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This is the bot you've been looking for!  I created a revolutionary new service that does equal value upvoting.  That means you can send any amount of STEEM or SBD with a URL in the memo to @InfinityBot and it will give your Url an UpVote worth the same amount you sent it.  And if the bot can't UpVote high enough to match your order then it will send the remaining amount back to you.  Oh, and it will also ReSteem your Url for free.

The other bidbots use random percent upvotes, with those other bots you're only gambling your money away.  Let me put it this way:  Using those random bidbots is like going to a store and spending your money but walking out with whatever was in someone else's shopping cart, they don't care if it's not what you paid for, that's just how they roll.  But this new fair kind of bot takes the gamble out of the deal, when you use @InfinityBot you get exactly what you pay for, never anything less.

And this new bot is also compatible with most SteemIt related 3rd party websites, like,,,, and, @InfinityBot can work with the Urls from these sites as if they were SteemIt Urls.

Also to make things interesting, I've programmed this bot to recognize Steem Power Delegations.  That means you can delegate some of your own Steem Power to @InfinityBot to make it stronger, and in return it will count however much you delegated towards what you have it upvote.  It counts how much you delegate along with how much you send.  The great thing about that is that delegated Steem Power will regenerate over time so you can keep using it over and over again.  Here is an online tool to help you delegate Steem Power.

For example, if you delegate 10 Steem Power to the bot then it will UpVote all of your requests by 100 percent no matter what amount you send it, like just 0.001 Steem or SBD, and it will keep a tab so that you can keep having it upvote as much as you want, until it uses as much of your delegation as it can, and then it will just start working like normal again for the rest of the day until some of the Steem Power can regenerate.

Please note, because of the way works I had to make it spread the delegated SP over a 4 day period because that's approximately how long it takes for SP to regenerate, so technically when you delegate Steem Power you can use up to 25% of it per day so that it can regenerate back (because it takes 4 days to regenerate SP).  I'm sorry if the delegations part is complicated or hard to understand, it's only because of the way was designed to work.  @Ned put a lot of thought and work into making steemit and protecting it from abuse, so naturally there are a lot of details involved.

You don't need to delegate any Steem Power to use this bot, delegating is just an extra feature that you can use.  It's especially useful for people who don't have much SBD or Steem Tokens available to send, for those people, it might be easier just to delegate some steem power instead of sending tokens that they don't have.  Delegating is also useful for people who don't do much voting on their own but still want the option of giving upvotes occasionally.  When you delegate SP it will make the bot stronger by increasing its maximum upvote.

With our combined Steem Powers we can accomplish greater upvotes.  And of course, you can always take back your delegated Steem Power at any time.  If you want to delegate Steem Power, click here for a webpage that will help you do it.

If you'd like to use this new bot then send any amount of STEEM or SBD to @InfinityBot with a Url in the memo, that's basically all there is to it.  Feel free to follow the bot for more articles in your daily feed.  And if you have any questions about this or how it works then please ask in the comments section here and I will do my best to explain everything.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, InfinityBot won't leave any comments on the posts that it upvotes.   I put a lot of work into programming this bot, and I really hope you enjoy using it.  My plan is to Power-Up the bot with everything it earns so that it will be able to give higher and higher upvotes over time.  This is only the beginning!

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The other bidbots use random percent upvotes, with those other bots you're only gambling your money away.

You can get fixed 10% profit at (@smartmarket).


I didn't know about that one, thanks for sharing. Do you think I should edit InfinityBot to also give 10 or more percent as a bonus? The only drawback is that with limited Steem Power the extra percent might decrease its maximum vote value. What's your opinion?


usually the bid bots are the risky ones, but i trust @tipu and @smartmarket since they have strong SP backing them. Hope you will join the strong bots too =) best wishes!


if you give more percentage, ppl will be interested to use your bot. But you also need Sp investors if you want to give votes more. But if you don't have enough SP, you will need to wait your Sp to be full again for votes. There are many ways to go about and you can research how other successful team did it. As always, we welcome potential bots, so i'm rooting for you =)


Thank you so much for your kind advice. I've decided to make the bot give more of a bonus, now it will give about 110% back of what it's given.


couldn't agree more @fbslo


Hi @fblso, Is Smartsteem better than MinnowBooster? Is it a definite profit? I ask because when I used MinnowBooster, due to curators receiving their payouts, my payout was exactly what I had paid and I didn't make a profit.


I think is better for vote buying/selling, but MB have delegation market.

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

You got a 29.84% upvote from @mitsuko courtesy of @socialbutterfly!

Awesome! You're my favourite buddy!! =)

I'll switch from @socialbutterfly to @infinitybot then!

PS. Actually if socialbutterfly remains active I'll use it in case of refunded leftovers!



-- automatic reply --
Why is my repo this low - it was

Sure, if publishing one post a day is spam then you're the mother of spam:

We know you don't like competitors, cyber bully.

@anomaly please forgive my little intrusion. Reply "@marcocasario SKIP" to turn off these for you. Thanks : )


@marcocasario what kind of bot are u?


A (Free) Resteem Bot(s) + subscription.     { #1,    #2 - #3,     #4 }

why low rep score

You're awesome! Delegated 50 SP to you.

Thanks! #)


It works great! Thank you !!

thanks for best information! welcome back to friend

Wonderful news!! Thank you very much for all your hard work! This is what we are waiting for!!
This is very helpful to newbies and minnows.

All the best.

works fine! I delegated 100 SP to you. It doesn't affect my voting power too much in the moment and I hope it will help you start.


Thank you so much!

