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Hello everyone,

Let me present myself, I'm a happy man in the thirties, passionate about new technologies and finance since quite some years already.

I'm living in a European country where French is a common language. You will see that most probably I will write most of my articles in French (even if I believe I can write correct English 😎 ) In fact, I'm a strong supporter of the development of the French community, which is in my opinion still largely under-represented. So French-speakers... wake-up !


With this picture and the name of my account you certainly understood that most of my articles will talk about cryptocurrencies in different aspects:

  • Crypto-Trading
  • Crypto-Mining
  • Discovery of new concepts and technologies
  • Creation of tutorials for newjoiners
  • Regular publishing of news from the crypto-world

I will also share with you some other passions of my life. After all, our life is not only about this blockchain which, in my opinion, is still in its early stages. So don't be surprised if from time to time you'll see passing by one or another publication completely disconnected from the crypto-world. This allows me to take a break and to recharge my batteries. Hopefully this makes you enjoy also some entertainment.

I'm looking forward to reading your comments and reactions on my future articles and I hope this new adventure will be very enriching for both, you and I.

Talk to you very soon,

PS : French version here : - Je me présente ;-)

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Welcome to family :)

Welcome to the community!


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Hi, how are you welcome, I have a question checking your wallet you receive 19 and 202 steem power from the user @blocktrades could you tell me how I won that amount? Yes so kind


Hello @andrestales,

I'm very active in the world of the crypto but yeah this experience of steemit is quiet new for me. So as always in any project, invest some little money can speed up your work. This is why I bought some steempower with bitcoin.

You can do this in your wallet, in the steempower section -> buy.

I'm not here in steemit to earn money but to raise my reputation so yeah I could have buy some steem or steem dollars as well but my priority is currently steem power.

Welcome to the Steemfamily !!! Followed. Follow me back 😘


Thank you for the welcome! Followed ;)

Hi there good to meet you. I'm new and love writing about the same subjects as yourself, but am still a novice. Will vote for you as witness.
Best wishes @cryptopassion