Crypto Prices Plummet !! /Whatdo!??!

in crypto •  3 months ago


What will we ever do!??!

I'll tell you what I'm going to do....


Call Yo Mama, Call Yo Wife, Call Everybody

It's a rush to the bottom and I'm going to make some money on it.

Please for the sake of my conscience and your bank account...


The world of Crypto has seen this before.

It has been through the ringer and came out the other side unscathed.

The price WILL rebound, and those who don't sell will enjoy a nice profit

download (2).jpegthis is who you want to be

Why do you think the Crypto price has tanked so hard??

How are you responding to the crash??

What do you think the real bottom is??

When do you think the price will turn around??

Stay strong my friends! This is when great men and women are made. Don't be a N00b!!

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Some solid advice.


glad you like it @moneymosey

Great message! Great photo!!

Agree 100%. Buy the dip baby

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On Wednesday and Thursday, Bitcoin tumbled nearly 14% on the FAKE news that Goldman Sachs would be pulling out of plans to set up a cryptocurrency trading desk. However, an artificial intelligence software firm finds suspicious activity that may signal market manipulation or insider trading.

The questionable trade involves a 10,000 BTC ($74 million USD) short-sell position right before the Wall Street bank’s announcement, which led to sharp decline in crypto prices. first reported the BTC dump after interviewing data scientists from RoninAI, an AI analytics firm, so probably they are also involved like before


@golldmind2018 ... can you show your sources for this?

Yes, the right choice is BUY BUY BUY LOL
when all cryptos comes up you will wish that you have some lol, keep buying and trust cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

I just started and to me its like a start up sale


Be careful. It is not 2017 anymore. Be prepared for a long ride. You will be ok if you are willing to hold for years. Long term will ultimately win here, I believe. Of course, this is not financial advice. YMMV..... I bought BTC in 2011 and made out enormously well by holding until end of last year.


Thanks that's the plan not reallly expecting quick deal im in it for the long run and im not putting in more then i can afford to lose