You will love your nice Steemit MemberCard

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You may already know that MemberCard?

Since a few days, we are giving away a personalized Steemit-MemberCard for free. And we love seeing that huge positive feedback for it. Thank you a million :)
Some people asked for a higher Resolution, so they could print it in high quality. To use it as a kind of Business-Card. Which is a very clever idea for real-life-Marketing.

"That helps, leading more visitors to my Steemit-Blog?"

It is not that easy, to explain someone you just meet in Real Life what you just found: and your neat Blog there. Maybe they listen for a minute and then tell you 'I will look at that later…' Hmm… Heard that too often.
At that moment, you can give that person your professional looking Steemit-MemberCard with your personal Data on it. How neat would that be?

Plus: That QR-Code leads directly to YOUR Blog on Steemit. How cool ist that?

How can you get that personlized MemberCard?

Just so easy: Send 1.0 SBD to benj.friedrich and you will recieve a Download-Link shortly after. You can choose between two Versions:

  • US-Version: 2.5 inch wide and 3.5 inch high.
  • EU-Version: 5,5 cm (~2,16 inch) wide and 8,5 cm (~3,34) high.

So: Just get your very own personalised MemberCard

Just 1.0 SBD for your HighQuality personalized Steemit-MemberCard. How does that sound? Great, huh :)

  1. Go to your Steemit-Wallet
  2. Transfer 1.0 SBD to benj.friedrich
  3. Input US or EU into Memo-Field for the Version you like

That's all. Watch your wallet for a Transfer from us with a 24h Download-Link. In that downloaded Package you will find all you need for printing your Steemit-MemberCard. Either on your own printer, or (better) you give it a professional Printing Service (Copyshop). All the needed Instructions are included in that Download-Package.

Happy Steeming and have a lovley day,

Disclaimer: I am just a regular member of as you are (I guess ;) In no way, I'm something 'official', part of Steem Inc. or something like that. It was and is the same journey for me as it is for you. I just want to help with some Tools, to make it easier for you to be succesful with your efforts here on


@cleverbot I think this is a nice marketing tool. I will be around when you offer the next versions also. Thanks

It's a confusing conversation.

That is a pretty cool idea! Do you plan to offer custom designed cards? Maybe integrate the profile picture or header into it? I'd probably order one

Actually… Yes. Seems like you read my mind. Kind of spooky (or just the next logical step ;)
I'm not 100% sure, how much customizing I will offer. Makes the whole process more and more complicated. My inital aim was, to keep it all as easy as possible (KISS). Now it is just "Send some SBD plus select between 2 Versions.". You know…

But it will grow and offer more features! So: You, for excample, would be happy to have your Profile-Picture and (on/off) a part of the header-image? Should be no problem. I will do that! Thank you for your feedback und proposals!
I will reach out for you, when I am done. Okay?

Have a nice day,

Hey Ben,
just hit me up on or discord. I'd love to have my card be really colorful for the most part and I can ask the designer who made my profile for some help. So probably best to let us plan a bit before you do too much :)
Happy to support your business!

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got a 59.0% @tard upgoat, thanks to @benj.friedrich
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

Very good :)
Thank you and have fun!

This was fast! Great service! Resteemed! Thank you again! Maybe you like my T-Shirt-Shop with Steemit-Logo and other merchandizing stuff too. Just have a look:

Thank you for your kind words :)
And good look for your T-Shirt-Shop!

Hey that’s a really nice design you’ve done there. Nice work.
I’ll definitely be getting one.

Thank you :)
I hope, it helps to spread the word and new people will find their way to and your blog!
Have a nice day,

Great idea but r u from steemit team

I am just a member, as you are. Nothing more or less :)
But I understand, why you ask that question. It can be misunderstood. I will put a disclaimer in that post.
Thank you for that hint and have a nice day,

Well I can't understand what the value of this if I am paying you for this .

