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Since I never wrote a post for the #introduceyourself tag, I'll let this post serve as my Steemit introduction. It can also be a reference for anyone who wants to know more about @Blockurator on Steemit. It is my intent to link to this post in all future posts so readers can get a glimpse into my soul and learn more about who I am.

Who Is @Blockurator?

My real name is Allen Taylor. I live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I'm a writer, a former U.S. Army officer, a husband, Dad, brother, son, uncle, and Poppy to my four amazing grandchildren. So, let's talk specifics.

Freelance Writer/Editor

Allen Taylor
aka @blockurator
I've been a full-time freelancer since 2006. With over 10,000 blog posts behind me, I've learned a thing or two about content creation. My clients have included small business owners, entrepreneurs, major corporations, global enterprises, and Internet-based businesses.

For eight years, I was chief operations officer for a content service that specialized in SEO-based articles, blog posts, website content, and social media posting. In that capacity I oversaw the content production of up to a dozen writers, 50 commercial blogs, and thousands of articles monthly. In 2013, I went out on my own.

Today, I specialize in fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency content. As editor of two niche publications--Lending Times and Blockchain Times--I stay on top of important developments in these business specialties. I have written under my own byline and ghosted for real estate crowdfunding platforms, marketplace lending executives, crypto hedge funds, news and information websites, and other types of businesses related to these.

To learn more about my freelance writing services, visit my website and check out my LinkedIn page.

Note of trivia: I've had the fine distinction of having interviewed @Ned.

Fiction Writer, Editor, and Publisher

Woolly selfie
My first ambition in life was to be a novelist. That dream began when I was 10 years old. Since then, I've had stories published at various venues, in print and online.

My first published story appeared in The First Line in the early 1990s. Genres I've dipped a toe into include literary, science fiction, fantasy, horror, Bizarro, and surreal/irreal. Here is a small taste of storytelling:

I am also the author of Limerents in the Bog, a novella, and editor of the Biblical Legends Anthology Series, a series of speculative fiction multi-author anthologies. Titles include:

Limerents in the BogGarden of EdenSulfuringsDeluge

I am also the publisher and head chimney sweeper at Garden Gnome Publications.


I started writing poetry in college in the late 1980s. Over the years, I've had a few publication credits, both online and in print. Some of my scribblings include:

Steem Monsters

steem monsters
Created by @calumam

I wasn't on Steemit long before the Steem Monsters craze took off, and I got swept into that. Fortunately or unfortunately, I cannot discern. I've entered all of their writing contests. These are my entries:

Nonfiction Writer

I've also been known to kick out some nonfiction, such as this essay on weird fiction and this curated digest of the latest crypto news spiced with a dash of humor. I'm also the author of an e-book on e-book publishing titled, "E-book Publishing: Create Your Own Brand of Digital Books."

e-book publishing

U.S. Army Veteran

I served in the U.S. Army from June 1984 to May 1987 and from 1997 to 2005 as a National Guardsman. I attended officer candidate school through the Texas National Guard and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005. I resigned my commission in December 2005 after 12 years of honorable service.

Jesus Follower

Jesus on the cross
Image from Pixabay

There was a time when I would not have identified with Christ. One night, in 1992, I was all alone in my living quarters (that happened a lot back then). I was going through a rough stretch emotionally, financially, and psychologically. So I asked God, if He was real, to show me a sign. He did.

No sooner had the request flown my lips when the Holy Spirit descended upon me and I found myself praising God, clapping my hands and shouting Hallelujahs. Consciously, I asked myself, "Why am I doing this? Why am I acting this way?" But I knew, and had no better explanation for it, that it was the Holy Spirit showing me a sign of God's presence in my life.

From that day forward, I studied my Bible, prayed, and sought to discern God's will for my life. I found a church where I could have a support group and be strengthened in my newfound faith.

This, of course, does not mean that I am perfect or that I don't sin. I am still human. But I know I have an advocate in heaven who continues to remind my heavenly father that he has bought me with His Son's blood. I am free from the bondage of sin and now live unto Christ. Content to reflect this part of me is on the way.

Note: All e-book covers featured on this page were created by professional artists for hire and the rights are owned by me. The top profile photo was taken by my wife and companion of 15 years.

Got questions? Is there anything about me you'd like to know? Leave your questions in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.

Review Me, Please

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Hello! I wish you a good time on Steem.

Thank you very much. I've enjoyed it so far.

That is one of the best "introduceyourself" posts I have ever read here! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Your writing accomplishments are many; congratulations! Steemit seems to be a perfect extension of that too; steemmonsters ...is it going to really take off here, do you think?

And your years in Service are interesting to me as well. I know this is a sweeping generalization, but your writing/creative side seems a weird mix with military for me. I don't know why I think that though, because I've got absolutely nothing to base it on except a feeling, which is pure bunk, I know haha What/who got you into the military, if you don't mind me asking?

Love your Holy Spirit story too. Sometime, you just "know".

Thank you again!

Thank you very much.

I got into weird fiction after the military. It might have been a reaction to the upswing in nationalism that has driven our "any war is a good war" mentality. The rebel in me, I suppose.

What got me into the military was an overbearing and verbally abusive father I wanted to get away from. It was a positive experience, for the most part--the first enlistment. I joined the National Guard because I remembered what a positive experience my regular Army days were, but I didn't want to do it again. I was building a career at that point and just wanted to serve my local and state communities. A huge miscalculation.

Yeah, the Hound of Heaven. He always gets his man. :-)

You are most welcome!

Ahh that makes perfect sense; I'm sure you've moved well beyond it, but I'm sorry for your dealings with your father. And yes, the National Guard, serving local and state; a shocking miscalculation I'm sure.

Yeah, the Hound of Heaven.

That's awesome. I've never heard that before, but it's very fitting :)

He's tamed quite a bit in recent years. One learns to cope.

The Hound of Heaven

Age will do that. And yes, coping is all we can often do.

The Hound of Heaven ! Thank you; I've never heard of that before, but I loved it!! :)

Welcome to Steem @blockurator.

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All the Best!!!

"Fantasy writer at @steemmonsters" must look very cool in this new phase of your life. It was nice getting to know you a little bit more and hope to work with you on further projects. Steem on my friend!


Thank you @javo1096. I totally enjoyed working with you on the Ferexia team. And, yes, it's been fun churning out the Steem Monsters content. I'm looking forward to even more. :-)

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All the Best!!!

Well,...It is a wonderful content based on your life story and I really appreciate your experience in content writing, as a U.S army veteran and finally a Follower of Jesus Christ. I wish to see you in the top of the trending page. .

Lots of Respect ,love :-)

Thank you kindly. :-)

Welcome to you and God bless you. I am yet to come across a more perfect fit with steemit. Given your profile, thriving on steemit will be second nature.

Thank you very much. I look forward to sharing more with my loyal followers. I appreciate you reading me, and for sharing your thoughts.

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You have had a very diverse and productive life =)

Thank you. I've enjoyed most of it.

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Hello and Welcome to the Steem Community @blockurator! Thank you for your service as well.

I would love to feature your new introduction post in my weekly curation blog if you don't mind!

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Thank. Feel free to feature it, of course. I am a member of MSP. I'll check you out there. Feel free to look me up.

Very interesting and very impressive, Allen!

I'm overwhelmed with your string of accomplishments but am left with one question: how do you have time to be a husband, dad, and Poppy?

Ha ha. Good question. I always make time for the family. It's more important than everything else.

If your interested in biblical history you should try getting your hands on a copy of Asimovs Guide to the Bible that thing is amazing both it and my bible live on my bedside table and I'm an Athiest.