Idea: When I have run out of voting-power, there should be a way I could BUY a BOOST to get it back up to 100% again

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It would be trivial to have more opportunities in regards of VotingPower/SteemPower. For example - I would love to be able to push the slider up to 500 % or more and drain my power quickly by giving a power-upvote from time to time when I see something awesome.

Also - as the title suggest - When I run out of voting-power, I would maybe like to buy some more instead of waiting for the time it takes to recharge the batteries.

An Invitation to think outside the box

A vote is worth exactly what it is worth so what if I could buy $10 worth of upvote by sending $10 to @null for example, maybe other solutions - unused voting-power from other users, could it be put on the market in a slick way?

We all wish to be able to give a whale-vote from time to time - could the entire system be monetized in every joint of the skeleton, would it be a good or bad idea?

Now these are the thoughts that hunt me every night when I am about to go to sleep :)

Tell me what you think or re-think about the voting-system in the comments below :)


Great Post!

I like the idea of tipping or giving members a boost vote. My vote is worth very little so I have program wherein I send SBD to all the best comments on my posts. So far this month I've given over 60 SBD. Spread the wealth!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

wow, that is super-awesome of you @knus-knee

Who is @asshole? He is downvoting almost every post for last some days.

yeah, he just flagged my post :( what an @asshole :(

He's a bot which is "Proof of concept" so people talk about it. He doesn't make real dent in anything because he doesn't have the reputation points or steempower to do it. He's nothing more than a pest, and nothing worth talking about. He just wants to be talked about.. and by us doing it, is exactly what he wants. He's looking for attention. Don't give it to him.

so true, so true. Better to just ignore him.

It's an awesome idea

I love debating with you frystikken. The problem I have is that you give an equal 2% of voting power to all posts without cherry picking certain ones. For instance. I'm not a regular poster. In the last 9 days I only posted once. You came by and gave me a 2% upvote. I don't know how to take that. :) Your post here is about moving the slider. Shouldn't you be concentrating your votes instead of trying to vote too much? I'm a person where if you don't vote on me, I'm ok with it... But if you do vote on my post, I'd like more than a standard 2% upvote because it seems so impersonal. I will continue to read your content and think well of you. But my recommendation is don't upvote me with 2%.. save that little 2% for someone else and give them 4%.. that might help. :) BTW.. was fun talking to you on mumble today. Look forward to our next interaction. Keep up the good work.

It has actually been on 5% for a couple of days ;)
Need to re-charge the batteries again now, lol. But I do upvote 100% manually - re-vote if I read the article and say WOW!.

My little vote-for-everyone project is to analyze to see if the posting-activity increases, which so far it shows that it does. @wang is also doing something similar, but is a couple hundred accounts behind me on the #accounts voted for.

It is an experiment for sure.

Good to know. Its like the devil on one shoulder telling me to churn out posts for money, and the angel on the right shoulder that says "intelliguy, only post something worthwhile". I've been sticking with the angel this far.. it doesn't mean I'm stupid and don't know how to make money. I just wait for the right time to have something to say... and get appreciated for doing it apparently. I see value in a lot of people.. and that's why I came by to see you tonight. But do me a favor, and it's an honest request. I don't want a 2% or 5% upvote from you. If it isn't 50% or better, then either ignore me or downvote me. I only want you upvotes if you like my content. :) Talk to you again later... You have a lot to offer in chat/mumble/discord/etc ... we'll talk later.

we´ll do :) Have a good one!

Ah, OK. Now I get it. I was surprised to find your upvote on some shady posts like this one, I already wondered if it was a bot gone wild or if you agreed with it.

Sounds like a good proposal. And another way for devs to get some funds for mainatining the steem price or to make other projects !

if it can only be used for upvotes and not purged by whales downvotes (because it is money put in) then I see no harm in it personally, we need some devious minds that can explain how it can be gamed for evil and eliminate that part ;)

Exactly, everything starts from an idea. But from idea to put in practice sometimes you get another idea and so on. We can always polish , polish and again polish.

Yeah, we need to keep using our brains and re-think, re-fine, re-pair ;) At least make sure everything is always in good shape, and if it can become better - let us make it better - if it is already best, let us not make it worse :)

Never stop thinking ;)

Interesting Idea. Maybe only have it do that 1 or 2 times max to recharge your vote power. I think Guilds would collude and keep paying to recharge their votes if there wasn't a limit.

hmm, yeah - could make it so you could not do it too often... got to think a bit more about that one. I like your ideas.

Interesting! This seems do-able.

Good idea.

I like the idea that the Steem blockchain could be selling a product like extra voting power and use the funds to help pay for future development. To prevent abuse we could limit the number of power vote each person could buy and/or put a premium on it. For example a vote worth $10 would cost the user $12 to buy.

a 20% Premium make sense. We just got a new guy to blog here on steemit, and I would like to give him a $6 upvote, but... I can promote him with $6 - but that does not benefit the new user.

Exactly even with a $6 promotion if nobody votes on the post then the user gets nothing. And if you decide to send him $6 in SBD than your money doesn't help his post getting more views.

I think that Is an excellent idea @fyrstikken! Definitely I think that the money from the "power vote" should be locked away and not put back onto the market...As to burn more steem, and also encourage voting for greater content...I like the way you think big guy:)

well, the power-vote would go to the blogger who posted and got the power-vote. Lets imagine that you are the blogger and I like what you read so much that I want to give you a $6 vote. But I can only give you a $0.15 vote because that is how my steempower dictates.

Oh okay...I understand now...So more of like a "steem tip" in a way, but just emphasizing the actual function of the steempower vote...Excellent! I still think that it is a fantastic idea:)

Good post!

what if I could buy $10 worth of upvote by sending $10 to @null for example

This sounds like something that could easily be abused considering the way votes multiply and give other rewards depending on previous votes.

unused voting-power from other users, could it be put on the market in a slick way?

I like this idea more, but that also depends on the investors that don't vote if they approve of their voting power being sold to be used.

depends on the investors that don't vote if they approve of their voting power being sold to be used.

he would have to put it up for sale on the market and could not have a saying in it since he has voluntarily done so.

I like the idea of power upvote, it will have an interesting effect on payouts. Buying voting power is a no for me. I can't see what's the point of me loosing money so I can upvote.
If you really like a post just send some steem to the author.

I think it gives an advantage to the post if you can see someone is willing to pay extra money for a vote. If you send money to the author directly it will only affect him and nobody will see it.
Of course we would need a way to separate normal payout and Power vote payout so other reader can spot the difference.

wow thats interesting especially that it would burn SBD which makes it even better for the platform

Great idea sir @fyrstikken, I happen to have to work at half machine so I do not exhaust my resources, this would be a good solution

I like this idea @fyrstikken! I can't wait to see if will be put in practice!

I totally agree about changeing the voteing power , most of us have 0 to begin with ! And I tend to upvote to much without even noticeing it ! Being able to buy more power would be an asset , and great ides ! Its the best idea in fact since ive been here in 6 months ! Thanks for shareing ! Good luck ! 👍😉

I love that Idea.

Could be a interesting idea also thanks for the support upped back.

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