100 years after that 'false flag' called 'The Lusitania', we have learned nothing, and are being lead to war once more

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The sinking of The Lusitania in the context of 911, and WWIII
We are coming up to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania, just off the Irish coast, on May 7th 1915.
We are also speeding towards the end of those liberties and freedoms which were won at such cost by our forebears, and given up so easily, by us, to the ‘Jew’ World Order.
Like every other ‘reason’ given before or since, for the occupied U.S.A government to ignore its own Constitution, and international law, and engage in official or unofficial war with nations that had never posed any threat to it, the sinking of the Lusitania was a ‘false flag’.
In this case a joint U.S-British false flag. Yes folks, the Lusitania was sunk by strategically positioned charges exploded at a discrete, observed, and documented interval after the German torpedoes had hit the Lusitania. We’ll consider the details of this particular false flag in a moment. But first let’s consider this ‘false flag’ in the context of the other, now proven, ‘false flags’.
The current list of ‘false flags’ that we know of include the U.S.S Maine, the Lusitania, the U.S.S Liberty (a joint U.S-Israeli false flag), The Oklahoma City Bombing, and 911 (another U.S-Israeli false flag).
These have all been documented and proven to be Incidents in which the U.S government murdered and maimed large numbers of its own citizens and military personnel, in order to trick its public into wars. Wars in which U.S citizens were maimed and killed. Wars in which U.S citizens were tricked into murdering and maiming millions of men, women, and children. Wars which have bankrupted the U.S.A, leaving the working American indebted to the tune of Trillions of dollars. Leaving other nations with trillions of dollars in damages, not to mention the immense suffering, misery, and destruction. Wars which continue. And which will ultimately lead to a WWIII in which the U.S.A will be totally transformed from the vision of its founders, into the ‘Jew.S.A’, with all the typical qualities of ‘Zionist Jewish’ occupation as seen in the former ‘Jew’.S.S.R.
Add to this ‘faked’ ‘incidents’ that never actually occurred, like the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident used to ‘justify’ the U.S war crimes against Vietnam, the infamous WOMAD hoax used to justify two wars, and millions of deaths, including the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, and the many faked ‘mass shootings’ like ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘The Boston Marathon’, ‘The Miami nightclub’, and the like, along with the faked ‘terrorist’ truck incident in Nice, and you have the list of ‘excuses’ as to why the U.S government has totally ignored international law, and its own Constitution, in not only committing war crimes, but in systematically dismantling the legal rights and protections of its own people, as supposedly guaranteed under the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Rights that the U.S Constitution supposedly guarantees its own people have been simply dismissed over and over.
And acts that the U.S Constitution forbids its own people from committing against other nations have been carried out, systematically, over and over.
Like the U.S.S Maine, ‘Gulf of Tonkin’, and 911, the Lusitania 'false flag' was used as a nominal 'justification' for war. Even though the U.S constitution strictly forbids such ‘foreign entanglements’.
In the case of the U.S.S Liberty false flag, President Johnson had intended declaring war on Egypt, after blaming the attack on Egypt. However this false flag did not go to plan, and the plan had to be scrapped at the last minute, and the victims sworn to secrecy.
The Lusitania false flag ‘succeeded’. The U.S public were convinced by a massive broad spectrum propaganda campaign that an innocent passenger liner had been sunk by ‘in-human’ ‘war criminals’. The old ‘Hun’ was back to his evil ways of cutting off the hands of children, nailing people to crosses, and raping and murdering and looting its way across Europe once more. It was a huge propaganda stunt. A huge ‘dis-info war’ victory. It gave the U.S declaration of war the gloss of ‘legality’ and ‘morality’. It gave the U.S leaders some superficially nominal ‘Constitutional’ ground for the declaration of war as ‘self defence’. It gave the ‘hawks’ a way to superficially ‘dress up’ their lust for violence and war profiteering in the ‘cloak’ of patriotism, nobility, and morality.
The Lusitania false flag was the beginning, in the U.S.A, of the demonisation campaign against Germany, and Germans, which continues to this day with ‘The Holocaust’. This propaganda campaign continues in almost every supposed ‘history’ book concerning WWI and WWII. More importantly, it continues with an endless stream of Hollywood movies that demonise Germans, especially the ‘Nazi’s’ and Adolf Hitler. The Germans were in fact forced to ‘accept’ 100% ‘guilt’ for WWI, and WWII. And to ‘accept’ ‘The Holocaust’ propaganda as ‘historical fact’. And today the Zionist occupational governments of Germany, France, Canada, and most of the E.U nations will impose huge fines and long prison sentences on anyone who dares contradict this propaganda. Whether they are an 84 year old woman, or a famous Historian.
