Twitter joins the Ban Alex Jones Movement , Removing Him from their Platform and so Completely Silencing his Voice Now in the Public Arena of Debate on the Internet !

in informationwar •  2 months ago

So since Alex Jones has showed up on Capitol Hill for the Investigations called for by Trump on why Conservative veiwpoints are being silenced through " shadow banning " techniques imposed by the algorithims that control who sees what and how !! Things got alot worse for Alex Jones and the Conservative voice in America as he rather typically set about attacking and confronting the bad players in this silencing and removal of his news network Infowars from the Net ! Resulting in him being now also removed from Twitter which was the only social media platform to not ban him like Facebook, Youtube and similar social media web sites !

So with this Free Speech is taken away to further never seen before levels where evidently if you call out somebody on any of these platforms directly or not and anybody deems that action as being unfair or what could be remotely considered as hate speech, well then the thought police with no face will deal with you and your account and you will find yourself like Alex Jones removed from the arena of debate ! Now I can hear you all already, saying that Alex Jones is a loud mouth and has no sense of decorum when talking to others and that its a good thing to have this disruptive man removed from the platfroms ! But then if you are saying this then you should consider that its him today and possibly and even likely you tomorrow further down the line ! But its sure once you accept Draconian censorship of peoples right to free expression as being somehow normal and allowed, well then its the very slippery slope into tyranny which is waiting for us all !


Here are three videos which will give you the ins and outs of this event which I think we should all as free individuals should be taking extremely seriously as if we do all allow free speech to be shut down by this sort of open tyranny by meglomanical autocratic companies then what sense of future can any of us expect to have when we were not there to defend it in the beginning of its take down !?

"Don't touch me ! " Marco Rubio and Alex Jones Clash !

Guardian News
Published on 5 Sep 2018

Rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has clashed with Republican Senator Marco Rubio after a US congressional hearing on social media and elections. The Infowars host heckled Rubio, calling him a ‘frat boy,’ a ‘little punk’. It appeared that Jones was attempting to disrupt proceedings on Capitol Hill, telling reporters that he was there to ‘face my accusers’. Jones’ Infowars program has been suspended from Twitter and Facebook for what Facebook said was hate speech and bullying

The War on Honesty: Twitter Bans Alex Jones and Infowars for Conducting Actual Journalism

Published on 6 Sep 2018

Twitter dislikes it when people who aren't controlled by a multinational firm dare to question the actions, beliefs,and character of public officials and corporate pundits:

Delete Your Twitter Today

Computing Forever
Published on 7 Sep 2018

Twitter post: Alex Jones banned:

Sheryl Sandberg and Jack Dorsey Testify on Capitol Hill:

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars Hit With 12 Hour Twitter Ban:


Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever much appreciated in the comment section below !



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