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@dynamicsteemians shocked the world…

On March 11, 2018 at 9:43 pm PDT, the Internet shook. In his home @dynamicgreentk had typed in just the right sequence of keys to start the trembling. At first, only he noticed. But soon, the shock waves began travelling through Steemit and Discord.

@dynamicsteemians grew from that tiny set of keystrokes into a swell of energy that resonated with Steemit newbies from every region of the globe. That’s when @dynamicgreentk realized he was on to something.

@dynamicgreentk poured himself into the Discord server and into finding the people to help it grow. @dynamicrypto bankrolled the Steem Power to make the vision come alive.

In response, new Steemians flocked to the server, expanding it to 400+ members in 4 weeks. Through collaborations with other amazing users they’ve put in place plans to help minnows learn how to thrive on Steemit, help them earn more and to work towards solving the account lifespan crisis.

Visions for the future

As you can see, @dynamicSteemians is different. @dynamingreentk created our Discord server to fill a gap he found in other groups. Most that he joined seemed focused on numbers and money. They skipped over the simple things like using steemworld.org or steemengine.net, or the fact you should make it a point to comment every day - and reply back too.

We all know how overwhelming it can be when you first create your account. It’s his goal, and those that have joined up to help, to make the transition easier by providing actionable advice in a friendly, accepting, and informative environment.

Every new Steemian has abilities and talents. New to Steemit doesn’t mean new to life. Some who joined us have already taken the opportunity to share their knowledge with the rest of our group. We’re open to anyone taking on supporting roles that fit their skills provided they are willing to participate, be positive, and help others.

Our vision is to create an atmosphere where we encourage new people to use Steemit not for money necessarily, but for sustainable growth of what Steemit should be used for...engagement, community and unity. Together we can better this platform to benefit all of us.

Who we are

In just a few short weeks, we’ve assembled a team of incredibly talented individuals. When you join us, here’s who you’ll meet:


enter image description here

@Dynamicgreentk, our founder

A stay at home dad who is all in when it comes to Steemit. When his union job turned into a lack luster way to collect unemployment, he saw the opportunity before him. Steemit could be a sustainable way to stay at home with his children and save them from the education system ranked worst in the country as of 2018. His motivation is real, and his sincerity is obvious in every communication he has on Steemit or Discord.


@Dynamicrypto, our investor

Also known as Troy Green, @dynamicrypto is a former Naval cryptologist (that means he’s super smart!) who now works as a UFC projectionist. He and his Filipina wife have five kids all together. He’s into memes and crypto mining in his limited spare time. He also tends to spend his hard earned retirement money on SP delegations to deserving group members (shh, don’t tell his wife!).



@ntowl, live writing classes

@ntowl is a freelance copywriter with dreams of being a published author. Her writing is all over the web, but most of it belongs to other people who paid her to write it. She came to Steemit to put the focus back on her own writing, and maybe make a few pennies while refining her craft. She enjoys sharing what she knows with others during her live writing classes on our Discord channel.

enter image description here

@thundercurator, post promotion

Trying to understand how post promotion works? How do you use curation trails, bots, and autovoting tools? @thundercurator has your answers.He’s posted guides on his blog, but he’ll personally answer your questions on our Discord. Just visit the thundercurator-the-post-promotion-service channel to learn more. He also runs a manual curation trail for us. You can read more about later in this post.


@luckydev, Steemit community

Founder of the Steemit Greeter’s Guild, @luckydev (aka @terminallyill) shares his knowledge of non-profit community-based initiatives to improve the Steemit platform and help attract and keep new Steemians engaged. You only need one conversation with this man to know he has a heart and a big one at that! His mind body and soul is all about helping those in need!


@baa.steemit, utopian.io

A mechanical engineering student from the Philippines, he is available for questions on utopian.io (a platform where open source projects are rewarded). He also creates amazing footers for our members (all you have to do is ask). As a smart, technical yet creative guy he brings a lot of knowledge and energy to our group.He is our youngest talent and one if the most helpful too. He has already became notorious all over the discord and steemit universe for his constant urge to provide help and assistance!


@scottshots, photography

A professional photographer, @scottshots shares his how-to tips on taking great photos on his blog. He’s joined up with us to answer photography-related questions on his scottshots-photo-tips channel. Just take a look at his posts and you’ll see he’s the real deal - he’s even speaking at the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas in April.


