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RE: You will love your nice Steemit MemberCard

This is really cool! Im about to be traveling and trying to spread the wors about steemit and i think this is perfect for that! I followed u, upvoted and am going to send u the money now!
And this is such an awesome idea that im going to pay 2 resteem services to resteem this and get the word out! Keep promoting this because it is a brilliant idea.. good luck, welcome to steemit and take care. :)


Ah @moderndayhippie , thank you so much for that :)
It is very encouraging to see, that someone fully gets the idea and potential behind that Card.
You nailed it! And so great to hear, that you are going to give active support. Brilliant - I really appreciate that! I wish you a good time on your travel and hope the best for you.
Have a nice day and a good time,

I just got it and it is AWESOME! thank you so much.. and i really appreciate the kind words.
take care

thanks again red-rose! you are my new favorite resteem service! ;)

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