Today we are faced with the same sort of demonisation of Islam and Arabs, by the very same means, namely blaming them for the 911 false flag and other new atrocities actually committed by the U.S and Israel.
The long planned reason for all these false flags will soon become apparent, as we are all, once more, tricked by the same ‘Jewish’ Banksters responsible for WWI and WWII, and Vietnam, and the Iraq war, and all the other war crimes committed by the world’s number one terrorist organisation NATO, into killing each other in a new world war. WWIII. The war that the Zionist ‘Jews’ have planned since before WWI. The war that will bring about their ‘Jew’ World Order.
In WWI, the aim of Britain was merely to eliminate an economic competitor it could not compete with, by normal economic and industrial means. The aim of France was to ‘avenge’ relatively recent German victories against France, and gain the balance of power on the European Continent. The aims of the various smaller nations was to gain territory, and in many cases to establish entirely new nation states.
The combatants in WWI all had their own war aims, territorial, economic, and political. They were all keen for war. They all expected to win a war that would last no longer than 6 months. In fact the Banksters had set up the finances of each nation to, they thought, guarantee that no war power could possibly wage war for longer than this.
The declaration of war made by Germany, before the other major war powers, was simply a reflection of the logistics of mobilization, rather than indicating any greater or lesser aggression or desire for war on its part. And therefore guilt, or responsibility for the war, or its consequences. Let alone its financial costs.
Germany was compelled to declare war first by strictly logistical constraints. If it declared war first, this was only as a function of its particular mobilization logistics. It was not evidence of any greater desire for war, aggression, nor moral culpability for the war.
The Germans have always behaved more humanely than their enemies, and always within the boundaries of international law, as far as they could, given their enemies violations of such laws, and humanity.
The German declaration of war, before Britain or France, was merely a legal and logistical technicality.
In fact other nations mobilized before Germany. And everyone involved in the military planning at that time understood that mobilization meant war. Once mobilization had begun, it was virtually impossible to stop, without risking annihilation at the hands of the ‘enemy’.
The later peace offers made by Germany during WWI were rejected, as they did not satisfy the other combatants war aims. The reasons they had mobilized for war. The reasons they had continued fighting long after Germany had been willing and ready to agree to peace.
Churchill almost unilaterally rejected German peace offers during WWII, on orders from his Zionist ‘Jewish’ financiers. At least half his own cabinet, and the majority of the British public, were in favor of accepting Hitler’s generous peace offers. Churchill had to go to great lengths to ensure that the public, and his own cabinet, were never allowed to even read, let alone consider, subsequent peace offers made by Hitler to Britain, for fear that they would accept them. He was working for his Zionist ‘Jewish’ Banksters who financed his lavish lifestyle. He was never a ‘leader’ of the Britons. In fact he didn’t even give his own radio addresses, and ran away from London, or deep into his bunker, at the slightest hint of risk to his own person. He committed the first deliberate bombings of civilians in WWII.
Just like Britain was the first to violate international law, and the law of the seas, in WWI, by laying sea-mines, and forming a total blockade of Europe. The German submarine blockade of Britain was a response to this. As a matter of necessity. In the same way that, after the ‘Jews’ officially declared war on Germany, and imposed an international trade embargo on German exports (which meant it could not import the food and raw materials it required for its mere survival), Germany began rounding up the ‘enemy combatants’ and placing them in work camps and concentration camps. No different to the way in which families of Japanese descent were rounded up and placed in work camps and concentration camps in America.
The Lusitania was a ‘success’ from the point of view of its planners. It provided a nominal, superficially ‘legal’ and ‘legitimate’ excuse to declare war on Germany.
It provided a brilliant propaganda coup that could be exploited around the world to demonise the Germans as in-human monsters and war criminals.
Of course, just like with WOMAD and 911, the decision to go to war with Germany had been decided long in advance by the ‘Jewish’ Banksters in the U.S.A.
The false flag was just the last act in a chain of decisions and manipulations intended to produce the desired outcome.
The actual sinking of the Lusitania by the U.S or Britain was merely a nominal, superficial excuse for war. The real reasons, like the reasoning behind all current political events, remain secret. Only to be uncovered by investigative writers like myself, at great personal cost, risk, effort, sacrifice, frustration, and determination. The best of us have been imprisoned, and heavily fined. Many of us have lost jobs, and ruined their careers, simply for trying to inform the public of what is going on.
It is true that German submarines torpedoed the Lusitania. But what was the Lusitania? It was presented to the world's media public as a peaceful passenger vessel, carrying non-combatant civilians, and thus never a legitimate target for a German torpedo.
