Pure propaganda? A Harvard professor just busted the myth that coconut oil is good for you, calling it 'pure poison'

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A 50-minute German lecture becoming a viral hit on YouTube might sound unusual, but the title of the talk by Karin Michels, the director of the Institute for Prevention and Tumor Epidemiology at the University of Freiburg and a professor at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, has caused a bit of a stir online.

During the lecture, titled "Coconut Oil and other Nutritional Errors," Michels has made herself very clear with regard to dietary recommendations, and underlined that coconut oil is not healthy.

Its superfood status had already come under scrutiny last year after the American Heart Association (AHA) updated its guidelines, which recommended that people avoid the saturated fatty acids found in coconut oil.

I'm calling bullshit on this Harvard professor. I'm guessing she's some sort of crazy feminist vegan that doesn't like people eating meat and the fat in coconut oil is very similar to animal fats with tons and tons of evidence showing it's the fat your body needs. The headline is pure clickbait too because as you will see in this article they even show evidence that coconut oil may be good for you.

There's no study showing significant health benefits to coconut-oil consumption. And, according to Michels, coconut oil is more dangerous than lard because it almost exclusively contains saturated fatty acids, ones that can clog the coronary arteries. You can identify fats that contain large quantities of saturated fatty acids by checking to see whether they remain solid at room temperature, as is the case with butter or lard.

Actually there's plenty of studies that show the benefits of coconut oil. It doesn't take more than a few minutes for find the studies online so I don't know what the Harvard professor is smoking.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/harvard-speaker-busts-coconut-oil-health-myth-calling-it-pure-poison-2018-8

Big thumbs up for business insider doing their jobs and calling bullshit on this professors claim(although the headline is misleading) that no studies showing health benefits to coconut oil. Here's a couple articles they posted that show health benefits to saturated fats.

However, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that people who routinely consume cheese, whole milk, and other high-fat dairy products — in essence, products high in saturated fatty acids — are at no higher risk of dying from a heart attack, stroke, or other illness than those who avoid such products.

Another study using data from 135,000 people in 18 countries and published in The Lancet, found that high fat and low carbohydrate consumption were associated with a 23% lower risk of death. And, even more exciting, the positive effect still stands, regardless of whether saturated or unsaturated fatty acids are being consumed.

Here's another article I post a while ago showing that mice lost more weight and were healthier on coconut oil than soybean oil and fructose sugar. The unsaturated fats this professor was claiming are better than saturated fats appeared to be more poisonous than the coconut oil.

Food for thought: The common household ingredient that scientists claim is WORSE for you than sugar.

Shockingly, their findings showed that the mice who ate a diet containing the soybean oil gained as much as 25 per cent more weight than the mice on the diet that was high in coconut oil.

Meanwhile the mice eating sugars from fructose gained only 12 per cent more weight than the mice on the coconut oil plan.

As well as gaining weight, the mice being given the vegetable oil also showed signs of a fatty liver, diabetes, and insulin resistance.

One of the vegetable oils this professor recommends is rapeseed oil also known as canola oil. which is a heavily processed oil with some really bad side effects.

Based on the fact that they contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, experts recommend olive or rapeseed oil as an alternative, and while it can't be used for cooking, flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is just as good for the body.

The UN has called for banning trans fats and this professor has no problems with recommending a vegetable oil that breaks down into trans fats. Clearly in my mind she and or the media are promoting propaganda rather than any kind of actual information on the topic of good or bad fats. Calling coconut oil pure poison and saying there are no studies showing it's benefit is clearly over the top and not very academic of this lady. It sounds a lot like what we hear from the leftist on climate change where they claim there's no debate on the science when time and time again these climate scientist have gotten it wrong.


Here's the video of her making these over the top claims. To bad it's in German or I would watch it to have a better Idea of her true agenda.

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I'm not surprised - barely a week goes by without a new study attacking alternative remedies or superfoods being published. Name whatever you want - vitamins, homeopathy, CBDs - they're all useless, if not, indeed, 'poisonous'. It's all propaganda, God forbid more people wake up and ditch Big Pharma and its expensive meds!


Yeah there's a lot a bullshit to weed through. That's why I'm always going to choose the food humans have been eating for thousands of years like coconuts over newer "food" like canola oil that has only been in our diets for 60 or 70 years.