@divard, Dlive

If you think you need an “Idiots-guide-to” Steemit or Dtube, @divard has got you covered.

His aim is provide novices and new users of Dtube, Steemit, Discord and other add-on’s with instructions on how to do the basic simple operational stuff, on a shoe-string budget. Check out his vlogging-w-divard channel to ask questions and his posts on Steemit to learn more about making videos.


Our Ambassadors are the soul of @dynamicsteemians. @preshey has been here from the beginning. Her commitment and passion for us has really been instrumental in helping people find our channel as well as on Steemit. She recently also had randomly gifted sp delegated/donated to her recently! Watching her grow as she feels more and more comfortable in Steemit has been a very satisfying experience! Others have joined us over the last few weeks We have people who have Steemit projects to crypto talk to a really insanely talent music producer from Kenya who is also a musician, dj and you guessed it a superb blog writer as well! We’re so lucky to have them all!



@preshey is a welcoming voice on our Discord and a thoughtful curator and commentator on member’s posts. She always finds the time to greet new people. She also sets an example on Steemit by engaging others and participating regularly. You’ll always have a friendly person to chat with when she’s online.



The creator of our new logo (designed expertly from @dynamigreentk’s vision) runs a graphic design channel and is also one of our most active participants. A firm believer is Steemit, she’s creating a WordPress based application that is appealing to visual artists and other Steemians looking to feature their work and raise funds. You can follow her progress and her art on her blog and on her nikemas-tea-shop channel.



What to know more about cryptocurrencies? @bebeomega is the one to answer them. His crypto-talk channel is free for anyone to ask questions, and in his own words “I hope we can grow together and get rich : )”



An angel that appeared out of nowhere, @suheri helped us make it through our growing pains by organizing our Discord. His skills “legitimized” us and made our server easier for everyone to understand and navigate.



One of the best parts of Discord is the music you can listen to while chatting with your community. @Maxwell is our resident Music Producer from Nigeria who keeps the tunes streaming. He’s also a performer, Steemit blogger, freelancer and crypto-enthusiast. Drop by and say hi to him in the chat.


@Elsiekjay, community

Before Steemit, she was an epic WordPress blogger. When she joined us, @dynamicgreentk talked to her about his vision and what he wanted done. @elsiekjay listened and ran with his advice. Her support and passion from day one are a huge part of why we are growing so fast. On our Discord, you’ll find her chatting away with people on the server and she personally messages members to offer help and support. Her dedication earned her a random, unsolicited SP delegation and a couple of huge upvotes from whales.

What we offer now

We are a group of minnows looking to support each other with the help of steemit influencers and most importantly each other. We just want to help. We do not believe in exclusivity and money as main Steemit priorities. We believe in long term organic growth through community, unity and engagement!

Our efforts so far have gathered experts and influencers that are also interested in helping other people grow on Steemit. These include a professional writer, graphic designers, photographers, curators and crypto experts. You can find them on our Discord server and their services (free of charge) are listed in the sections that follow.


Discord Education Channels

@ntowl runs a live writing class Sunday and Thursdays from 8-10pm Eastern (US). She’s covered topics ranging from writer’s block to crafting the perfect headline. She welcomes anyone to ask questions in her channel at any time, even if you can’t make it live. Each class is summarized and posted on Steemit as well to help raise awareness and share the information with new Steemians who haven’t found our Discord channel yet.

@Thudercurator, @luckydev and @baa.steemit, @scottshots, and @divard are available to answer questions about curation, Steemit, utopian.io, photography, and Dlive in their respective channels. @elsiekjay answers questions and offers help with commenting on her channel.

We also maintain a Steemit-resources channel where all relevant and important links are posted. Our members can easily find what they need there without having to search all of the discord server chat.

Curation Trail

We started the @Dynamicsteemians curation trail in collaboration with @thundercurator. Our intention is to give newbies a chance at some rewards and visibility they might not receive otherwise. Because the posts curated are from our community, and the followers are from our community, everyone benefits.

@thundercurator manually promotes posts that use our tag. He also comments and makes sure anyone spamming our tag is noted. If you join our community and tag your post according to the instructions, you’re eligible for curation.

-Tag Dynamicsteemians for a potential $0.05 upvote.
-Tag dynamicsteemians and greetersguild AND use a Dynamicsteemians footer or gif or logo with discord invite link embedded into it then you will get a potential 0.15 upvote!

