#IntroduceYourself - Howdy! Th' Name's Ashi! ✮

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(Hi so I decided to introduce myself in a style similar to the Homestuck comics lol bear with me, it's a little dumb, but I hope it's fun to read :P)
(Context: [Let Me Tell You About Homestuck])


Ashi ==> Make an #IntroduceYourself Post

You tried and failed several times to create a post that adequately portrayed yourself in a good light to any sort of hypothetical invisible audience. In frustration, you shake your computer monitor.

You're really frustrated, because you made a cool(?) picture for one of the previous drafts of your post, but it seems kinda out-of-context, now.

You stare at it blankly.

1 - 1.png

==> Just give the basics, already.

Your name is ASHLEY, but you go by ASHI, because it's short for ASHIDOODLE, and you've gotten used to the nickname.

Your hobbies include DRAWING, ANIMATING, DRAWING, playing VIDEOGAMES, coming up with HIGHLY CONVOLUTED SCHEMES, and DRAWING. You also like making 3D MODELS and trying to PROGRAM WEBSITES, but you get frustrated quickly with those.

You spent basically your entire teenage years learning to DRAW COMICS, so you have a tendency of doing that, even when you really aren't in the mood for it.

You recently completed your THIRD SEMESTER of college, and are now moving to a NEW TOWN. You're really excited about it, because there's a lot more ARTISTIC JOBS in that area. You also hope to start SINGING and having a good EXERCISE ROUTINE once you're there.

You've thought of lots of things you want to do on STEEMIT, but you have a tendency of thinking of TOO MANY things to do, so you bounce between projects, and, when you're lucky, you actually get something done.

However, instead you usually wind up with a million CHARACTER DESIGNS that you'll probably never do anything with. They usually have lots of COOL TATTOOS, usually something with SKULLS, STARS, or STUPIDLY INTRICATE PATTERNS. Also CARGO PANTS. You really truly love CARGO PANTS.

The projects that currently have your attention are mostly ANIMATION-BASED. Such as these:

jump-flip 1 - 5.gif

asriel 1 - 1.gif

asriel and vaati 1 - 3.gif

Characters depicted in the last two animations are Asriel Dreemur from Undertale
and Minish Vaati from The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap.

This actually isn't even your FIRST TIME on STEEMIT.
Your previous handle was @platonicsironic, but you finally decided to make a new account to go with the far superior handle, @ashidoodle.

You really really really like the handle @ashidoodle. You refuse to acknowledge how CHILDISH it might sound, because it's terribly NOSTALGIC to you. It was what you named your CRAFTS BUSINESS back in the 7th GRADE. Most of the websites you're on use that handle.

You also really like how the signature has a STAR-SHAPED A in it. That's really STYLISH, you think. You're glad you finally were able to have a HANDLE that's the same across most of the websites you're on.

You hope to do a better job of managing your account this time, but in truth you'll probably be just as CHAOTICALLY RANDOM as you were the first go-round. But hopefully, you think, your random things are at least of a HIGHER QUALITY, because you won't have to tend to SCHOOL anymore.

You would like to make RANDOM INTERNET PROJECTS your full-time job, and think Steemit could really help with that. You are aware, however, that RANDOMNESS is a bit hard to capitalize on.

So, for now you want to buff up your PORTFOLIO so you can get neat ARTISTIC GIGS. You hope that will make your Steemit posts feel more consistent, but, as previously stated, your CHAOTIC RANDOMNESS can be a bit too much to handle.

Still, you are looking forward to seeing how it goes, and hope others are interested in your CHAOS as well. :')

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Wow. those animations are great works! :o


Aaa, thank you!! x3
I've really been wanting to get into animation for a while, now. o w o)

I mean it's something I've done off-and-on for a while?? But never something I've sat and just dedicated serious time to or anything like that. Mostly just analyzing others' animations and learning random neat tricks! Px

I hope to do some really amazing ones soon~☆.:*


Can you make any guide or tutorial of it one day? xD


Hmm... I could give it a try?
Not sure how useful it'd be. But I could try to make a little guide on tips and tricks and such.

In the meantime, if you can get a copy of The Animator's Survival Guide, it has a ton of helpful stuff in it! Sadly, I don't know where my copy is right now;;;; It'd make planning a bit easier x'D

Anyway, is there anything in particular you'd like me to explain? Or maybe just a general guide?


A bit of the workflow are actually enough x)

Ey i see ypu got the new account you were talking about, so congrats on that :3 also awesome post i love the small animations they're so cool 😃 so yeah keep up the good work, i look forward to seeing more of your art


Lol yup! A shiny new account LOL XDD
And thanks! ✨I hope to make some really cool stuff, now :3c

Welcome back! XD awesome post! Follow n.n I don't want to miss your art!