I have been seeing this news trend that you mention. I saw an article questioning the motives of a promoter of Vitamin D supplements. I agree with you that eating well and taking supplements is far better than Big Pharma and the medical industry. Seems like they are fighting back to try to keep people afraid of healthy alternatives.


I just posted below some really stoopid logic...

It's based on the government "science" that fat is bad and carbs are good. Check "Fathead", a pamphlet made by a libertarian showing the BS on this ridiculous science.

Ever since I watched it, I completely cut grain (but still eat it when there's nothing else, like on a trip) and I've never felt better. What more, EVERY SINGLE blood stats (cholesterol, triglyceride, etc) have improved during those 7 years.

Coconut Oils

In recent years, the New Zealand government has been advising people to stop eating their traditional saturated fats such as coconut oil. This is due to the incorrect theory that saturated fats cause high cholesterol and heart disease. They actually do neither. Rather, coconut oil in particular has whole range of health benefits, including:

Short chain fatty acids make it easy to digest
Anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-bacterial properies
Increases metabolism
Supports the thyroid gland

So New Zealanders can feel confident about eating good quality coconut oil.


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I'm really stupid, and here's some stupid logic...

1/ All our cells in our body are surrounded by a layer of saturated fats.
(We would die if this wasn't present)

2/ Pork fat, butter cheese, coconut oil, olive oil - all contain saturated fats.

3/ non saturated fats (most vegetable oils) will do the job of saturated fats, but cause inflammation...(which leads to an increased production of cholesterol - in an attempt to reduce inflammation)

4/ Ergo.... Eat saturated fats and avoid a lot of problems...

Stupid I know, but since I've switched my diet to these,...I somehow feel a whole lot healthier...

Oh, I don't get ill nowadays, and I sleep better than I have ever done, AND I'm eating really great tasting foods!

But I'm stoopid, what would I know...

Anything in excess is bad, even water can kill you if you drink too much of it, green leafy plants can also poison you if you eat too many of them in one sitting as well.

I am very sceptical of this professor or any professor publicly decrying a food product, because we all know big pharma love to donate to schools like Harvard and in return they get to manipulate research and further their agenda.

As always, I am sure if you follow the money you'll yield some interesting transactions that can be correlated to this "research" about coconut oil.

I have no time for studies by anyone. They are all funded by our overlords and so not in our best interest to pay attention to. I just go by anecdotal evidence these days. For coconut oil, my reasons to use it are:

  • I am old and remember a big uproar in the 1970's when coconut oil appeared to be gaining ground. It was pretty much stamped out be the big guys at that time.

  • When I was finally losing weight in 2011, my hairdresser told me to try getting rid of oils besides seed oils and nut oils. Voila! My weight loss rate increased immediately with no other changes.

  • The big guys push the other oils and say we should not worry. Time to run!

If it is pushed by the mainstream, I do the opposite now without researching much, and it is really working well for me. If an Ivy League School has a study - do the opposite for best results :)

This makes me wish I still had a Jstor account. It lets you pull up full academic journals and it makes calling bullshit on claims like the one that dude made super easy when you can show 20 or 30 actual pieces of academic literature that contradict the sensational headlines that the media will print to get attention.

Eat real food uncontaminated by industrial chemicals, like pesticides, herbicides, etc., and you'll live longer and healthier. So much disinformation, propaganda, and financial corruption has compromised the governmental agencies and scientific community feeding at the trough of corporate funding it's practically impossible to know more than this.


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Lung cancer rates are huge among people using canola oil in woks, Hexane is to blame, the only thing worse than soybean oil is cottonseed oil.


Standing over anything that is frying is super bad for you in general. I worked in a kitchen at a fish restaurant when I was a teenager and I would feel like I had been chain smoking all day when I would get off.

This is really well put together. It's had tremendous benefits in people suffering from Alzheimer's too- why are they attacking it so viciously? They can't patent it, yet, i think once they've found a way to replicate in a pill the benefits of coconut oil, they will keep trying to shit on it until it suits them to promote it.

Sounds like a load of bull


..see my comment below...(too lazy to copy and paste lol)

I have been putting coconut oil in my morning coffee for about 6 months now and I cook with it sometimes. It sounds like a paradox but it's actually helped me lose weight...probably due to its effects on my metabolism and digestive system. It's important not to overdo it, a teaspoon once a day goes a long way.

Wasn't Harvard also paid off to say that sugar wasn't bad?