Because the process is manual, and voting power is limited, there are some restrictions and stipulations:

-Thundercurator is a manual curation service
-Curation may take up to 48 hours
-no posts 3.5 days or older
-Spam and plagarisim will be flagged
-Not all posts will be curated, only the best ones
-Subject to change

Steemians who join the trail receive a reward of 0.01 autovote from @dgi, our ghost account with 1400+SP delegation. For full details on how to be part of the trail you can read @dynamicrypto’s post that explains how to join.

After just one week our trail is 44 strong!

@thundercurator offers a 300% return vote on posts promoted through his fee-based service as well. You can read how to use it on his blog.

Community Outreach

In our search to find more people to help with our mission, we came upon @greetersguild, run by @terminallyill (or Lucky as some call him). He’s on a mission to help the Steemit community too, and together were going to do some great things.

Many in our group donated to the recent Operation Save a Newbie where both veteran and new Steemians can win rewards. New members especially benefit by having their posts highlighted and voted on. This is just one example of his good works in the community.

On our Discord channel you’ll find him posting links projects that also are working towards a better community for all of us.

We also maintain a list of Discord servers that offer help to newbies and minnows. You can find these complimentary groups in the for-minnows channel.

Where we are going

We really are just getting started and growing faster than we could have imagined. Soon we’ll be adding more classes and more collaborations that will benefit newbies and the community as a whole.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Of course, it does! Why not come check us out and see for yourself what an awesome community we are?

You can find us on Discord and @dynamicsteemians.

Just click on the banner to join our server. Once there, feel free to take some time to look around and see what’s there. If you have any questions, just ask. Someone will help you.

Dynamic Steemians Logo

You can find our curation trail on Steemauto by searching for dynamicsteemians. Remember you can follow @dynamicrypto’s post to see how.

Please take some time to support our collaborators too:




Discord channels:

Steemit Greeters Guild, run by @LuckyDev (aka @terminallyill)

Utopian-io, join @baa.steemit for more on developing for Steem

Dlive, Get support and advice on Dlive

Minnow Boot Camp, Helping Minnows grow.

Steem Ramble, Home of Pimp Your Post Thursdays and curation series

This intro post created for @dynamicsteemians by @ntowl. If you need original content written for Steemit, your website or business send her a PM via Discord to @ntowl.

*All DynamicSteemians images owned by us. All other images used with permission from their owners!


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We are still on the bot tracker page, you just need to scroll down towards the bottom of the list since the bot's VP decreased slightly and it is regenerating.

Oh ok right on thank you for clarifying!

I'm the one that paid for this service and I am curious why you upvote your comment so much more than the post? Seems a little spamish to put your comment above all genuine comments as a bot... & with higher upvote to help your customers instead of yourself.

Hey man he gave a $2 upvote lay off @ebargains He was a nice guy here!

I was impressed with the opening....sounded like the formation of life...a digit AI life. ;)

I was wondering why you were writing in the second person till I read on.

Love your initiative. We need more groups with the right intention on community building efforts.

Am new here....just kicked off my adventure here this week....kinda sat on the account for a month before plucking up the courage...and finding the time to write. Little Ms Perfectionist couldn't just write any old hello post ;) lol.

Looking forward to watching your growth, inspiring contributions and community support activities.


Thanks :)

Thank you! Those are very well thought out words you presented there! Community in life is very important as well as with Steemit! There are other communities that want to help as well and we have some listed on our discord server in a section at the very top! I look forward to you joining us and checking out our other channels like writting class w @ntowl! She goes over all things writting mostly focused on improving steemit post writting skills! Again thank you we will be waiting for you!

Thank you. I guess that saying "If you don't have anything good to say ...." Kinda got drilled to my bone. ;)

I'm new to discord and all the terminology of this ecosystem, so bear with me as I ask silly questions.

How do I find your channel ?

So this is our link https://discord.gg/9TtzEjX to our discord server. The channel is called writing class with ntowl. However there are many informational channels there as well under the education tab too!

Thank you. Will definitely drop in.

Your the best! I really appreciate it!

