HEADLINES: Friday, September 7th, 2018 - Lawbreaker Cory Booker, 25 Minutes of Illegals In Military Garb Crossing Border, Censorship The New Norm - Will You Comply, Crypto FUD, Kavanaugh, Obama, Trump, Twitter, Hurricanes, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

‘Open’ London is built on exploited labour
The West’s utter failure to see China’s end game
Firing Blanks
City Journal
Far-left NJ Senator Cory Booker Breaks Law to Release Confidential Documents #KavanaughConfirmation #ExpelBooker
Freedom Outpost
How A Man Ineligible To Work At McDonald’s Became President Of The United States
Freedom Outpost
Nestle: Requirement to Report Use of Slave Labor Would Cost Consumers More Money
Freedom Outpost
Meet Larry Sinclair: The Man With Whom Barack Obama Enjoyed Sex & Cocaine
Freedom Outpost (His sexual escapades are less important to me than the alleged harder drugs used.)
Voters in Mid-Term Elections Report Watching Their Ballots Mysteriously Switch to Other Candidate
Freedom Outpost
Startup company opens first restaurant that uses a transparent robot to serve the “world’s freshest cheeseburger”
Natural News
THE BIG LIE: Over 60% of “school shootings” never actually happened
Natural News (Don't overreact to the title, read it and it'll make sense.)
White House saboteur goes public, confirms existence of deep state seeking to destroy the Trump presidency
Natural News
Study that claims multivitamins are not effective may have had methodology problems, says nutrition expert
Natural News
The MASSIVE differences between healthy sea salt and unhealthy iodized, irradiated table salt
Natural News
REAL.video segment reveals why Apple, Facebook, Spotify YouTube (and now Twitter) have all banned InfoWars
Natural News
CONFIRMED: Organizer Vinay Krishnan Who Was Caught Paying Off Kavanaugh Protesters — Works for Soros-Linked Organization
The Gateway Pundit
Barack Obama Trashes Trump – Takes Credit For Trump’s Booming Economy (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
A New Low: Mueller Interrogating Comedian and Radio Talk Show Host Randy Credico Today in Connection to Greatest Political Scam in History
The Gateway Pundit
Anonymous Embedded #NeverTrumper Conspiring Against Trump Is Losing BIGLY — Here Are the Numbers
The Gateway Pundit
BEST JUDGE EVER! During Ken Starr Investigation Brett Kavanaugh Slammed Bill Clinton for “Pattern of Revolting Behavior”
The Gateway Pundit
BUILD THE WALL! Arizona Rancher Films Illegal Invaders in Military Garb Streaming Across US Border in 25 Minute Video
The Gateway Pundit
BREAKING=> Giuliani: President Trump Will Not Answer Mueller’s Obstruction Questions, In Writing Or In Person
The Gateway Pundit
Brazil’s Presidential Front-Runner Delivers Hospital Message
Stocks Plunge On Trump Shocker: Threatens China With Another $267BN In Tariffs
Russia’s Huge Natural Gas Pipeline To China Nearly Complete
"Issue Of National Security": Trump Demands Sessions Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed, Looking At Legal Action
"This Is War": Michael Moore Compares Trump To Hitler In New Documentary
McConnell: No Doubt Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed by End of the Month
Twitter Bans Alex Jones! Deep State Fascism Kills Free Speech
Twitter Briefed Establishment Media Ahead of Alex Jones Blacklisting
Breitbart via Infowars
Hillary Lied, CIA Agents Died
Wife of Slain Police Officer Writes Emotional Letter to Nike About Kaepernick Ads
6.3%: African-American Unemployment Rate Second-Lowest Ever
CNS News
CBS Host Worries NYT Op/Ed Adds to ‘Erosion of Trust’ in Media
Rick Santelli: First Two Years of Obama Were ‘A Boot on Business’

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Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

John Dean Calls Kavanaugh Nomination ‘Troubling’
Political Wire
Trump Says DOJ Should Investigate Identity of NYT Op-Ed Author
Talking Points Memo
Radio Host Testifies In Front Of Mueller’s Grand Jury About Roger Stone
Talking Points Memo
The Obvious Suspect
Slate (Possible, but it also fits with the Nikki Haley narrative.)
So No One’s Going to Ask Brett Kavanaugh How He Got Into Massive Debt by Allegedly Buying Baseball Tickets?
Kavanaugh’s Refusal to Recuse Himself From Mueller’s Cases Tells You Everything You Need to Know
Slate (Indeed. It's about time. Mueller and other's conflicts of interest in the investigation are well documented. They didn't recuse.)
Corporate Power and Expansive U.S. Military Policy
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
How Bill Clinton Paved the Way for Trump's War on Immigrants

Legacy Media

Obama delivers full-throated rebuke of Trump's presidency
Politico (Nice teleprompter. Great at reciting lines. I wonder what he'd speak like without one.)
Trump wants Sessions to investigate New York Times op-ed
The Brett Kavanaugh perjury controversy, explained by 4 legal scholars
US businesses say China makes things great, again and again
Florence forecast to restrengthen to major hurricane as it approaches East Coast next week
USA Today
Cincinnati shooting could've been a 'bloodbath.' Suspect had more than 200 rounds of ammunition, police say
Candidates’ Scandals Add Headaches for Republicans Ahead of Midterms
The Wall Street Journal
As Idlib offensive looms, residents fear chemical attacks

Steem #News

Steemit:Freedom of religion and religious and political hypocrisy
Steemit:Bloodshed in Nicaragua - People living in Fear of their Government
Steemit:Satellite image shows Syrian site targeted by Israel on September 4th
Steemit:EU in 'Final Stages' of Law to Force Big Tech Censorship of 'Extremist' Content
Steemit:Crypto Prices Plummet !! /Whatdo!??!
Steemit:Did Bitcoin just get a major does of Fake News?
Steemit:How Article 13 Could Ruin The Internet And Why You Should Care About The EUCD...
Steemit:Twitter joins the Ban Alex Jones Movement , Removing Him from their Platform and so Completely Silencing his Voice Now in the Public Arena of Debate on the Internet !

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