My Home State is Sinking , Here is how you can help !

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Hello Friends across the globe, “Kerala” a south “Indian” state and my home state, is in the midst of a catastrophic flood and landslide due to heavy rainfall. More than 300+ people are dead and over 60,000 people have left homeless.

Red alert issued in 13 of the 14 districts. Most of the places are flooded including airports, hospitals, schools . Only way to rescue is by air or by boats, people are trapped in their own houses with out food, drinking water and electricity. Most of the houses/buildings the ground floor is completely flooded.


1500+ relief camps have been setup. Local volunteers have joined hands with Army, Navy, Coast Guard, NDRF( National Disaster Response Force) for rescue efforts and providing water/food. Support is coming in, but still there are lot of people stranded no way to communicate with their small kids & old parents hoping someone will rescue.


The preliminary assessment indicates that nearly 20,000 houses have been fully damaged and nearly 10,000 kilometres of roads are damaged, Crops damaged, 100+ homes completely destroyed. The preliminary loss is One Billion USD +


Here is how you could help to support people of Kerala and help them rebuild.!!

Options to Donate

  1. Directly Donate via Chief Minister's Official Relief Fund with link below
  2. Upvote this post, 100% of this post payout would be donated to official Kerala Chief Minsters relief fund.
  3. Donate via FB which has received good support so far 200+k - Donation supported from most countries
  4. Donate Steem/SBD

Crytpoworld, Let's shower some love to people of “Kerala , aka Gods own Country”

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35 dams out of 42 in the State is overflowing and had to be opened to release excess water.





The average annual rainfall for Kerala is nearly 115.12inches (2924.3 millimetres) by contrast US gets 30.21 inches (767 millimetres) just to get an idea .This is the ‘normal’ (the long-term average of 50 years). But this year, from 1 June (the onset of the South-West monsoon in India) to 15 August 2018, Kerala has received excess rainfall of 37%




Thank you!

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Well articulated post, brother. I'm from Kerala too(From Idukki). Let's continue to do the things together. Hopefully rain has started to subside.


Lets hope for the best , rain has calm down now but long way to recovery.

Praying for the dear ones, re-blogging this post...


Thank you , most people are rescued now. But but still some are left now starts the real work to rebuild.


And.... Namaste... I'm @firepower's mom! :) Are you staying at Canada at present?


I know you Geetha Aunty from Meghans post :) . Thank you for your support, i see people in Coorg are also affected. Yes I am living in Canada with my family , my parents are back home in Kerala.

Hola amigo, soy de Venezuela y me siento muy identificada contigo porque en el sur de mi país está sucediendo lo mismo. Suerte!!!!!!


Best wishes, thanks