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Hello dear friends. Are you someone who cares about food quality? Where it comes from? How it was grown? Is it organic or covered in cancer causing pesticides/herbicides?


Are you just someone who thinks that as long as it’s cheap and tasty, you’ll cram it down your gullet?


You were like me? Who at first didn’t care about what they ate, but at a certain point realized the importance of good quality organic food, and made the shift to a cleaner diet.


I made that shift around 2010. However, I didn’t just change my diet. I was active on the scene for food safety. Co-Organizing MAM events, and trying to get the word out about gmos and pesticide/herbicide use in food.

VenomnymouS: Origin Of The Mask (my official Introductory)

To be quite honest, a part of me wishes I could just go back to that time with the knowledge I know now. Not just for that reason, but because in comparison to now, it’s not nearly as terrifying as it is today.

Dear friends... Food as we know it is changing, big time! It’s becoming so bad in the food world order that you are not going to know what you’re eating at all.

Not unless you planted it, pulled it out of the ground, and prepared it yourself. Granted that’s if you are still allowed to even grow your own food in the coming years.





“precision-biology food technology” Wow, doesn’t that sound precise? Just like with CRISPR propaganda, they make it sound like it’s perfect, flawless technology. However, it’s not, and they don’t know what the long term effects of people eating these ‘modern foods’ will be.

“Acceptance of these ‘foods’ will accelerate quickly”

Hey people! Better, tastier, and cheaper foods are on the way! Put down that $8 loaf of organic bread. Put down that $7 bag of organic apples. Buy these cheaper, tastier and sustainable labs versions of those foods. They have all the goodness of the real thing, but better! Why we’ve got every nutrient imaginable in every bite! C’mon, don’t you want to be healthy? Our modern foods are super duper healthy! Made with precision, down to the molecule!

“Extra Big Ass Taco! Now with more molecules”

Who doesn’t want food from companies that list fluoride as a nutrient?



Haha always in 2030! Isn’t the world supposed to end or something in 2030? If you haven’t seen my 2030 post. You need to check that out.

By The Year 2030: The Use of "2030" in Mainstream Media

It’s much worse since I wrote that. Many many more 2030 projections now.

Let’s see what’s in the news today.

Okay, that’s enough. lol moving on.


“protein disruption”. Such an odd way to put it. Reducing it down to the nutrient takes away the significance of it I suppose. No, it’s the destruction and replacement of food from the land to food from a lab.


“The second domestication of plants and animals”

Well this one is just full of profound statements. The second domestication, that’s a really funny way of putting it. I’m not sure manipulating things on the molecular level is domestication, and not just outright abomination of nature, but I guess different strokes for different folks right?

“things are about to change big time” yeah no shit! But don’t worry, it will be “overwhelmingly positive”. Why? Are you going to put some soma in your food like products. Make every bite a holiday.

Doesn’t this all just sound so utopian?


You know they used the exact same argument with GMO propaganda. Literally!

LoL, right!


These are just poor farming practices, monoculture, intensive feed lots, chemical inputs and pest/weed control. Why? Big business, and economic hardship on people. Which turned food into a mass production The system has to be changed, not scrapped completely for an even more controlled food system.

Precision Fermentation



Predicted by Winston Churchill in his book “Fifty Years Hence”



Mmmhmm long in the works. Want another one?



Scientists Create Cow Free Milk Using GM Yeast And 3D Printed Milk Proteins



So basically they can make whatever they want from whatever they want. They could make a rainbow unicorn steak using the microorganisms they scraped from a sewage pipe, and people will eat it. As long as it’s cheap, convenient and meets the nutritional requirements set by the government food guides.



“Food-as-Software” sounds very Star treky.

“Fermentation Farms even in densely populated areas”

Megacities, how often have I said it? This about urban growth, the farms are going into the city, vertical farming, green houses, countertop food production, insect farming, bio generators, 3D printers, and this fermentation farming stuff. Oh, and cannibalism! lol

Engineered molecules


“There is a considerable overlap with nanotechnology” hmm that’s really interesting.

Check this out



Well that sounds ominous, how do they know that’s gonna be the case? Oh, wait. What was the date they said modern foods will ‘bankrupt’ the cattle industry?


