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in inequality •  last year

The new economy tends to lead to strong monopolies
Like Facebook,amazon,alibaba,uber,and so on
What about crypto currency's will there be one "winner who takes it all"
The consequences are dramatic
All the "second winners "will be pushed out of business and the inequality will only get worse

99% of the people will belong to the "second winner group"
Old style politics has no answer to this question

How to go forward when the new economy has no jobs for us
The lucky 1% should find a solution will they be targeted or will they escape with there billions
Or will they become philanthropists to save at least something

If the normal people can't live a decent life
They will not elect politicians from the old party's
Will it lead into chaos?
Who has the answers ?

Evan Davis explains about the newspeak in politics
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The new economy is here at steemit.


Yes Thanx for your investment:)

I admire him from the first day that he started doing business!


His presentation is great

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