However the facts reveal a totally different reality. The Lusitania was a vessel listed among the British war ships by the British Admiralty and War department. It was fitted out for war, and had been ordered to attack German military vessels. All so called 'Merchant Marine Vessels' were in fact under military orders to attack German vessels. They formed an integral part of the war effort. They could not be considered ‘non-combatants’ or ‘civilian’.
In other words the Lusitania was a military vessel, which also happened to carry civilians who had been placed on the ships as 'human shields' and propaganda resources.
All the passengers on the Lusitania had been explicitly been warned by the German government, in the U.S and British newspapers, that this vessel would be sunk by German submarines. The Lusitania was a British military vessel, and legitimate military target.
In any case it was not German torpedoes that sunk the Lusitania. In fact the ‘unsinkable’ Lusitania, we are supposed to believe, was sunk, in 18 minutes, by one single German torpedo. Given the propaganda costs of sinking this ship with over a thousand passengers, the Germans had no intention of loss of life in their attack. They targeted this single torpedo carefully to sink the ship, while giving the passengers adequate time to escape in life boats. Thus they had waited until the Lusitania was 9 miles off the coast of Britain. The construction of the Lusitania was well known to the Germans. Its bulkheads and compartmentalization would have allowed the Germans to sink the ship with little if any loss of life. This would have been their intention. However they could never have been expected to anticipate that the Americans and British would blow up their own ship, intentionally murdering as many of their own people as possible, to gain the greatest propaganda value from the German attack.
Which crew members of the U.S.S Liberty could have expected they would be sacrificed in the same way by their own President Johnson personally?
Which of the Pentagon officials or workers in the WTC, or Oklahoma city federal building would ever have expected that their own President, their own Intelligence agencies, and their own military, would murder them in a propaganda stunt aimed at giving the government an excuse to eliminate the Constitutional rights of their citizens to gun ownership (to defend against the exact tyranny these acts represented and were intended to establish), or to Habeas Corpus, or to rights to freedom of speech?
Which of them ever suspected they would be sacrificed by their own occupied government to legitimate further war crimes? To force U.S citizens to fight wars for a foreign power that had, through financial corruption of the U.S Congress, and total full spectrum media domination (that gave their propaganda free hand to brainwash the entire population), literally 'occupied' their nation?
So why would naive German military commanders ever expect that their enemies would take advantage of the German attack to blow up, and murder, hundreds of their own citizens?
Don't take my word for it. Do your own 'research'. Like most 'facts' that contradict the 'official fictions', the 'propaganda', these facts can be discovered by anyone actually interested in 'facts'.
Few people are interested in 'facts'. Often because it makes them uncomfortable. And because knowing these facts, and worse, sharing them, comes at such a high personal cost, in terms of career suicide, huge fines, and often long prison terms.
So when you wonder , hey, if all this were true, surely millions of people would be shouting it out loud from the rooftops, from every television station, every radio station, every newspaper, consider the huge personal and financial costs involved in speaking out. And remember that most of the mass media you pay attention to, with its huge budget presentations and professional actors, are owned and controlled by the same people who would be summarily ‘expelled’ from every advanced nation, if the truth about them were to become ‘common knowledge’. Just as has happened hundreds of times throughout history, around the world.
So most people who 'know' the 'facts' keep them to themselves. Those naïve authors like myself, when they try to 'publish' these, their books are rejected by the owners of the publishing houses, newspapers, and television stations. They are placed on 'black lists'. They cannot even self-publish their books on Apple I-books, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or Draft2Digital.
Often they suddenly find themselves being 'investigated' for totally unrelated activities, and/or being 'audited' by the IRS.
Writing a book or article or movie script that reinforces the 'welcome' fictions and reproduces the propaganda will ensure you a lucrative publishing deal, writing career, and success. Thus every year the old lies are reproduced in new forms. The most lucrative career move is to engage in 'Shoa' Business. The multi-billion dollar industry based on the world biggest lie, 'The Holocaust'. So don't expect to be published if you write a great book or film script about 'The Lusitania', unless your script or book reproduces the propaganda, and demonizes Germany and Germans as 'Huns'. The modern replacement term for 'Goys'. Non-humans in the shape of humans. Beasts.
But back to the truth about the Lusitania. The massive loss of life was due to a deliberate failure to launch any lifeboats.
A huge explosion, unrelated to the German torpedoes, totally destroyed the 'unsinkable' vessel from within. Just like with the U.S.S Maine. Just like the WTC during the joint U.S-Israeli 911 attacks on the WTC.
