I am just a member, as you are. Nothing more or less :)
But I understand, why you ask that question. It can be misunderstood. I will put a disclaimer in that post.
Thank you for that hint and have a nice day,

Well I can't understand what the value of this if I am paying you for this .

Hm… Can you imagine the following situation: You are meeting someone (in Real Life) and want to tell him/her about your Blog on

It will be easier, to show or give her/him such a printed(!) Card. Like a businesscard. With your name on it. And the URL of your Blog (in words and QR-Code).
It is just a Tool, to give Information easier to another person you meet.

And yes: You still would have to print it out. On your Printer. Or in a Copy-Shop. And to make this in the best possible Quality, you can request a High Resolution Version of that card. If you want to have a very nice looking Card to show or give away.

Have a nice day,

Ok now I understand Idea behind this Wells create I will thinking of whether to do or not.

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