Why India Needs A Sex Revolution (Part 1) - Hypocrisy & Social Stigma Around Sex

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Talking about sex in India, for the most part, is like inviting trouble right on your doorstep. Fueled with hypocrisy and shame in their eyes for teens and young adults, leaders in India surely don't let us forget that they still exist.

It's ironic how people in the 2nd most populated country of the world still consider sex as a taboo topic, while almost all the other developed countries that we look up to as ideals have already gained freedom of sexual expression.

It's shameful how we live in a country where rape criminals roam free but people who just want to be intimate with their consensual partners are punished, looked down upon, and publicly humiliated by the society.

A lot of young folks like me try to raise our voices to bring light to this topic so we can start up conversations, but most of us are shunned out by our parents because they fear social judgment and being treated like an outcast.

Indian Parents, Politicians, and Hypocrisy

For some reason, Indian parents think even talking about sex with their children will "ruin" them. What's funny is that these same parents will force their children to have kids as soon as they get married.

This fact alone annoys me so damn much. How can you expect your children to have kids on command if you never even gave them the chance or freedom to teach themselves about sex or STDs in the first place? Let alone teaching them about it yourself.

What's even more disturbing is that they expect this from couples who had an arranged marriage and who don't know each other that well enough. It's almost like, "Got married? Your next task is to shoot out a kid from inside you in the next 9 months."

Almost every single Indian parent gives the same excuse for not talking or letting their children talk about sex openly, because "it's not culturally appropriate."


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First of all, if a culture denies its people basic freedom of expression, including sexual expression, then it's time to rethink those cultural values. Secondly, it's not even our culture that denies us of sexual expression, but our hypocritical politics and political leaders.

Believe it or not, ancient India was extremely open about sex. So much so that we wrote the Kamasutra. Students used to be taught about sex in schools and it was seen as an essential element of being a human, as it is.

So, no. Our culture isn't what created this mess. The real problem is how our political leaders have molded our culture in the way that it is now. I'm not even kidding, some of our politicians even claim that rape is a consequence for girls who wear short dresses!

What's even worse is that these politicians have a strong following and as you guessed it, a lot of political power too. Their followers, naively so, believe in their leaders without ever doubting them which makes it harder for us to explain to them why they need a different perspective.


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Its progressing. They show kissing scenes in bollywood movies now days? I don‘t think india should look up to western consumerism, which means cheaply portrayed ideals of mainstream pop iconic vulgarisms. Globally, natural is the new esthetics of the sophisticated class. Believe me, i was born in the west and gender inequality fetish, open relationship etc. is making many forget about culture and family values. In fact india should probably try to get back to some of what it was before the 12th century AD. Looking at the bright side, for a country packing so many religions in one spot they are doing a great job?

I agree times are indeed changing, thanks to the open-minded people among us. But it's also true that we're still far from calling ourselves free from social stigma. We proudly call ourselves the largest democracy in the world, but what we don't share is how that democracy comes with a lot of strings attached.

There are a whole bunch of things that are completely legal, but you will still be shamed by society for doing/being them. Legal doesn't always mean socially accepted, especially not in the case of India.

People do try to make changes and there is definitely some positive growth, but we can't pretend that everything is all fun and rainbows while people get punished for doing something that should be considered completely normal.

I also agree that we need to stop romanticizing the western ideals so much. In fact, a lot of people from western countries are actually starting to live by Eastern philosophies. Perhaps the world is coming to some sort of equilibrium.

Thanks for your comment! Really appreciate it :)

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Good post my friend. well done.

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

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hieeee @ayushjalan
nice article you have discussed...
In today's era indians mentality is also trying but not so far, it will take time to change the our society.... even many schools starts giving knowledge about the sex, good touch n bad touch etc...
But i must say rape case is also increasing at an alarming rate.. In recent years, New Delhi has earned the title of “rape capital” of India. It is increasing due to less sex education, acceptance of domestic brutality, lethargic court system n many more....

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Indeed. I've talked to some of my friends and classmates about it and as far as I can tell, there is definitely some change in people's mindset, especially in the case of girls as they seem to be more progressive about it.

The sooner we start educating people about it, the sooner we can see favorable statistics.