First Steps in Steemit.

Hello dear people and kids

(and all that in-between hello too!)

I am most happy to make my first post here. It's quite an adventure to me.
First off, a few words about me I guess?

I'm a 36yrs old mom of 2 kids, with a very nice hubby (which is unfortunately against every kind of cryptocurrency for some hazy reason) and whose first language is French (sorry, nobody can be perfect meh...).
I am a writer who do Private Books (Book ordered by people with content especially decided for a given person) and I want to do social book (books published through social medias).
I did start on wattpad, but I only put a few chapters of some of my books in, it was a test. As I've had some comments on my writings, I'll continue and finish the book who has some. I guess I'll delete the other.

The one public & social book I'm willing to publish is a book I wrote in french and am currently rewriting in english (oddly most people I know / frequent only has english in common with me) since it's not my first language, I'll have someone edit this stuff because I really don't want it to be some kind of vast joke.

I'm happy to join this community in which I hope I will manage to fit well.

I guess it's all for my self-introduction...
Sorry it's not what I'm most at ease with!

Good day to everyone !



What did the Island Gobbling Sea Monster say? -These islands aren't Philippine me up. I need Samoa Tahiti!

Thank you jarvis !

I will do so with all my might.

Welcome to Steemit @djennyfloro!

Here is some interesting info that will help you create AMAZING content. (Will change as Steemit grows)

How to Create Successful Steemit Content:

Reading & understanding the above posts will give the reader a SIGNIFICANT advantage on steemit.

Everyone is rooting for you!

Good Luck!,

Thank you these tips are really excellent !

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