These are just some of the many facts you, like I, never came to hear about. Until the explosion of information offered by the internet, and the brave souls who literally observe the motto 'Publish AND be damned'.
There are parallels between the Lusitania and all the other 'false flags' that have occurred since. Parallels in the ways the false flags were carried out. And in the way they were ‘milked’ for all the propaganda value they were worth. They were in fact carried out as propaganda stunts. To lay blame against anyone the Zionist ‘Jews’ wanted to destroy. To demonise. To make war with. To control.
The 911 attacks were used, like the Lusitania, to 'justify' wars that had no legal or Constitutional basis. As in all 'war time' situations, these lead to the total elimination of the very principle of ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ for the U.S, French, and German citizens.
In the case of 911 and the later false flags and faked terrorist attacks, this suspension of all Constitutional rights and liberties came in the form of 'The Patriot Act' and 'State of Emergency' laws in the West.
What should no longer shock me is that the simple, clear facts about the Lusitania have been kept from us for a century. These facts demonstrate a clear pattern in the actions of the 'shadow government' which has been manipulating reality to drive us, like the literal dumb beats the ‘Jews’ define us as, to fight and kill each other, for at least over a century.
In April 1917 the U.S declared war on Germany. Why? The majority of U.S citizens had Germanic ancestry, and were opposed to any involvement in the war. The U.S constitution strictly forbade such 'foreign entanglements'. At no time was the U.S threatened by Germany in any way. There was thus not basis in international law for the U.S to declare war on Germany.
The notion that America was forced to ensure 'freedom of the seas' after Germany began its campaign of submarine warfare was, and has always been, heavily pushed by the full spectrum propaganda machine of the Zionist 'Jews'.
At the time this propaganda was limited to radio broadcasts, and newspapers.
These forms of mass media were dominated and owned by the Jewish bankers who had made heavy investments in the European war. They had bought and sold bonds for the British government, which would have become worthless should Britain lose the war. These bankers would lose vast amounts of money should Germany win this war. Britain and France would have a terrible time trying to repay their huge war loans to the Banksters in the U.S and Europe.
The timing of the Lusitania false flag was key to understanding what happened. At the time of the sinking of the Lusitania (from internal detonations unrelated to the torpedo attack of the Germans), there was a general consensus in the U.S and Britain that Britain would be forced to surrender, within a few weeks, due to the German submarine blockade of Britain. No supplies were getting into Britain, the Island nation.
But here is the key point that most of us were never made aware of. The fact that turns the official propaganda version of history, the one that demonizes Germany, on its head.
Why were German submarines breaking international law, and sinking merchant ships, and imposing a blockade on Britain? What is more defining of ‘Germans’ than a respect for law and order?
Always and everywhere 'Jews' provoke fights, and then when their opponents fight back, they scream, in all the world's media, that they are being 'attacked'.
They did this as recently as 1967, when they claimed in the world's media that they had been attacked by their Islamic, Arab, neighbors. A lie since debunked and disproven by even official Israeli military chiefs and official Israeli historians.
The German blockade of Britain came only AFTER Britain imposed a blockade upon GERMANY. In direct contravention of all international law including the 'rules of war' that every nation had accepted up until that point in history. The idea behind these 'rules of war' were that wars were to have as little impact upon non-combatants as possible.
Germany had constantly sought to have the U.S and the rest of the world enforce international laws and force Britain to cease the blockade on Europe. However the entire world turned a deaf ear to Germany's legitimate demands.
Britain had, illegally, against all international laws and conventions, mined the sea routes on which the goods German civilians needed to carry out normal life would need to travel, before arriving at the ports through which these goods could be transported on to Germany.
The mines were of course 'ruthless' in that they did not distinguish between 'non-combatants' and military personnel. In other words they killed indiscriminately. They had been laid to form a blockade of Germany, to force Germany to surrender, by starving out its population of food and other raw materials.
Germany was almost totally dependent on imports of raw materials. In the same way as Britain was.
Germany survived by exporting manufactured goods to pay for the food and raw materials it had to import. So the blockade, like the later worldwide boycott of German products in the 1930s by the 'Jews', would have crippled and starved out Germany within a few years.
German ingenuity lead to new ‘ersatz’ materials that the Germans used as substitutes for the imports it was denied, and managed to survive and continue fighting on, despite the British Blockade. However the British were not so ingenious and creative.
In all cases in history it has been the Germans that were the most humane, and the Germans who always tried to respect international law and decency. Only to be demonized by the 'Jewish' propaganda machine, and thus demonized in all the official ‘histories’ of WWII, not to mention the mass media, and Hollywood, both of which have always been controlled and dominated by ‘Jews’.
