Fish oil can boost sperm count and make men's testicles BIGGER, study claims

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Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark did their study using 1,679 young Danish men going through military fitness testing.

In Denmark military service is mandatory for all healthy men over the age of 18, so the men in the study were not yet soldiers.

Each of the men were screened for STIs, had physical exams, gave sperm samples and then answered questions about their diets and lifestyles.

If someone was considered a regular fish oil supplement user, the research found, they produced millions more sperm in an average ejaculation.

The researchers added that, based on a model fit and healthy 19-year-old: 'Total sperm count was 147million for men with no supplement intake, 159million for men with other supplement intake, 168million for men with fish oil supplement intake on fewer than 60 days, and 184million for men with fish oil supplement intake on 60 or more days.'

Ah yeah boys! Start stocking up on fish oil and increase your ball size.

Besides all the bigger ball jokes I got rolling around in my mind this article is actually pretty interesting and good information for guys that may have fertility problems or want to prevent them in the future. Those Omega fatty acids are super important to not just sperm health but your overall health too and like the article said many folks don't eat enough fish to get the proper amount of fatty acids they need on a daily basis.

Now there's debate in this article that fish oil alone can boost your sperm count and make your balls bigger and I'm sure other nutrients play an important roll in overall health down in the baby making region too but I want to share my personal experience with boosting my health down there. I take a bunch of supplements including fish oil and when I first started taking them I notice a big increase in sex drive, not sure if sperm and ball size grew like these guys but I for sure noticed the change in sex drive. I started taking turmeric a couple years ago too and noticed that boosted my sex drive so I don't think it's just fish oil that can help boost a man's sperm count and all that other jazz. In fact there's a bunch of different plants and animals that can give you a boost. Still good to know that fish oil can boost your sperm count if you're having trouble conceiving and probably good for women's fertility I would image.


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I read the title of your post to my husband and was immediately told a ball joke. Sigh. Lol. Our family personally uses cod liver oil. Can't seem to get the kiddos to eat any kind of fish, but they sure like they lemon flavored cod liver oil!

I better back off the fish a little.

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