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Hello dear friends. This is a post that I have not been very excited to write. It’s all about the poop programming of society (mostly kids). What’s the purpose? Why so much shit everywhere? Well, I have some ideas I’d like to share. However, let’s take a look through just a smidget, or perhaps a smudget? of poop themed items available to the public.

Poop toys

Poop shirts

Poop books and more (blahhhhh!)

Youtube is rainbow Pootube


Got shit?

Poop water

Anything bill gates (eugenicist billionaire) is surely good for humanity right? So obviously to you and I who haven’t been completely brainwashed into the new world order climate change agenda, can see for whatnit really is...Disgusting! However, how about the future generations, that have been programmed into fetishizing over poop? Think maybe they will be more willing to switch over to poo water on tap?

How about food made from human shit?


Even worse, children are being exposed to more extreme sexual degeneracy. Scatology (shit play) along with experimenting with drugs during sex, all illustrated with cartoon animals. No, this wasn’t intended for children right? That or maybe they believe the mind of those who live these particular lifestyles are too infantile, and so cartoon animal buttholes make it easier for them to learn how to have ‘safer’ sex. 🙄

“Safer Sex is for everyone of all ages”: Students ‘Accidentally’ Exposed to Explicit Sex Guide

Shit beer.



Not oh, this beer tastes like shit. Rather, literally this beer is shit!

Get used to seeing more of these types of products. The agenda 2030 programming is everywhere! You tell people enough times that they have to conserve and do with less. Tell them that the sky is falling and the planet is dying, and eventually they will believe it. They’ll even tell those lies to their own kids (if they even have any).

Repetition is mind control. Let me repeat that, Repetition is mind control. Again? Okay! Repetition is mind control. The same works for visual imagery btw. All this products showing rainbow unicorn poop as food or places on food like a topping, is planting a seed into the youth’s minds. They will see nothing wrong with a world that give us poop water, food, scatology, etc. Eating

Shit will be normalized.

Before anyone comments with crap like “oh, well animals eat poop”. Yeah, well who’s smarter? You or the dog dining in the cat’s litter box? Besides there’s nothing natural with the human diet, and our gut biomes are so outta whack that shit today ain’t like how shit it used to be. 😂

Not saying I would be okay with this ever. I’m just saying that humanity today is utterly toxic, and anything the body is trying to get rid of is completely toxic to people.

Food scarcity is a lie. In reality produce enough to feed a population of 10 billion and yet people still starve because we waste a lot of perfectly good food. We can sit here and blame all the corporations, agribusiness, and grocery stores we want, but the reality is we allowed it to be this way. People stopped growing their own food. They chose convenience over independence. We buy only the superficially appealing produce, any produce that doesn’t meet these artificial standards are thrown away.

For some facts on food waste check out my post

A Global Diet Is Coming.

Now people are not even making meals from scratch anymore. Everything Is prepackaged or from a fast food joint. Highly processed genetically modified garbage. Eventually everything will be lab grown (including human flesh) and no doubt poop will be a part of that equation in the future of food.

Just look at this toy! You literally make shit and feed it to the ??? This Humanoid unicorn thing? Oh, wait! It must be a prototype of the one world chimera race. That is genetically designed to thrive off of its own feces I guess. Just fantastic!!! Who wouldn’t want their child to play with such a toy?

Oh look! It’s drinking a poo slushy! Just wow!

Okay, I’m done! F**k this! Thanks for stopping by. Hope this post could bring a little awareness and nausea to you. What toys are your kid(s) into? Have they been hit with the poop programming?

Alright, Until the next time. Reporting from the BRAVE NEW WORLD, I am...


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This is such a great post, for a moment there I thought I was back in 2017 when Steemit still had real accounts posting content!

But then I woke up...

Jeff Fakenews (one of the only other people still posting real content on Steemit) has been doing some coverage of the gay junkfood angle.

I know what ya mean. The real content doesn’t quite grab the dollars everyone is after. I’m just happy to post whatever the fuck I feel like. lol

Yeah, Jeff is a friend of mine online. Sometimes make appearances on his “Jeff c and friends” show. He’s having one tomorrow at 8pm eastern. We’ll be ripping the shit out of all these fake foods, Plus whatever else.

So you know camille1234 then!

Small, yet strangely gay and rainbow coloured!

Sure do! It’s a very small and genetically modified gay little cuddle puddle world indeed!


Since Steemit has gone down in flames I've stopped posting, but would like to get some sort of community going again, with my like minded friends. So far I haven't found any good platforms to replace CIA Steemit, but let me know if you find any.

My posts can be found here:





And the best way to get in touch is by email:

Awesome, I’ll keep an eye out for an alternative to the alternative lol

I see you tried Minds but gave up on it - was it no good either?

I just signed up for a minds account to have a look, and it looked like it might be OK, but I haven't actually checked it out yet

And have you tried Diaspora?

But I suspect all these platforms are psyops like Steemit...

Well tbh I’m not a fan of its setup. But I haven’t given it much of a try either. Never heard of diaspora? I’ll have to take a look into that.

I actually set up a minds account 18 months ago for sift666 but got the password wrong and never used it.

When I set up a new account yesterday (as frot) I also sorted out the log in for my original sift666 account.

So now I have two minds accounts!

After having a quick look, I do think it has some potential. It displays images full size in 1x1 ratio so could suit me to a T. If it does seem OK I'll do sift666 just as a humour posting account, and frot for all my other stuff.

Diaspora I wasn't as keen on, it's a bit geek, but worth a look - - but I think the name alone will stop it ever becoming bigtime - and also https://worldtruthmx because someone recommended it


Excellent post!
The poop programming makes a lot of sense when you look at it all put together like this.

Thanks. I feel like they won’t stop until we are literally have a tube in the ass, cycling our own feces right back into our mouths.

Sick world order lol

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I recall a line from the movie 'Judge Dredd', delivered by a food vending robot: 'Eat recycled food. It's ok for you, and good for the environment!'

Not a new thing.


Hah! That’s funny. Shit, I need to watch that movie again! I hear it has some predictive nuggets within its gooey center.

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