India: Floods In Kerala, 324 Death Toll & Rising. Here's How You Can Help!

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Indian state of Kerala is in a state of emergency due to the death and destruction caused by cloudburst and heavy rains. Parts of state of Karnataka including highways leading to my city of Mangalore are badly effected due to the rage of monsoon. Kerala however is in a terrible state as the cyclonic situation has destroyed life and property leaving over 215,000 people stranded and more than 324 dead.



Massive flooding and landslides have consumed villages and destroyed thousands of home. You can search for live updates on Google. But for now I request you to take some time out of your lives and donate if you can.

You can donate directly to the Official Relief Fund with link below OR

People from the United States can Donate via FB which has received good support so far (200+k)

Thanks to @ashwinrajt for sharing above donation link with me. You can also check his post for details on this situation.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 6.33.45 PM.png

Please Share: My friend is handling and they are in dire need of Project Managers for co-ordinating rescue and relief aid operations. If you or someone you know can assist with this please get in touch with them through the following means:

  1. Github -
  2. Invite to Slack - - This will allow direct communication with the team.

Please connect with them directly via slack as they are in the best position to explain their requirements.

"KeralaRescue is an initiative by Govt. of Kerala, Kerala State IT Mission and IEEE Kerala Section for effective collaboration and communications between authorities, volunteers and public."

Thank you!

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Feeling very sad for the hundreds of victims,may the souls who died in this calamities rest in peace.You all are doing great job by rescuing them,I would love to donate little steem through you for the victims,if you give me the permission .


I would love to donate little steem through you for the victims, if you give me the permission.

Sure. I will get it done. Thank you.


Thanks,I am sending 10steem token for the welfare of victims,though the amount is very little in today price,but at least ten children can take breakfast.


Any help counts. No big or small here. Thank you.


you can send your contribution by following these methods also....

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India: Floods In Kerala, 324 Death Toll & Rising. Here's How You Can Help! #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit @Steemit

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Thank you! :)

Kerala is a heavenly place where Mother Nature did not spare her generosity.
It is sad to see these images and know that the population is going through such a situation.

Situation is worse in Kerala. Let's do the possible things together.

Yes, the flood situation in the state of Kerala is really grim. Many people lost their lives and property. I would like to thank @firepower for circulating the news and providing the link to support the state Kerala in this situation.

Too much trouble shared a post. Your post has fallen out of my eyes for reading this post. Those who have been affected or killed by the danger they may go to heaven. I pray from my heart.I love the Indian province so much so that so many people died that I have a lot of trouble, sir is suffering so much that can help a lot because we are not Bangladeshi we can do anything


Really pathetic and miserable circumstances....
You can send your contribution too...

I wish that the flood stop immediately.And the people live happily.

Sad for flood😞

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Pray for Kerela


Do for Kerala



Helping hand to the Kerala flood affected areas people in huming being.

There have been so pathetic situation....Please do your little contribution for the humanity......We will die one day.....but humanity cant die....

I appeal to all to send funds and help those who are affected if possible, directly.

we in kerala need food, vegetables, clothes, medicines and other essential items asap. please do not send money to officials because it wont reach the people.

I am one whose land has been flooded so I know how bad it is. This is just my opinion. It will take days to get pure drinking water....


please send your funds..........

thanks for your post please help the victims of the flood

This is so sad. I am with Kerala people. I am going to donate my one day salary to the state government disaster fund. My office colleagues are also planning the same thing. Perhaps our little efforts may save someone's life.
I also salute army, rescue workers and everyone who is working for flood relief work there. May God show mercy on flood affected people.

@draboq is posting some interesting medical facts on Steemit, I am the first guy to do so, i hope you enjoy