going on a real life adventure. Describing a setting is like being in an actual new place. I have a million projects I'm working on, and one completed book called "Henry's Battalion" (available on Amazon :D ). It's about guardian angels and the unseen battle they fight with us. It's not too shabby, if I do say so myself ;) 410Mq+RqMYL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

As for WHO I AM, as a person, I think that's always a little difficult to say of oneself. Maybe its just me. As I perceive myself, I am a good person trying to do good things and help heal the world. Mostly I do that by raising my boys the best I can. I also try to do that through my writing. I try to be kind and patient and helpful, but I also deal with a fair amount of anxiety. I spiral, you know? Start stressing about little things, lose it and yell at my children, feel like a dirt bag for yelling at such wonderful souls, start thinking that I must be the worst parent/person in the world, etc. You get the idea. Typically it all ends in a deep, dark pit at the very bottom of my soul. As I get older and have more time on this lovely planet to learn, I have figured a few things out as to how to reverse the spiral, how to prevent it all together, and how to love life despite it. Even because of it, sometimes. The light is brighter when you've known the dark. JPEG-0055.jpg

A few more facts about me: I'm a Mormon! I believe in God, his Son Jesus Christ, prayer, Heaven, etc. I am an amateur cook, I LOVE to hike (also amateur...), I love to be outside, I do NOT love the cold although I am learning to appreciate winter anyway. My favorite colors are blue and green, I am a chocolate snob (70% dark AT LEAST), I love animals (especially my pup Watson), I want to live on a farm, I am a wannabe gardener, and I can't stand to live far from mountains (they've been the backdrop of my life since I was born). I can't listen to music when I write, it's far too distracting. I've done a bit of traveling (China, Ukraine, UK, Peru, France, Quebec) and absolutely loved it, though now I'm a bit of a homebody (driving to the grocery store with three littles counts as a road trip if you ask me). One day I'll explore the world again, but I have enough adventure at home right now to satiate my travel appetite. Ukraine 2009 1965.jpg

As I said, my husband introduced me to Steemit, and he knows everything. At least, it feels that way. Maybe just everything to do with web...stuff. He's a web developer. He will tutor me in the Steemit ways as he learns them, too, and hopefully I'll get better and better at using this wonderful, friendly platform.

As for my intentions being here, I will be sharing a variety of things. Some things creative, some things reflective, and perhaps I will throw in a recipe here and there because I really do love good food. I said earlier that I am not a fan of technology, but I actually believe this generation has such a unique opportunity to share and influence each other for the better. This feels like a wonderful place to do that.

So, there you have it, ME. I'm looking forward to this community, thank you for having me!JPEG-0014.jpg

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Welcome Hannah :)
Steemit has proven to be a great place for writers and authors many times before - Why should it be different for you!
Resteeming you for some publicity!
Greets, @theaustrianguy

@theaustrianguy thank you, I appreciate it very much!

@theaustrianguy thank you, I appreciate it very much!

Me alegra verte en Steemit, Saludos.

@ydavgonzalez gracias!!

Hi @hannahholm welcome to steemit, i hope you enjoy here have fun :). Don't get tired writing an article. You got an upvote from me :)

@vinzie1 thank you for the upvote and the welcome!! So far, it has been lots of fun. I can't wait to share more :D

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Welcome to STEEMIT 😊

What a beautiful family you got.
For sure you will like it here.
You will get to share freely your passion in writing. 😊

@iwanderela thank you so much! I love them so :) I'm definitely excited to share!

You’re welcome 😊


Welcome to Steemit. A lovely introduction you wrote there. Hope to hear more from you soon!

@insick thank you! I'm so glad to be here!

Welcome to steemit! Nice introduction. 😊 Hope youll enjoy your journey here.

@ashley15 thank you!!

Well it's good to have you here. Tell your husband I said thanks for getting you to sign on. Your first post is very nice looking. Keep it up and you'll do well here. You have a wonderful looking family. Your puppy is beautiful too by the way. Anyway I'm still pretty new here myself, but if you need any help I'll do my best. I wish you nothing but good times on your journey here. All of my love to you and all of yours. And may our creator bless yous.

@johndoer123 Thank you for such a warm welcome! I think my pup is pretty beautiful too, he's sort of like my fourth baby haha. Looking forward to seeing your posts!






(It was my boys choice.😀)



DUKE with us

(He's our snuggle hound)

What a fun family!! Thank you for sharing! I had a bow when i was a kid, we'd shoot hay bales in the cow pasture--so fun! Those look like some good dogs, despite the name haha 😂

Thank you so much for the follow. I truly do appreciate it. I tried to thank everybody who follows me personally. Because it does mean a lot. If you keep making posts that look as good as your intro post you will do awesome. I hope you have a great day. Tell those kids, mom rocks! ::)

Links for Newbies:
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One of the biggest mistakes I made was that I was too anxious to get into this platform and did not read ALL of the Frequently Asked Questions: Read the whole thing including the “White Paper”. You will not regret taking the time to learn these important facts:

This is about the slow grind to gain reputation and steem power:

I typically post and resteem articles helpful to new steemians. If you choose to follow me I will be happy to answer your questions.

Good luck and have fun!

@chuck2u32 thank you for the helpful links! I appreciate it! I will be doing some reading tonight for sure :)

Hey @hannahholm :) Welcome to steemit! i hope you enjoy it here :D

@melissakellie thank you!!

Welcome to Steemit @hannahholm!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Hello! Welcome to STEEMIT buddy =D
I'm also a newbie Nice to meet you
stay in touch!

@uunio thank you, and welcome to you too!

@hannahholm welcome to the steemit family. A strong family nucleus starts with the educator at home, and in this case, its you. A great wife and mother. Wishing you and your family only the best. Looking forward to your future posts. Cheers!

@mrshev thank you so much, such kind things to say!!

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@gohain thank you!

you too

Welcome @hannahholm. For sure you will love your steeming here!

@morken thank you! I'm excited to get going!

Keep the fire burning! Keep steeming!

Beautifully written Hannah. Welcome to Steemit. I'm sure with the help of your good husband you will learn the ways of the Steemit system and have a lot of fun. Enjoy. Gaz.

@cheese4ead thank you so much! So glad to be here!

You're welcome. :)

Greetings and Welcome to the Steem Community @hannahholm!

I'd love to feature your intro post in my weekly curation blog if you don't mind!

You can also check out the @MinnowSupport Project, a community of over 17,000 Steemians on Discord Chat!

@ma1neevent I don't mind at all! Thanks for the welcome!

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The mountains, the color green and blue - thumbs up on those. I have been here in the mountains of Cordilleras in the northern part of my country and this is home. I love the beach but not enough to stay near it. I just can't bear the heat.

Welcome to steemit! Good luck and hope to see you around more @hannahholm. Good luck with your writing. Steemit is a home of authors and artists. God bless and have fun steeming!

@leeart Thank you so much! I'll be around for sure, especially once I get the hang of this :D

Don't worry, you'll get there :) Just have fun with it :D

Mothers are the best. I love family first values. My mom taught me at home for years. Love dogs and especially cats. Love your photos. Love to write, sing, dance, draw, create, film. You are talented too for a lot of reasons. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

@joeyarnoldvn thank you so much, it's nice to meet you!