Thank you, I really do appreciate your kind words. And I would love to read some real-life experiences, with that card. Would you mind to tell us?
Have a nice day,

Oh, I meant I will be ordering one from you first, then I will use it and report my findings. Thanks😊✌🏾

@benj.friedrich Just sent SBD - Thanks! ✌🏾

Oh…wow… Just saw what you did. That is SO cool, man!
I thank you a ton. That feels greaaaat :)

Also, can you have the first line on my card read:
Make Money Blogging

Hm, it is automated. Means: The first line on yur caed is the text you are using in your profile as "Display Name". I will see, what I can do, okay?
Have a nice day,

Ok - no problem. Thanks! The card is awesome! 😊👍🏾

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