Oh, well that’s an interesting ‘COINCIDENCE’. These modern foods will match cows in 2023 and will be mass accepted by 2030. Again, a coincidence, but one could speculate that since the tech used to make these foods has an overlap with nanotech, and they are saying that nanobots will be flowing through everyone by 2030, the same time everyone’s expected to be eating these foods. You can speculate that these foods could very well be the medium in which to introduce the nanobots into the population on a mass scale. Purely speculation of course.

There’s an increasing amount of nanoparticles in foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

What are the Different Types of Nanoparticles?



Sounds like building materials for the nanobots, but again all speculation. I’m sure it’s all fine, and they are just doing it all for your health. Those nanobots are just going to be there to ensure your health is optimal, and not there to possibly build anything you might not want inside your body. Certainly they wouldn’t build a brain chip inside your head. Never...






Anyways, food for thought (Ba Zing! 😂)




I’m sure it will bring down the cost for the individual. However, the cost to your freedoms will be great. This technology will be all encompassing. Your food freedoms, right to grow, right to save seeds, and yes right to raise animals for food will be lost. All of this is going to be replaced with ‘their methods’ because it’s ‘better’ for the planet. You will learn to want to eat this food you carbon nazis!

Haven’t you heard? Organic farming is actually bad for the planet now (I shit you not!).





Here’s an response by the Rodale Institute (long time proponents of organic agriculture) pointing out the flaws of the study.


The future of food will take the individual away from the back yard garden, and local market. To a 3D food printing machine on the countertop of their shared living micro apartment.







Planting trees for sequestration, right! Let’s take a brief moment to tell a story from the New York Times. This happened in 2011, so this was before the big carbon tax and trade thing was pushed. Just have a little look here.









Did you get that? See what they will do to get that land, and use it for their new profit model. The cap and trade of CO2. That was on 2011! Just think how bad it will be in the coming years.

They are already doing it here too, but they can’t get away with burning children alive in houses (yet), they do it through new laws and buyouts.

Not to mention there’s the ‘grassroots’ protest groups such as angry vegans NGOs who will organize sit-ins at animal farms. To pressure and ruin their businesses.


100% organic I’m sure. lol nah, actually I know it can happen on its own. In fact I have some vegan friends (from back in the day of my programming) that organize their own sit-ins at animal farms. (I still get invited lol) That’s just all hive mind behavior though, no ones thinking past their own nose at this point.

I mean, I don’t like how they are treating these animals as much as they do. However, this is the fight we should be having. There’s much much bigger problems a foot. I’m just at the point where the farm animals are the least of my concerns. I don’t eat them so there, that’s my part.

It doesn’t help things for the livestock industry when they do shit like this of course.



Anyways, moving on.

Back to planting trees for a bit.

How much land is developed in the United States?

“Short Answer: 167,614 Square Miles (As of 2002) which represents approx. 4.66% of the Land Area in the United States. To put this into perspective, I have mapped out and overlaid this same area on a Google Map of the United States. This figure includes 93,750 Square Miles of Developed Structures plus 73,864 Square Miles of Public Roads.

Why is this information important? This information is important because eco-freaks would have you believe that urban sprawl is devastating our natural resources and that we must all crowd into densely populated areas in order to reduce our greenhouse footprint (by reducing transportation).”

About America 2050
”America 2050 is Regional Plan Association's national infrastructure planning and policy program, providing leadership on a broad range of transportation, sustainability, and economic-development issues impacting America's growth in the 21st century. A major focus of America 2050 is the emergence of megaregions - large networks of metropolitan areas, where most of the population growth by mid-century will take place. Examples of megaregions are the Northeast Megaregion, from Boston to Washington, or Southern California, from Los Angeles to Tijuana, Mexico. Megaregions comprise multiple, adjacent metropolitan areas connected by overlapping commuting patterns, business travel, environmental landscapes and watersheds, linked economies, and social networks. America 2050 has identified 11 megaregions in the United States”

Zombie Deer, Conservation, and Agenda 2030 OH MY!