Thank you, @dynamicgreentk and @dynamicsteemians for welcoming me and allowing me to be part of your community. You were my lucky gem. You were the first to comment and my post got recognised. I believe that you were instrumental to that one, or am I wrong to assume that? But nevertheless, I feel honoured to be a member of #DynamicSteemians because I am in a company of such creative pool. I can learn so much from all of you guys.

Thank you for introducing to us all the people who are also responsible for the growth and progress of this community. It is great to see people honouring and valuing each other. It just says so much about your leadership and character, @dynamicgreentk.

What an absolute warm atmosphere! I love being part of our community, even though I am not always visible.

Wow thats a big compliment! Your lucky gem! I hope I do not let you down! We do have quite the diverse array of creative talent all whose main goal is to help! im so blessed to have your extreme writing talents here and your equally talent friend you brought! Your writing is so clear and crisp! Im just relieved you came and enjoyed yourself and the atmosphere!

Wow! Thank you for your compliment for both of us. It means a great deal to me. By the way, @sarahdandridge and I are sisters. She was the one that introduced me to Steemit and then when I started to blog quite regularly, and learnt through her how to join in Discord groups, I got hooked. So when I joined our @dynamicsteemians group, I had to invite her, too. I know that she will be able to contribute to our community through her posts and writing.

She mentioned that but i wasn't sure if you two were sisters like friends because it seems you two are like best friends which is really cool to see! Yeah right off the bat she started to contribute and is so amazing just as you are! your presence and activity was very pleasurable! I look forward to more happy and pleasant conversations tomorrow!

Am excited @dynamicgreentk and @dynamicrypto, the progress we've made so far in just a short time is awesome and this is just the beginning, am glad to be part of this community.

@preshey you have been here from the beginning! Your persistence is incredible! Your always around for us, quick to learn and try your best as well as making people feel welcome on our server thank you!!!

😍It is a privilege to be part of this wonderful community.

Its mutual! Im happy your here really!

Welcome to Steemit xo

Hello thanks for welcoming us! I see you REALLY love making videos! Let us know what you think of Videography w @divard on our education section. We also have a really cool guy making power point presentations on basic how tos for steemit!

It's been awesome getting to know everyone on the Discord and working with @dynamicgreentk. His tireless efforts will help us all grow!

I want everyone to know that @ntowl dealt with me giving her i don't know had to be 20+ revisions because I kept adding people and giving "structure" to what I started envisioning on our server. We have one person to add...no joke! It will be @ironclad010 he will be doing power point presentations for steemit much like the one I presented in your class by him as well! Your patience was priceless! Your writing is gold and this has been a crazy whirlwind experience ! Thanks to you our channel is grounded with extremely useful steemit writing tips for beginners and a well educated and experienced writter who is beyond humble and strives for others to succeed always! Your heart is in a good place and all you want to do is help and educate trully that is what makes you the teacher of the year! Thank you for your valuable time as your schedule is busy with your family and jobs! We appreciate all you do!!!

@dynamicsteemians Thankyou for appreciation. Will try adding value to it

Thankyouuuuu :) This talent will hunt more talent :)

I love your constant support and desire to win!

just stay connected as you are :) and Get well Soon @dynamicsteemians

Managing three accounts can get wacky!

I wont forget that and @dynamicgreentk

I had big nap today! im feeling good! thank you for your well wishes!!!

Hope you are ready for run now , on steemit? :p

Thank you @dynamicsteemians for the amazing opportunity . Theres no discord as fun as the dynamic steemians discord. Glad i met you guys...

I havent seen a discord with a future breakout top music producer,rapper,musician, and Dj who also effortlessly writes top notch Steemit blogs/posts! You keep the show going! your music taste is perhaps the best in the world! Always the right song at the right times! Im soooooo blessed to have you here! I love you and everything you bring to us! Thank you for being here!

I am truly honored to be a part of this amazing team. Not enough words can express my gratitude to you @dynamicgreentk & @dynamicrypto for the opportunity you have presented to us. This is the case of friends become family.
I am very much looking forward to the growth of this community and the entire team as individuals. Not even the sky can be the limit for most of us.
I have never met such a group of highly self motivated individuals, I am proud to be associated with each and everyone of you.

As we work towards the same goal, may we be the change we want to see in this Steemit community. It only takes one person make make a difference & thank God we are a whole lot.

Love & Light to all,

With Love, El.

