Hi, i'm Tony, a crypto addict. My retro intro :)

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Hi, just realized we haven't been introduced :)
I'm Tony, 30 years old freelance web developer, married, with kids :)

I thought it would be nice to intorduce myself a bit different, with things i remember. Upvote if you remember this stuff too :)

  • Childhood currency

Back in 1993 i liked to things: girls and this hillarious buble gum Kent "Super" Turbo

I still got that taste in my mouth, really :) I could have done literally anything to get that bubble gum.
But the best part were the wrappers they had inside. Absolutely gorgeous marketing move! We were even exchanging them. Was a real "childhood currency".

My favotie one was (and still is) this one, a "perfect" and rare BMW 850 CSI. A dream car i will once buy

I had what i believed one of the rarest collection of those wrappers, but as we were often moving from place to place, i lost it all ((

  • First PC

I guess the profession fate was determined when i got my fist PC at 1994. It was a 286 or 386 model PC. Since all photo cameras back then were film camers, and it was a pretty expensive thing to "waste a photo", noone ever had an idea to take a picture of it. So i found this on google, looks very much like the one i had.

I was always using that "lock" on it, even thought noone else even knew how to turn "this PC thing" on lol :) And i was constantly pressing this "turbo" button, but nothing happened, anyone knows why :) ? Also, i think the retailor tried to install Windows 3.1 on it, but failed, since i was getting only DOS there, but with a Win 3.1 splash :) I also had this "safety screen" over the monitor, i can't even find it on google :)
Do you remember all that, hehe?

  • Football obsession

When there was no internet (yes there were times without internet), people used to have time outdoor, i wasn't the exception, i loved my custom bicycle and football. Bicycle was "custom" due to endless repairs i did to him )
More the bicycle, i loved football. And we played it not on the grass, but on concrete surface, so it was tough game. It was in Northern Africa, where i lived at that time (90's). Our fridge was all covered with football stickers and wrappers, all i could get. From those i rememeber (my favorite):

Jurgen Klinsmann, who played in three Fifa World Cups (1990 - 1994 - 1998) with Germany
My favorite "nice surname" legendary player :) I had exactly this picture.

Ronaldo, 1998. All time favorite. Remember World championship of 1998?

Brothers Ronald and Frank De Boer, remember Ajax club at 90's :) ? That was my fav club

Edwin van der Sar. I honestly think this is the best GK ever!

Zinedine Zidane, 1998, pure legend, no extra words needed

As interests changed...(work, kids etc etc) i now only rarely watch it, mainly just playoffs and finals, but its a very nice thing to remember for me.

  • Tetris anyone?

Like i said above, i lived in Northern Africa in second half 90's. When i brought this with me from home one day, i got like 1M steempower on auto, all locals wanted to play it, there literally was a queue.

Remember this?

  • Girls...:)

Now this an endless, "forever" topic. I'll just outline the most "hot" ones, from 1993 - till 2001, IMO.
Them, southern sun, and my age, made it all really "difficult" hehe

Christina Applegate, pure apple..

Jennifer Aniston, smoking hot legend

Britney Spears. Hated her songs, but all else was "very very", and her clip was the only thing i found on my just bought used PC, my second ever PC, it was Pentium 1, yeah!!! You could just watch any clip on youtube like you can now you know...

Jennifer Lopez, this is how i wanted all girls to look like back then at southern Mediterranean, some actually did :)

Yasmine Bleeth, baywatch...I swim very well but i always wanted her to save me...;)

  • Music

I honestly like all genres, not all songs, but few from each genre. I won't provide a list of em. Just a few clips i love for you steemers to chill a bit :)

Backstreet boys - NO, N-Sync - NO NO, Five - NO NO NO :)

  • Movies

Baywatch :) I have been living all my life near the sea (now it's Black sea though), but i never ever saw smth. close to this legendary TV series

You Don't Mess With The Zohan, 2008!!! This is my alltime favorite comedy, seriously. They made it very very closely to what that mentality really is, i know it.

  • All Arny and Stalone movies!!! This is a classic!
  • All Lethal Weapons!
  • First 3 Die Hard movies with Bruce Willis
  • And of course all Star Wars movies Those are smth. i can watch endlessly.

  • It's alive, it's alive!

Do you remember when you first browsed "the internet"? I do, it was begining of summer, year 2000, in Tripoli, capital of Libya. It was a so called "internet cafe", yes, there were those...:) Basically it was just a room with a bunch of PC's, with super hot and fast dialup internet :) Some locals were watching porn, not even hiding it hehe.

If i remember it correctly, google was in the first top 3 websites i visited. I didn't get it back then, like, where are the pics, colors, where is everything? nah :) Here is how it looked, do you remember it?

I think i visited it next time, like in a 1 or 2 years lol.

  • Gaming

Gaming was always a part of whole "pc thing" for me, a part of me. I was playing it all, even when often games were not running on my PC's since since they were outdated, i spent hours to make em run, and they did run afterall :), though really slow.

Some of my favs:
NFS 1 :) I still think this game was a huge step ahead, and most further NFS games just suck, didn't have that "spirit" in it! Remember those?

Star Wars...)) I basically played them all (PC versions, didn't have a console), some of em 3-4 times :) But here are my favs:
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (1997)

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (2002)

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (2003)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003, there is an android version now, lol)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords (2004)

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)
This is my all time favorite Star Wars game, my nick in online multiplayer was beduin, if you played it... :)

Crusaders of Might and Magic 2000

Grand Theft Auto III (GTA), 2001

Gta Vice City , 2002

GTA games are just best games ever amoung all, IMO :)

Rockstars pleas hie me...lol

Hope you liked my intro and enjoyed some flashbacks :)

Disco disco, good good :)

Wanted to post more, but after a few hours...my wife came to me and told me(actually shouting )) ) to stop doing BS(she doesn't trust in steem). I hate when she is right...help me convince here hehe, hope to post more soon :)

If you like this post, i can come up with next post about the place i lived in, really unusual for me. But most pics are from film camera, so i needs time to upload em.


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