Now We All Have A Threat Score!steemCreated with Sketch.

A nationwide personal intelligence picture, all about you!

Just like a Credit Score, each one of us will have a Threat Score.
No doubt the Government has allocated a huge amount of resources, assessing whether or not you pose a threat. In fact I would be disapointed if they didn't! That's their job, right? How about when those resources are directed towards every aspect of your life and for the entire population?


Appear on their radar or encroach above a baseline threshold and you will be allocated a threat score. You may even be tagged as a Low, Medium or High Value Target.
The question you have to ask yourself – Is your Threat score above the risk-line? If it is, you will be a marked person, a person who will be added to a list of some sort and subject to increased scrutiny. The media like to call these 'WATCH-LISTS'. The higher up the watch-list, the more resources that will be allocated to monitor you.
How many times after any incident, have you heard the media reporting the fact that, 'The suspect was known to security forces'?

Targetted For Intermination.jpg
Have You Been Targetted For Intermination?

For The Sake Of Safety

What causes a society to implement such measures? We weren't so monitored prior to the computer age were we? The instantaneous communications and flow of information speed may have facilitated our need to be heard and not offended, but throw in a mixture of races, religions, greed, overpopulation, globalisation and distrust and you have a society that inevitably will escalate into chaos.

Causes Of Terror and Criminality.jpeg

Our data is being harvested ALL the time and analysed by computers. Artificial Intelligence now analyses and decides your fate instantaneously. Decisive systems that are so advanced, they will 'ping' you before there is any time for reasonable explanation and these actions are outsourced to private data companies.

Are You A Threat To Society?

Your threat score or 'Risk Level', to be more precise would detail your place on the nationwide pre-crime ladder and your likelihood of vulnerability from carrying out acts of diabolical violence. These may stem from extremist groups, Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS) or idialigical influences. So what then? Do we all enjoy living in a surveillance police state for our own safety? It would depend on your intent, motive and the workload of the security services as to whether you are 'bought in for questioning'.

What Is Your Score.jpg

My Point

Whether we like it or not, we are heading towards a Pre-Crime society. Is this a consequence of a society getting soft or a justice system trying to over correct the faults of a troubled human race? One thing is for sure, history has demonstrated that no matter what the penalty is, criminality still happens. As the constant erosion of human integrity gets worse, our illustrious leaders will Watch More, Analyse More and hand over decisions to an All Seeing Artificial Intelligence.
The evaluation must therefore be, that your every action is being monitored/tagged for evaluation! Your web of associations are being linked by unseen and complex algorithms to assess you as a threat. In effect we are all subjected to Passive Vetting.

"It Seems You Have Been Living Two Lives"


Hey pal, I am so sorry I begged you to stay on this platform. I have come to understand a few things about it. It is not a free speech platform as those who attack free speech on here have funding that does not compute with a ton of accounts and bots. This has been going on for years (2016) and no "clean up" action has ever been taken. Sorry pal but information war folks are under attack and I can not be silent. I must stand up and forfeit this account. I know the end game so I will lose it eventually anyway. Time to arm people with some squirrly wit!

You leaving or adjusting your type of posts?
By the way..... take a load of this

Having fun with the POS on my way out. Lucylin writes a good story as well. He was inspired by all this.

I was getting worried. Thought maybe you decided not to come back home or something happened. You must have had a ton of fun! We can catch each other on other platforms.

re video: Yup. This is what I've been talking about.

Again, I'm sorry I begged you to stay. This platform is not for us. When I'm done getting my jollies, I'm done.

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Food for thought. Kinda inevitable isn't it. Excellently written post. I wish my vote was worth something.

Howdy sir preppervetuk! This is a great article! I agree that it will go and morph into something like the Minority Report movie, like you said, this is coming and will be a natural development from wanting to stop terrorists combined with all the surveilance and AI technology. I don't think it can be stopped.

I think as long as AI is controlled and used sensibly, we will discover a balance of living within our countries...

Howdy again sir preppervetuk! I hope so and it should be able to go that way. Elon Musk is very wary of it, I think he thinks it will become self aware like in Terminator and turn against us.

Your Vote is always worth something. Comments are important to me and I will Upvote everyone who contributes. Interaction is everything.
Inevitability, as Agent Smith says.
It's almost as if we are heading for a combination of THEY LIVE, THE MATRIX and MINORITY REPORT...

Just some thoughts.
Stay Safe.

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