Show off! I'm just kidding! look at you using markdown like a pro! When I found you for another discord I knew there was an extreme amount of potential there for me to learn from you! I knew you were shooting star low on confidence in the sea of Steemit. Your talents are limitless and how fast youve grown really is a true testament to that! As our discord is geared for basic engagement, Steemit skills, community and most importantly keeping new users active I have been concerned I cant provide the schooling you need but you have shown me I worry too much and that you just needed confidence and a little light. I some times hold back tears of joy knowing I have such a hard working and talented person on our team that now believes in her self more than ever on Steemit and our group just from a simple" You can do it!". I look forward to each day with you as you have been one of the very first people i discovered and it brings me heavy arms as i type this to say I absolutely couldn't be more in awe of you. Id be lying if I didnt say you mean the world to me! I love you girl keep being that light and dont forget us as you explode into the great beyond!

😁 we just need to grow to be able to greet and educate all new signups within steemit! The family will grow!

thats we are working together with @terminallyill and the amazing people over at Steemit Greeters Guild!

Yes and that's a good thing it will help us, but we still need to grow greatly with them and other groups to be able to greet thousands of people daily as they sign up and introduce themselves.

Growth will not be an issue. We have a lot of people. You and I cant be the only ones combing the introduce yourself tags. Steemit Greeters Guild if you check them out has nice structure and people really actively supporting new users and under valued posts! Great work they do there!

i am proud tobe a member of the very great community. they have helped me grow. @dynamicgreentk @dynamicrypto @elsiekjay have all been my muse when i was down and wanted to give up. they are a real blessing to the minnows... this i can say proudly.. #dynamicsteemians.... a worldwide community... #dynamicsteemians.... connecting people...

We are all still minnows, im just the fat minnow!

Fat Minnow/ papa minnow. ..
You're modest sir...
So I got into game mode whilst looking at the faces of Steemians. ...
@dynamicgreentk is the tech guy
@dynamicrypto the military intelligentsia
@thundercurator Special Service TaskForce 141...
More grease to your elbow...
Mor glucose to your brain
As @elsiekjay would say

Light And Love To Us All

I love that saying "more grease to your elbow" ! There you go with catchy words and sayings!

Well as a body builder the elbow is like the most important part for workouts and when the elbow is outa service, the system is bound for shutdown...

Sounds like a nice well needed rest! Usually we call that nap time in the States!

Hehehe..... NapTime i'll definitely remember that

I also took a nap after this conversation! Rest is good for the soul like you said earlier!

Your love and sincerity always pours through your writing both on discord and Steemit like pure clean satisfying water! I wish I could take my heart like you do and dress it up and present it like a scrumptious dessert that makes the viewer feel things they never felt before just by tasting your sweet comments!

Poetic. .. I just had a poetic write upfor post thanks...
I hope sooner I'd give back to the community that gave ti me...

Your remarkable and outstanding comments are very key to our group and your mere presence is never taken for granted! Keep spreading light and love like its peanut butter and jam on a delicious sandwich!

Will surely do sir... God help us all sir

Watch out for Simba he prowls around!

AhAhAhAAh... Already doing so and its going Terrific

That was a really weird story huh?

Lookout steemit!
Resteem this post please & thank you!

Am happy been part of this great team

@gimba my friend how are you? whats your discord name? Say hi please! Thank you for being apart of our team!

OHHH!!! Thank you sorry! Glad your here and always checking in and saying hi!

It was nice meeting all of the awesome people behind @dynamicsteemians, and I thought twas a great idea as well that you've included all your photos and roles of each admin. Wishing this community, @dynamicsteemians, to be a great success in helping and inspiring all the authors be known and heard their voice. God bless you all. By the way, my sister @evlachsblog and I are part of this community. She invited me to join here. ☺


That was very warm and sincere! Such kind words! I appreciate it that really gave me goosebumps! Im really glad you two are here with us! Such amazing talent and skill sets you two have! Its truly a blessing! Hey you know @ntowl and her class is tonight at 8pm est ? Dont worry its all text so you wont miss a thing!

I'll be there then later. I love your vision!

Thank you for being there like you were! It means a lot! @ntowl really lays it down!

I am very happy to be a member of this great community now, this is a great opportunity and I have enjoyed the company of the greet steemians on the discord too, this is the best place to be

Thank you for joining our discord and curation trail! I hope we will keep you around and that you find our discord helpful and informative!

