Hi Everyone, I figured it’s time to introduce myself as am new here
So this is me Nosheen. I’m 21 and am from pakistan. Am a medical student doing MBBS in United medical and dental college karachi.I love to cook and bake as cooking give me a chance to be creative. Also I started to find my passion in photography.I absolutely love what I do, never ever get bored with it. I’m a new streemer. Don’t know much bout it so need your help
Anyways that’s enough about me, I’d love to know what you love to do in your free time. Stay healthy y’all


Hello @daydreamer9, welcome to steemit, I find it lovely that you have joined this platform.

Here you will find wonderful people who have the same interests and hobbies. In Steem Food you can publish your cooking recipes, I already read that you really like to bake. Also in the World of Xpilar community you will find many photography contests, encourage yourself to participate.

I am @ tocho2 Representative of Venezuela in Steemit, our desire is to help you grow on this platform, that is why I want to invite you to be part of Newcomers' Community, where you should start by making your formal debut through a presentation publication with a photo of you where you hold a piece of paper with your username, time and date plus the Steem logo, in this presentation post you tag me to locate you more easily.

If you start by meeting achievement 1 and reach at least achievement 4, you have a chance to receive the support of "Steem Greeters" and be eligible for the "500SP Minnowsupport" program. Here's more info.

This is just the beginning of a successful career at Steemit, there are other very simple achievements.

I extend this invitation for you to follow @steemitblog and find out about new challenges and updates.

I can't say goodbye if you make another invitation to Steemit Nursery, this is a new community for people who are entering like you, with a lot of desire to learn to function in steemit, make their first publications and as they learn the basic aspects of the platform.

The CR team from Venezuela: @ anasuleidy, @ adeljose, @ edili24, @ inspiration, @ albenis, @ wilmer1988 and I (@ tocho2), we are here to support you.

Remember to visit other publications, start following other blogs, vote and comment on your colleagues, each visit is a new friend and each vote brings its reward.

Hello welcome @daydreamer9 I am from Turkey. It is very nice that you study medicine. And it must also be very difficult. I wish you success.
wonder about your participation in the contest :)
Steem Women's Club Community Contest #1 / Making Natural Mask || 65 STEEM AWARDS

Ha sido votado por @tocho2 y estoy votando con Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03, cuenta para apoyar a los recién llegados que ingresan a steemit.

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