Community Announcement 25/9/2020

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Membership will be categorized as follow:


  • newcomers that just recently started, less than 2 week ago.


  • newcomers who have started posting on Steemit for at least 6 weeks.


  • newcomers who have started posting on Steemit since 6 weeks ago.


  • newcomers who have been on Steemit more than 6 weeks and less than 2 months.


  • newcomers who have been on Steemit for more than 2 months, we expect you have found the community of your interest by now and you only commenting the post of newcomers in this community either to support or guiding them.

What to write?

There are lots of programs and contests that you can join as your starting point/idea on what to post in this community.
The easiest way to start is thediarygame.
You can find the details of this games or program here
The Diary Game Neverending Season

Contests and writing challenges

Then the ongoing contest that happening now on Steemit Community here
Compilation of ongoing Contest on Steemit

You are more of Content Consumer

If you enjoy reading more, we have a program for you too, check out this announcement by The Steemit Team on how you can earn on Steemit by reading others post by becoming a Better Life Curator
A Better Life with Steem

There are lot of ways available to start earning on Steemit.
You just have to start somewhere.
We looking forward to see your post. Happy steeming!

The Steem Greeters Team.

 2 years ago 

buena informacion

Great idea. I,m work diary game at 15-08-2020 so what categorised am I?

Hi @hasi86 have you completed your achievement 1? You may post here if you did, and you should be on "toddler" stage for membership.

Yes i,m complete my achievement 1 task. Thank you

Hi. I am just a newbie. Just been here for just a week. I really want to learn more how Steemit works. How am I going to get the achievement 1?

Reading from negros philippines great news

I am here reporting my presence, I hope to be of help and support each other.

it is one of the great community, so we old user also looking our place here also

¡Que gran iniciativa! Yo estoy publicando desde julio y hoy postee mi Logro 1.

Recién nacido ! He completado mi #logro1

Te felicito! el #logro 1 es la presentacion en la comunidad de nuevos cierto?

muy buena información de verdad, me sirvió bastante aunque, no me gustaría ser curador xD, me gusta ver las publicaciones por entretenimiento mas que todo xD

Saludos en que categoria me encuentro ?
Por cierto ya realice el logro 1 logro 1

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