Been so honored to be a part of this wonderful community, One day our dreams will all come to reality. Go #dynamicsteemians!


Your grace and humility is matched only by your extreme balance of heart and mind! You gave this community soul through your amazing graphic design( @maxwell95 you give the soul with your music all day too!). You have done nothing but give and give! You have a beautiful life and yet your here helping us all! Im dumbfounded how such a hot shot Steemit prodigy came our way! Its beyond imagination...

How many banners and footers have you made? no really! Lots!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Dynamic Review of DynamicSteemians
This platform is doing wonderful efforts for steem community. They are building dynamicsteemians very systematically. I was welcomed by @dynamicgreentk. I will share my feelings how did my experience go with @dynamicsteemians till now.

My Experience in Discord

  1. Dynamicsteemians discord always respond to its members.
  2. It always help you with your queries.
  3. Rules are adhered strictly by everyone.
  4. Classes and training sessions conducted for steemians in different categories as mentioned in this blog.
  5. Langauge barrier is addressed properly.
  6. Your efforts will surely multiplied by @dyanmicsteemians, if you are adding value to both it @dynamicsteemians and steemit.
  7. Tips to be successful in minimum time with excellent content creation guideline
  8. Help you raise your visibility to steemit community
  9. Last but not the least. Its 24/7

I would surely recommend to steemians that if you want your voice to be heard on this digital world, get in group of @dynamicsteemians as they ensure all civic rights as well :)
Thankyou @dynamicrypto for your worthy investment in it and financing it.
Thankyou Instructors @ntowl @thundercurator @baa.steemit @elsiekjay @nikema @divard @luckydev and others for your invaluable guidelines for steemit . These guys are the one who dont prefer burgers when online on discord lol . And what if i tell u that @dynamicgreentk ,founder of dynamicsteemians, has already quit watching his favourite tv show for us and steemit :)

I do not watch tv however I have dramitically slowed down on working on my own personal steemit account! Thank you for your kind words and your hard work on these power point presentations!

It happens when many windows of tasks are opened on steemit lol

Many tasks, many goals!

Hope we succeed....!

Wow! What an intro post @dynamicsteemians. I am so glad to see you have created your own page. It was really great to read about every key member of this group. You guys are awesome and your discord is always a fun place for me to pop into. Which I do, even when I don't say anything 😄

Your simply Amazing! tell Lucky im feeling much better! I think I had a inner ear infection for a year thats magically clearing up before @steemcreators conference ! that was the craziest experience! What I get for being anti-American doctor lol! My pain is magically gone and we will be ready to talk tomorrow as I can focus much much better! @greetersguild will only help with our mission to increase channel activity and user engagement on Steemit as we have the same goals! im very elated you all are into love, compassion, helping people and protecting Steemit from inactivity! You guys are like a God send! Collaboration not isolation!

Amen to that my brother! Glad to be on board and helping build a better future for this platform, one day at a time, in complete solidarity!

Lots of talk out there and you actually walk it!

Well, as we both know, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words ;) Good luck this weekend!

Go team dynamicsteemians!!! Happy to be part of this group. Please let me know if I can help you with your photography questions, I'm always happy to help.

I love Northern Cali. and family! When I see your posts and photos i see nothing but love and pure magic coming out of those pictures! The California love is always felt as I see your crisp and clear photos! I still can believe I just have @scottshots just casually hnging out on our discord!!?? Simply amazing!

Haha! Happy to be hanging out on the discord and hope to hang out there more after the creators' conference. Glad you like the N. Cali photos, I'll keep them coming. And I look forward to meeting you soon!

Hopefully I make it out this weekend!

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How do you get infront of all the others on trending that spend alot more?

I appreciate you showing our group how much we believe in our cause and its people by showing how much we post promoted this post! Thank you for editing your message!

I appreciate you editing your message! Thank you! @transparencybot

You are welcome.

We are listening to constructive feedback to ensure as much as possible this message is seen as transparency by the community and not judgement.

Oh your also Introbot right? cool!

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Great job @dynamicgreentk & @dynamicrypto.... Congrats to the whole dynamicsteemians community!!! Steem on.

Bro are you on Discord yet! I'm Glad you escaped Vegas!!!

Sounds like a great initiative, will go and check out your discord 👍

When you show up please say hi! let us know what you think! Message me there if you would like @dynamicgreentk. I would love to have you there!

