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My 3rd drawing for Inktober

Theme: Roasted

This month I'm joining in with the drawing fun that is the Inktober challenge. The drawing challenge is to create one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October. You can find more details about Inktober on the website:
For my 3rd drawing I went with the Inktober prompt suggestion of Roasted. I found this a bit of a tricky theme, but after exploring a few ideas I decided to go with roasted nuts. I chose some slightly unusual materials for this piece too!





Creating my drawing

I went to my kitchen and got out the roll of roasting foil - today this would be my paper! Going through my pens I considered using a sharpie at first, but I liked the shade of orange in my paint pens so went with my Posca pens for the drawing.


Drawing on the foil

I used a black Posca paint pen to draw the two peanuts on to the foil.


I added a bit of orange paint pen to suggest the roasted nut.



'Roasted Nuts'


Paint pen on roasting foil



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Genius idea using the foil! I love it. I was a bit faster today, so was able to post sooner. But, as my month gets busier I am sure my inks will be simpler as well.

Ink on #inktober! :)


I think there will be a mixture of image styles (and time taken to draw) across the 31 drawings for me. Maybe a doodle on a post- it note here and there?!?


Ooh I like that. I'm looking forward to see WHAT you draw on as well as what you draw :)

This is just awesome . I gone through your every post and all are amazing... I wanna try to paint that roasted nuts. Thanks for the amazing idea


Thank you @debraj48 - glad you liked my posts.


My pleasure

Nice!!! I didnt even think of nuts xD
Really interesting materials, foil is usually so breakable :O I guess it depends on quality. Awesome work ^^


No, this stuff still tears pretty easily - bit of a drawing nightmare


Even more impressive then :D

Amazing piece. Despite finding the theme challenging, you still came up wit a good idea.

I like your explanation too. Perhaps I would follow this and create mine too cause am yet to come up witg something tangible!


Thanks, I went for a slightly quirkier doodle this time rather than the styles I used for the 1st and 2nd drawings.

Very interesting method of painting, my kids would really enjoy this, thanks for the great ideas. Great post by the way!


Tin foil and sharpies can give some cool effects.

Great, that's a clever idea with the foil


Thought it would be a bit of fun and fit ion with the roasting theme.

Foil? Really? :))) You can always surprise!


Too much coffee in the morning -i thought foil would be a good idea?!?