CONserve-Nation: CPAWS Wants 50% of Canada Locked Up In Conservation

Here’s an article calling for half of the UK farmland to be converted to forest.




You’re sitting on a goldmine for co2 sequestration payments! Sell them carbon credits that feed no one. Give up growing food, It’s only 20% of UK’s food. lol


If you’re so concerned about people’s health, stop forcing them to move into your crammed ass cities ffs!

Artificial lights and synthetic nutrients. So efficient! It’s gonna be so good for you! No more freeloading energy from the sun. Soil? Plants don’t need that! Don’t you know the simple act of planting seeds is bad for the environment.

Besides when we do away with all your personal vehicles. We’re gonna need to turn those parking lots into urban farms.




It’s debatable. Obviously intensive farming of cattle affects our water, both in usage and in runoff. I don’t think we should be supporting this type of farming. They say holistic/regenerative farming is good for the environment, and supposedly much of the water use is green water (rainwater).

I’m not here today to debate that. Frankly, I just don’t care anymore. The argument on climate change is false, and therefore all their claims on how to fight the climate change are bogus on that front. As far as health goes well, you should be seeking the best that you can afford.


Mmm mmm! I just have to laugh every time I read that line. “Cheaper, more nutritious and tastier” It reminds of a video my friend and fellow steemian @camille1234’s made. She’s been a wealth of information on this lab food takeover. I highly recommend you check out her work.

In fact, start with this video.


With this technology, megacities will be their own food supply. Eliminating farmers and farm land from equation.

Not all food growth completely, as I have mentioned before urban farming will be a major part of life in the resilient city.







Adopt the tech or be left behind. I doubt there will be much resistance from the US. This Rainbow Unicorn food will be everywhere because it will be mass promoted. Just like gmos were, just like the beyond meats and the impossible foods are being pushed.

They are openly admitting to using celebrities to push for these types of foods. Pushing the vegan lifestyle in order to ‘save the planet’.








Look, I live a vegan lifestyle myself for the most part (still eat honey). Why? Because I feel the healthiest on such a diet, and have been for years. However, I don’t submit to vegan hive mind that insists everyone eat that way. I also stick to Whole Foods whereas others will just eat anything that didn’t come from an animal. That’s not healthy.

It’s like I always say, “Veganism is part of the agenda. Eating a vegan diet is not.” The lab food takeover is a real threat, and doesn’t matter if you eat animals or not. This Precision Fermentation, this modern food production, is going to destroy all the wonderful food we love to grow and eat.

We failed to stop gmos, we cannot afford to fail in this fight now. This is just another transformation taking place in this agenda for the 21st century.

We need to spread the word on this awful new food technology before it’s creeping into every part of food production.

Thanks for reading. I have been sitting on this post for about four weeks now. Wish I had finished it and posted it sooner, but what can you do? Thanks again and until next time.

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Your post are interesting but way to long, seems some things are a bit repetitive in getting their point across. You have a good sense of humor but it gets weighted down in the length.

Thanks, I’ll definitely try to make them shorter, or split them into 2 or more parts.

Thanks for reading!

This from a group that still uses the unit called "calorie"

If we actually had a measurement of nutrition, then we would find that McD's burgers have almost no nutrition, and that these vat grown "meats" have even less.

The stupid notion that all we need to do is take in the correct number and type of atoms is why we have so many unhealthy blimps instead of happy people.
Life is what extends life.
Life is what food is.

"Scientists" can't make life in the laboratories. Especially while ignoring that life has any importance.

The third option as well. My mom taught me bits and pieces about health since I was a kid and that understanding grew. I was born in 1985 and grew up in the 1990's in Oregon around farms. But didn't really understand how bad GMO or nanobots are until like 2016 when I started watching Infowars.

Very good wealth of info you have here thank you.

I heard a little bird say the word.....Have a good pal put a stun gun up to the back of your neck and zap it on for exactly 22 seconds and POW, nanobot problem solved. Bonus too that you won't be a zombie!
.....it sounds like I am joking, but I am mostly serious.

Oh, and PS, they are already in us.... "Scientists Propose".....cute when they say that.
My, it sure is, cloudy(?) today outside?

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