Great going guys.
Really proud of the way you express yourselves and the kind of support have extended to your steemer community.

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation!

@ironclad010 your talents with power point is amazing! I work shows in Las Vegas for 14+ years and your ability to put information into video power point presentations is priceless you do it so masterfully! Busy week spot for you dont you worry!

@dynamicsteemians I just try to feel the information and let people understand it the way I did. Its all my experience and that it :)
Il try to utilize my this talent for this cause and help it grow for the good of community.
Your appreciation means is what gearing me up to another level :)
I think iv already decided to dedicate my weekend to steem lol

Its why you changed your discord name to steemextreme right?

You got me bro :) #likeminded
I feel that i can use this talent for steemit and trying to do that for new users, obviously with your super support

Support is a group effort and your videos are key to our discord server!

@elsiekjay he got busy and i didnt know @ironclad010 was a top notch video editor! couldnt get channel together until today really and im so busy i didnt do it yet. trust me just watch his videos...

@dynamicsteemians Thankyou for supporting and encouraging words.

Missed but granted with an opportunity to show my skills #dynamicsteemians :)

It would be stupid not to showcase you!

i would take it as compliment :)

We need you more than you need us! You are a true pro!

Im honoured for such appreciation. I will try to bring more uniqueness in it

Your very humble! its already unique!

There must be an edit already being made!

Look @ you already 49 & i just created you

I need this favour too haahhahahah @dynamicrypto

He gives and gives and gives but then gives again!

hahahahaah... i dont know where i am listed in "gives" :p

You are always giving and giving to us! Thank you!

I don’t know why this is so funny to me. 😆

I dont know either!

I want to write my most sincere welcome to your impressive initiative since I know, from what I could read, that this post is going to be epochal and your future bright. You're a great team and I seldom could breath so much energy as when I read your words (disclaimer: the God of Superlatives commanded me to avoid exclamation marks and emoticons to escape from his wrath).

This is an amzing post and something that the entire community needs to see! Count on many reposts from my associates as well as a ton of upvotes rolling in! Just one way to support such an amazing project and group!!!

Thank you for taking the time to mention my group and me in the list :) I'm honored to work with the rest of us Dynamic Steemians towards building a better future. Without like minded people such as us, this world would be in shambles. We together have the aboility to make changes, regardless of if they are a ripple in this pond or a full blown wave. Important thing is that WE have the ability to do so.

Steem on my friends!

Solidarity is a must! Together Everyone Achieves More! Lots of things your already doing and crazy amount of activity on your server! You got a really nice group of active and positive people trying to just help out! Thank you for your big heart and non stop energy!

Hats off to the future that we have a chance to build together! I had a great time conversing with you last night on the phone, it is nice to collaborate with like minded people, especially ones of high morals and ethics such as you. I'm praying that you have much success at the convention, and that we all can come together Monday hearing brilliant news of things to come! Thank you for being involved in the ways that you are, your character dhows with your efforts! Happy to be part of something bigger than we are!!!!

Welcome to Steem @dynamicsteemians.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Thank you for your pleasant message!

Welcome to SteemIt New Steemians! Enjoy the environment and have a Nice day!

You just planted 0.25 tree(s)!

Thanks to @dynamicrypto

We have planted already 3751.55 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 18667.14
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Such a great way to use Steemit!

This post has received a 7.39 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @dynamicrypto.

Welcome! You got a follower!
I'm new here as well, check me out if you like travel :)

Thank you! I personally invite you to join our discord server!

Hi dynamicsteemians and welcome to Steemit - I'll post memes and news about cryptocurrencies - Followback :)

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Your always helpful and i appreciate you yaba!

Hello friend! This is going to be great!
Follow me back if you like cooking :)

Cooking is vital for most humans to survive, so I really do enjoy cooking!

This is a beautiful representation of our #dynamicsteemians family. I’m so grateful to be a part of this. I’m in good company ❤️

@nikema your logo you created was such an amazing and spectacular logo! It really kicked off our re-organization efforts and set the tone for the vibe of the channel! I appreciate you always being there and working with my local favorite Steemian @steemcafe! Your creativity and passion has helped our server immensely! Thank you!

You’re welcome. Thank you for providing the soil for us all to thrive in our own ways

You steemians are the healthy soil!

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nice post and very good article..good job man