The Deed of donkey sale

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I steemians!
I am going to tell you a chinese moral story that i heard in my school days, hope you like it



In China an egotistical person lived in a town, who thinks himself as genius, brilliant person in the whole world. Even though people believed him as genius so they called him “Doctor.”

Once the man went to the market to buy a donkey, he looked several donkeys and he had chosen one of them and asked the seller for sale deed document. Poor seller was illiterate, he sold several donkeys but never made any sale deed so far.

He said "Doctor I am an illiterate person, how can I write a deed, you have great knowledge of writing so please write one deed."

The Doctor was proud, he thought that’s a good chance to show off his knowledge, and he agreed to write the deed.

He started writing, when he finished one whole page, the seller asked "Dr.! have you finished the deed"

"No!, Not yet, you please hold on, I just finished the first page and I haven't come to the point about your donkey yet" the doctor was busy with writing.

Poor seller was waiting patiently until he finished. After a long time the doctor said "I have written a great essay for this deed, you never heard before like this" he started to read his own written deed loudly so that everyone hear his essay.

The seller heard his essay but did not satisfy his deed, he said: "How could you write a long deed that have three pages and without even mentioning a word "Donkey" ? also you should should mention the date of sale and transaction amount of money, and without these how could you call its a sale deed? "

People who watching this laughed at the doctor. The doctor felt embarrassed, he put his head down and walked away with his donkey without deed.




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Nice story @jyoti-thelight

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donkey is better than the doctor