Ahhh-! Well thank you! ^.^)
I hope I can make some really cool stuff that you'll like :3c

Welcome Ashi, always great to see other animators on this platform. Nice intro and animations :)

May I ask which animation software you use for your animations?


Ahh, thank you!
Well, let's see... generally nowadays I use Clip Studio Paint EX, because I got it on sale and I really like it LOL
But I've also used Krita and OpenToonz, and they're really great, too!

The last two are still in development, but I like Krita a lot. The tools kind of feel like CSP's and SAI's lovechild XD and it has the ability to import AUDIO!! Not even CSP can do that!! Plus it's free, so I tend to recommend it over CSP for people who are new to animation XD
(I dunno if you're new or not, just making a general statement lol)


Haha okay, thanks!
I'm mostly using Krita, but it's only good for very short things. It lacks so many capabilities. You can't even duplicate animated layers, or loop short animations. Or copy paste something from an animated layer to another animated layer. It drives me nuts if I want to do something more than just a rough pencil animation.

I tried OpenToonZ once when it came out for free. My head exploded. It was overly complicated. At least back then. I think it was...2.5 years ago.

Never know about clip studio paint. Maybe I'll have a look.
Sometimes I animate in Photoshop with video layers. In some points it's better then Krita and in others it's worse. But I seem to have a bug lately where my pen pressure suddenly jumps to 100% at random which makes it impossiblie for me to draw in photoshop.

Well welcome with your new profile then. I love your little animations. This is going to be a weird question, but would you ever considering making a new animation (Something cute, a character of me, so I can insert it in my posts)? Let me know if that is something you might consider and we can talk about it :) Love your animations they are so cool.


Ah, thank you!
And lol I don't find that to be a weird question. (It's not really uncommon on sites like deviantART lol) Do you mind talking about it over email, though? Sounds like it'd probably be fun :3c though my internet connection kind of sucks, and email is like one of the few communication methods I can do even when my internet is being painfully slow xD
(Plus it's easier to keep up with and a bit more private P:)

Anyway, you can email me at ashicomics@gmail.com and we can discuss the details. ^^)

Very unusual post to read. Keep it up, the Steemit community needs some fresh and artistic minds. Did you spend your time learning how to draw on hand or on PC. Also can you make comics on PC ? I think this might be a interesting project :)


Kehehe, I kept getting frustrated with the previous drafts, so I decided to just be quirky and random XDDD

Ah, I learned how to draw originally on paper, then with a computer mouse, and nowadays I mostly draw with a graphics tablet on the computer! ^^)
I do make comics, but I've found that I ditch them a little too easy lol. I thought maybe I should get a bunch of pages done in advance, and that way I wouldn't be able to... but I'm thinking maybe instead I should go back to trying to post a page or a page draft every day or something like that. ^^)
But I'm not sure what I want to draw comics of;;;
I actually have a project I was working on, but I got frustrated because I was trying to not post anything until it was done and I got bored fljalfjlksjf PFFT

For me, a project has to kinda get a snow-ball effect going, or else my attention-span will drift off into something else XDD

Sorry, I'm kinda rambling a bit lafjlsjklfsj LOL


You should make it your mission to end a project you have started. A lot of beginning, with no endings could really kill your vibe. Artist should be able to see their "baby" finished. Just my opinion :)


Eugh... I don't have a "baby". My own personal projects are just random things I do to amuse myself. They're not there to impress anybody or to get any kind of "vibe".

I know it's pretty common for artists to feel like they need to "put their vision out into the world" or whatever, but for me? Nah. It's all just self-indulgent entertainment.

I do plan on making various completed works for a portfolio. Those will be used for the sake of impressing people and getting a good vibe, so of course they'll be completed and made to be really stylish and awesome.

But... my own projects? Nah. I don't owe those to anybody or anything like that. If one of my projects got some good feedback I may keep it up for a while, but if I get bored or frustrated with it, I'm not gonna force it.

I save that kind of commitment to things like group projects, or something that actually has a defined purpose outside of "lol that looks fun" P:


Okay. Wish you the best :P


Eurm... thank you? o w o`)

love it... keep on posting in #steem-cartoon ya ... cheers!


Hehe, can do! x)
Cheers! :D

Oh wow, what a post!


Uh... thanks! XD I think. XDD

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your blog is great!

I follow you to check every day!

Awesome arts, love them :)
Resteemed you via @welcoming, my page for showcasting promising newcomers!


Ah!! Well thank you! <3

Welcome to the comics community here on Steemit, Ashi! Let the CHAOTIC RANDOMNESS surround you.

nice intro. hihihi. welcome to steemit you cartoon.

Wow, so much talent in one Ashidoodle! Uhm I am going to go ahead and assume u wanna be here

Youll be happy to know that , i , a middle aged woman, has explores the first few scenes of mspaint adventures. Heh. But i didnt get far. Attention span...