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Well, the storm gathers, and the liberal presidential race ticket begins to fill. It promises to be the largest field they have ever had.

Enter the retread Bernie Sanders:
He has announced, then he apparently destroyed his chances, because he can't keep his pants zipped. That used to be a resume enhancement for liberals, until they attacked President Trump for sexual harassment!

Image from article:
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President Trump came out fine, but a number of prominent liberals have been destroyed by the Me Too movement! The latest will, apparently, be Bernie Sanders. Then he tried to be cute about it, and came off as callused and hard. Best guess, this Communist is done for in 2020.

They would be a Lot better off if they left their pants zipped, and treated their own wife properly! But that is too old fashioned for these progressive giant thinkers, ROFLOL! What a crock, they are getting their due.


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I have no love for any of the front runners from the Dems, but there is still a spark of love for Bernie, greatly dimmed when he did not challenge obviously jimmied primary results. I have not heard anything about this, and what you've provided has no info. Say what?

From the article, he tried to minimize the allegations instead of answering them:

“I was a little bit busy running around the country, trying to make the case,” Sanders told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during an interview about the allegations.
The response has led to ridicule from left-leaning activists on social media

He may have been trying to make a joke, to lighten the Mood, but it exploded in his face.

Also they must forever oppose him, because to do anything else might infer that Hillary did not win clean.


I hadn't clicked on "read more" before that last comment of mine, and so didn't get to the meat of that article until just now.
I object to the article's absence of links to primary sources that corroborate its claims. Best example of that is the quote you reprinted - when did he say that, and was he talking about the allegations? Another example: I am a leftie (who respects conservative thought! please don't get me wrong!) and I've never heard anything at all about these allegations. You've been had there.
In short, I think that article is misleading to the point of being false. If you want to get into specifics, the glove is down.
lol I left FB to get away from this discussion, trying to distinguish between good reporting and articles that are pushing a political agenda. This is one of the second. No truth in it, or very very little. Peace

Sadly, the Main Stream Media will never report on this. The actual truth will only come out as a negative when he does not run in 2020.

They are packing on, in a feeding frenzy, that usually means desertion by the owned media, and when this happened to Al Franken, they swore he retired, and was not ousted but the effect was the same.

Bernie is at least an honest Communist. I have studied History, and I know the danger socialism presents, and the cancer that is communism.

You are pretty mild, I have some really Liberal friends.

I left facebook, because I had a liberal porn bomb my page (when he lost a debate). I blocked him, deleted the porn he dropped on me, reported him for the porn bomb. Their response was to lock MY account for the deleted porn, and not to punish him.

Some other posts on Bernie's 'Me too' problems:;_ylt=AwrEeOLOZzVcADwAHkUPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--?qid=20190107203804AAreaQG&p=bernie%20sanders%20me%20too%20problems%20with%20yahoo

I have never dumped anyone for being liberal, it is not a fatal problem, ROFLOL! Besides we have a Boy to help! THAT is a lot more important to me than Bernie!


I agree "they" (the DNC and it's many many arms of influence) have to oppose Trump for no good reason other than if they stop, they will have egg on theirs faces.

They oppose him because they want to bankrupt, and destroy the Republic, to own the pieces that are left. That is why they spend so much, and bring in so many that hate us here. They are smart enough to plan this, but may not have thought out the apocalypse that will result.

I intend to be fine, in spite of whatever destruction comes from DC! This was one of the reasons I moved into Herbals for primary medicine! Also why I am planting all of the herbals I need that I can find!

But they also must oppose him because they Hate him, and you are right, they are also trying to remove the Egg from their face.


BTW, you will notice that I do Not sort by DNC and RNC but by liberal and conservative. Too many from each party are not the same as they used to be, Many Democrats are becoming Conservative not because they have changed, but because the party control has moved away from them as they moved left. The RNC is no better, large portions have moved liberal (RINOs) which angers the rest which remain conservative! The parties seem to be fracturing internally that will result in liberals and conservatives.

Sadly, the further the liberals move to the left, the more will abandon them, as too liberal. This in turn, pushes conservative to become less accepting of their recommendations.

This eventually must result in violence, from the left; and blood in the streets. I hate it, but it is Historically supported, SMH!


I don't see my party as moving left at all! It's anything but. Even the new darlings (AOC, Beto) are just puppets for the Pelosi's of the world, under an illusion that they are not. Crazy times over here on the left. We have lost our moral compass - it's stuck at "DNC".

In the last decade they have forced homosexual marriage on this country (my Bible calls it abomination), they have attacked businessmen and added big fines for being Christian and refusing homosexual marriage cakes (making Christian beliefs illegal) they have opened our Ladies restrooms to males, they are fighting, even now to destroy our borders and bring in a new world order. They have imported so many muslims that some areas of the country are under their control, and the Constitution is ignored there; moved at our expense. They have covered up organ transplants, because they are from aborted babies.

I personally know of two lifelong Democrats that have, after looking at current policies of the DNC, have re-registered as Republicans. My Wife's parents voted Republican for decades even though they stayed registered as Democrats....

Can you see JFK doing ANY of this? They have surly lost (or smashed) their moral compass, and are using the same methods the National Socialists used to take total power in Germany. Sadly for the same reason, they must have total power, over every aspect of our lives! Nothing less is acceptable.

The only thing between us and oblivion today is the Bill of Rights, and they are working hard to destroy that. Dark days for sure. If they destroy the First and Second Amendments, there will be defensive violence, and a thousand years of darkness with the New World Order!


I understand your frustration with all of these issues. I object to the self righteousness of the Democrat Party's agenda myself, but I do not consider the things you rlisted to be liberal. I think we need to be careful not to equate the DNC's attempts to coral as many people as they can under a few slogans with liberalism itself..

You are correct that they are getting further out there to gather those votes. They have no love for the fringe groups, they only care about the power they will gain.

The DNC has a lot of good people in it, and they are beginning to split off because of these liberal policies. I think you may be addressing that fracture? Right now those controlling the direction have their rudder hard left. So much so that there was a challenge to Pelosi as speaker, by some of the more moderate Democrats.

I tire of being told that someone's choice of a lifestyle I can never approve of (or I am complicit in that sin) is more important than my Constitutional Right to practice my religion without government interference!

And if I find a man in my Daughter or Wife's restroom....

Change, just to change; with no thought of reprocussions, is not a plan, but rather a total lack of a planing!


sir smithlabs! dang I was hoping he would run again to weaken whatever mainstream candidate they come out with.

He was intending to, until the Me Too, ricochet nailed him!

Isn't it Ironic that they fired their big gun of sexual harassment at President Trump, and missed (the Judge ordered Stormy Daniels to pay his legal costs); but that round keeps bouncing around and keeps killing liberal politicians and contributors?


haha! well sir smithlabs, there are people of all parties getting caught in that web but it seems like there are far more left leaning ones getting caught. Or maybe that's just my impression. I haven't exactly studied it.


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