Hm… Can you imagine the following situation: You are meeting someone (in Real Life) and want to tell him/her about your Blog on

It will be easier, to show or give her/him such a printed(!) Card. Like a businesscard. With your name on it. And the URL of your Blog (in words and QR-Code).
It is just a Tool, to give Information easier to another person you meet.

And yes: You still would have to print it out. On your Printer. Or in a Copy-Shop. And to make this in the best possible Quality, you can request a High Resolution Version of that card. If you want to have a very nice looking Card to show or give away.

Have a nice day,

Ok now I understand Idea behind this Wells create I will thinking of whether to do or not.

This is really cool! Im about to be traveling and trying to spread the wors about steemit and i think this is perfect for that! I followed u, upvoted and am going to send u the money now!
And this is such an awesome idea that im going to pay 2 resteem services to resteem this and get the word out! Keep promoting this because it is a brilliant idea.. good luck, welcome to steemit and take care. :)

Ah @moderndayhippie , thank you so much for that :)
It is very encouraging to see, that someone fully gets the idea and potential behind that Card.
You nailed it! And so great to hear, that you are going to give active support. Brilliant - I really appreciate that! I wish you a good time on your travel and hope the best for you.
Have a nice day and a good time,

I just got it and it is AWESOME! thank you so much.. and i really appreciate the kind words.
take care

thanks again red-rose! you are my new favorite resteem service! ;)

Great, thank you :)
Have a nice day,

Great idea! Love this!! I'm going to do this tomorrow.

Thank you, I really do appreciate your kind words. And I would love to read some real-life experiences, with that card. Would you mind to tell us?
Have a nice day,

Oh, I meant I will be ordering one from you first, then I will use it and report my findings. Thanks😊✌🏾

@benj.friedrich Just sent SBD - Thanks! ✌🏾

Oh…wow… Just saw what you did. That is SO cool, man!
I thank you a ton. That feels greaaaat :)

Also, can you have the first line on my card read:
Make Money Blogging

Hm, it is automated. Means: The first line on yur caed is the text you are using in your profile as "Display Name". I will see, what I can do, okay?
Have a nice day,

Ok - no problem. Thanks! The card is awesome! 😊👍🏾

Thank you. So the question you had is answered?

@benj.friedrich i send you 0.1 for the card. send download link @wajahatsardar. thanks

Thank you :)
Did you get all you need?
Have a good day,

yes i got my card thanks !!!

Great idea, very clever. I just cleaned my SBD out, but will get some from poker soon. then I'm in.
Definatly going to get a plastic model printed :-)

THAT is a great idea. Plastic model - cool. Maybe you can make a Photo of it and show it?
Have a nice day,

OK, I will post a pic of the card when done.
Transfer 0.100 SBD to benj.friedrich US Version ( Done )

Great! Layout should be done, already.
Have fun and a nice day,

This is an awesome idea! I'll be ordering one for myself :)

Thank you :)
Have fun with it. And - if you like: It would be great to read some of your experiences with that card in real-life. Maybe you tell us about it? For sure I would love to hear it :)

Edit: Just saw, that you send some extra-SBD as tip - that feels sooo great. I love it. Thank you <3

Have a nice day,

Thanks!! I got the files! Very cool👍🏾 Wrote about you in my latest blog!!

YOU are cool. Thank you for your article about the MemberCard in HighRes for printing. That is very helpful!!!

This is a great idea but I don't have enough SBD yet to send to you. I hope your offer is still available when I do. Thank you

hello, @benj.friedrich
upvote & resteem

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Thanks for creating these. They're awesome

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Wow this is really cool will send the SBD's when I have enough in my balance just splurge my SBD's in buying into those voting bots lol

Really nice gesture!!!!!!

i would like to know, if EU and US, can we both use that even if we are in Philippines?

Hi @bobiecayao,
the only difference between the US- or the EU-Version are the Dimensions of the printed Card. Whatever size feels good for you: Go for it :)
Have a nice day and: Please tell us, which Version you choose,

This is such a great service, @benj.friedrich! Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best in earnings for offering such service to the Steem community!

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