I am making a list of people who actively read, react to or upvote comments on their articles.
This list will be everyone that I follow (my following list).
You are actively engaged in your comment section and upvote the usefull feedback, so I have added you to this list.
I hope this will bring you and the others like you good fortune! keep it up!

If you know someone who you think should be added to this list please let me know in the comment section under the article in the link below, so far I have found 34 authors that are worth commenting on after reading.

it sound interesting. I give it a try today to see how it works.

Aalok jii mujhe aapke blogs bhut acche lagte. AAP mujhe bhi Upvote kar sakte hai.

Thank you for this! Tried it immediately and satisfied with the result.
Followed and Upvoted!

This is dope af!🙏🏽😍🌈💫🍀🙌🏿 @anomaly

Congrats @anomaly for this initiative

Maybe it will be a useful service expecially for artists


What a fantastic idea and service that you provide. Thank you for your detailed and clear explanation on how bots work. I will definitely give it a go as soon as I can.

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Nice bot and cool its work. I like it.

I have decided to give you a try. I sent to you some Steem for my latest post. I look forward to your upvote and proving you are one of the good bots. I have been scammed before and am skeptical, but I have decided to put some trust in you.


Oh darn, I should have read it more closely. I sent Steem to you and not Infinitybot. Can you send it back and I will send to the correct destination? Thanks!


I designated to @InfinityBot too.


Hi, thank you for pointing that out. I've send you your money back now, and I'll re-write my message to make it more clear before I send it out again.

This bot sounds extremely useful! I hope you have immense success and that many people use it. Thank you for sharing :)

Great work i will try this

Well designed, nice to see a fair system.

Wow, so it's basically like a form of investment without the risks. I think I'll try it out.

Then what will be the profit? can you please explain... you upvote what we send to you then what is the advantage.


You can more easily get into trending and be upvoted by others.
With bid bots sometimes you get more and sometimes less. In this case if the math is right you would get exactly what you paid for. Plus a free resteem. Not many followers for now but I believe it will grow. 


Thank you so much


I've decided to boost the bots upvotes by an extra 10 percent. So now it will give approximately 110 percent back. Thank you for your feedback.



esto si que estuvo bien informativo

Wow excellent work @anomaly. We need robots that cares for the community. Especially for noobs and minnows. The better the bot serve the better for the Steem platform. Cheers

Interesting information, we need to think it over.

I will give it a try. Thanks. I hadn't heard about this one and I found you from the @flyingdutchman list of people worth following list. I am often looking for a reasonable paying voting bot.

I've been using @infinitybot, works great! I delegated steem yesterday.

As an experiment I tried getting the bot to upvote a steepshot post from the steepshot link, it didn't work. Not a big deal, just thought I'd put it out there that it works if I use the steemit blog link but not if I link to steepshot.

Great work, I'll certainly continue using the bot.

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You said it will give us an upvote of same amount and a little higher of what we send to you.
But after extracting 25% curation reward, it will be a loss for us then.


I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean. What is the 25% curation reward?


When someone upvote on the post.
Then 75% goes to author and other 25% goes to curator.
I mean if I'll write a blog and you'll upvote me then I'll get only 75% value of that vote.


Oh now I see what you're saying. Sorry I didn't understand you at first. But don't worry though, I've already adjusted the math in the bot to calculate the proper earnings. When InfinityBot upvotes you you'll get the same amount in author rewards that you sent to the bot. The curator rewards are in a different subtotal. I hope this helps.

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is it really upvote us ???

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Hi, I didn't see how this could work, so I tried:) and I was right it doesn't work. I have sent 0.1 steem ($0.087) and your bot upvoted me for $0.07 which is less than I've sent. Maybe the numbers are rounded so let's say I was upvoted for 0.1 steem.However this is stil 25% lost for me becouse I get only 75% of reword 25% go to those who upvoted me. So you get my 0.1 steem from me plus 25% of your upvote and I got in best case 0.75% of what I've sent to you.Even if you would upvote me for 0.134 steem so I would be even after curation, this still make no sense. You're upvote should be at least 0.14 in my case, so I would have some minimum profit. Wich is still less than some other bots. Maybe your intentions are good, but your math is wrong. At least how I see it.

useless bot, i paid 0.016 sbd and got return 0.013


I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with it. I don't understand why it gave you less that time. But I'll personally send you the 0.003 sbd difference. Because of this I've decided to boost the bots upvotes by an extra 10 percent. Now it should always give more back than was put in. Thank you for your feedback.


he is still 25% in lost. You don't have curation calculated in your formula.


I can't see how much the bot's vote for you was worth anymore. Do you remember exactly how much your earnings were from the bot? That number might help me understand what happened.
I'll personally send you a refund for the amount it missed once I know how much to send you.
And thanks for pointing this out to me, I'll do my best to fix any bugs in the bot.


I have sent 0.1 steem ($0.087) and your bot upvoted me for $0.07 but it's OK, I see you are trying to do a god job. but if you want your bot to be profitable it must pay back 40- 50% more than someone paid you. So if I send you 1steem your bot should upvote me for 1.5 steem. That will give me 12.5% profit.(1.5 - 25%curation =1.125) That would be a nice bot, but there are bots whitch allready pay out more than 12.5%profit after curation.


Thank you, I just sent you a refund. Others have also suggested that I raise the upvote amount, but I'm worried that if I do that it might run out of voting power. I suppose I could try it for a while and see how it goes.


Hm I don't know that, but I think it wont. It will just upvote less people or will return their founds. But it is better to have some happy people than a lot of unhappy:)I think your idea is great. thank you for refound.


Ok, I've set the bot to try for 150 percent instead of just 100. Thank you very much for your feedback.


Thank you

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It resteems too though (and without the self promoting comment on your post)


Awww thank you

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How Cool!

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