Meet me - DogGuy & read about my current involvement on Steemit [Introduction + Project Updates]

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Sky in the Sun
(^ my dog Sky)
Hello Steemit community,

I wanted to first of all thank you for taking the time to check out my post. I know there is a lot of great content being produced all the time on Steemit - so really thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time.

Many of you don't know who I am. I've never done an "official" /introduceyourself thread although you certainly can meet my dog if you'd like ;) (and if you really care enough you can figure out who I am, you can from my dog post). I will say that I am known IRL through various other channels I spend time on (,, as an active member in the Twin Cities community on behalf of bitcoins & digital currencies alike and soon to be added to that list; Steemit.

(^ that's me in the middle with former Minnesota Secretary of State at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair where I locked down a booth to handout and discuss digital currencies for the day in front of a crowd of 250,000+)

All that aside I wanted to share with everyone a few things that I've been doing since joining Steemit as a way to better introduce myself to the community and share the ideas that I'm investing my own personal time into and really care about.

#1. 1 Million Cups Presentation

To date this is my best trending post when I announced 2 weeks ago that I am going to be speaking on the subject of Steemit to the 1 Million Cups audience at some point here in the future.

An update on this topic is that I've secured a date for my presentation, which is September 14th, 2016 and will look forward to documenting and sharing that story with everyone here. It's a great opportunity and will get the name of Steemit in front of a strong group of entrepreneurs, investors and well contented individuals. So please stay tune for more to come on this!

#2. My Steemit 21 Day Challenge

Just this week I started a social experiment/contest on Steemit called the 21 Day Challenge. You can read about it here and the idea is that I'm challenging fellow Steemit users to try and improve their life in some meaningful way over the next 21 days. I'm going to document this process and a winner will be selected. The winner is going to receive a Steem Dollar prize pool (currently around $80)+ be featured at my presentation (and on this website) in early September.

An update on this project so we only have 4 people who have signed up to compete for the prize and truthfully I was hoping to have 20-25 people. So I'm extending the sign-up throughout this entire week and you can click on the post above to read instruction on how to join, if interested.

#3. My 7 Day Social Experiment - Changing The World 1 Steem Dollar At A Time

Another social experiment that I tried to gain some traction on (but have so far failed) is my 7 day challenge where I challenged the community to donate SD to my post and in return I take the money and document putting it to good use. In addition I mentioned that I would recruit 1 person to Steemit for every $1 of SD generated. Although my first post got a whopping $0.03 (which I rounded up to $1) - I have not given up on this idea yet. My feeling is that it was too early in my joining this site for people to trust my follow through, which I can respect, and will be giving this a second go once I have a slightly stronger following.

Update on this project so I did hand out the $1 and recruited 1+ people in that time frame. I felt a little odd asking to document handing $1 bill to someone (if it had been say $200, I would have) but wanted to let anyone who cares know, I did follow through on my word. In the future (assuming it can gain a little more traction) I will document both the donation and the recruitment to the website ;)

#4. Additional Posts

So in addition to those 3 'projects' mentioned above, just wanted to point out I also LOVE creating blogs discussing marketing, investing, animals & some random personal reflection/human psychology. So if any of those topics interest you - I'd encourage you to please follow me and please make sure to provide feedback on my posts so I know what people are enjoying and, well... maybe not enjoying as much ;)

So again, thank you for your time! I hope you found this post interested and would greatly appreciate any feedback in the comment sections on anything I've done up to this point. More to come soon!

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I've made that VeriCoin flyer ;) upvoted


No question you've been a huge asset to the vericoin Community really from the start. Thanks for all you do both there and here on Steemit

Sky is gorgeous!
Welcome--both of you--to Steemit :)


Thanks! Sky's a great dog :)