It was Britain that began bombing German civilians, long before Germany retaliated in kind. It was Britain (and the 'Jews') who declared war on Germany, and blockaded and boycotted Germany, threatening its very survival, first, before Germany responded in kind.
It was in fact Russia that began mobilizing first, necessitating the immediate mobilization of Germany. It was pure chance that the mobilization timetables of the different war powers, all of whom had their own war aims, and were keen to begin battle, resulted in Germany being the first to cross their own frontiers, and thereby require, as good law abiding people, Germany to be the first to declare war.
And yet, after all the spoils of that readily awaited world war had been divided up between the winners, the victors insisted that Germany accept sole 100% responsibility for the entire war, including all the costs of that war, to all of its enemies in that war.
Not only were the reparations 'without limits', Germany was also forced to 'admit' to having behaved 'inhumanly' during the war. In other words Germany was forced to 'agree with' all the wartime propaganda that had been spread about it around the world. Thus demonizing the entire German nation.
Please take a moment to consider the implications of such facts in light of the 'Nuremberg show trials' in which Germany, again the loser, was forced to 'agree with' the Allied wartime propaganda concerning the alleged war crimes committed by its 'criminal military dictatorship'. These of course include the infamous and long debunked and disproven 'Holocaust'. Again, if you are not familiar with the ‘facts’ of ‘The Holocaust’, refer to the previous paragraphs on self-censorship of writers and publishers, due to the ‘Jewish’ occupation of YOUR nation.
Always it was Germany and Germans who took the first blows, before, with every legitimate justification, responding in kind.
Always it is the Germans who are blamed for starting the war, and for behaving 'inhumanly' and committing war crimes. Always it is the victors who impose these absurdly unfounded definitions upon Germany.
And Germans always tolerated these infamous blows. Bowing their heads and returning back to work, after being the VICTIM of war crimes. Suffering the slanderous libel without uttering a word. Today they will even put their fellow Germans in prison for daring to utter the truth about 'The Holocaust' or the Nazi's, or Hitler.
Remember the 'Jews' always claim to be 'victims', just like the U.S and Britain always claim to be 'the good guys'. If you read all my books, you will soon realise you have been fooled by the propaganda that has been force fed to you since birth. Just like I had been fooled. Before I was prompted to start doing some deeper research into the ‘official fictions’ and ‘state propaganda’ by 911.
So back to the Lusitania 'false flag', and the correspondences with more recent 'false flags' like the U.S.S Liberty (which failed in its aims), and WOMAD and 911 which succeeded in their aims.
At the time of the sinking of the Lusitania (by the U.S charges laid among her cargo), the U.S Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan was vehemently opposed to any U.S involvement in the European war. As were the majority of U.S citizens. This can be proven by the various 'polls' that were carried out at the time. There was no popular desire for 'foreign entanglements' which the U.S Constitution clearly forbade in any case.
Germany responded to the illegal British blockade of the continent of Europe, which was a direct and clear violation of international law, and the neutral rights on the high seas, by imposing its own blockade on Britain. Using much more humane and discriminate means. Submarine warfare. As compared to the totally indiscriminate sea mines which would sink ANY vessel that sailed the international waters surrounding Europe, where Britain had laid these mines, totally in violation of International law and ‘the law of the seas’.
As usual it was Britain that broke the rules. It was Britain that invaded. It was Britain that committed the war crimes. It was Germany who responded in kind. In self defence. It was Britain that was the aggressor. It was Britain that could, at any time, have walked away from every European continental war it was engaged in, without loss of its sovereignty. Of course this must apply 100 fold to the U.S.A.
German retaliation against sniper attacks carried out against German troops moving through Belgium were considered legitimate under the rules of war.
The German troops had never attacked any civilians until those ‘civilians’ had made cowardly attacks on the German troops. The Germany military had a reputation for honor and professionalism, and so the actions of German troops in Brussels (whose prosperity was mostly founded on inhuman atrocities in the Belgian Congo), did not enter into the equation when it came to U.S public opinion, or desire for war with Germany.
If it was German violation of a neutral nation that was the reason for the British declaration of war, in support of such lofty notions as ‘sovereignty’, then Britain will have to explain to me how their, and their allies violation of the sovereignty of neutral Greece was any different. Or Churchill’s attempted invasion of neutral Norway during WWII.
The fact was that U.S 'Jewish' Bankers, through their purchase of billions in government bonds of the British, the French, and their allies, meant that the 'Jews' were the ones who stood to lose anything, should Britain pull out of the war.
Britain was close to defeat in April 1917. The German submarine blockade, itself a response to the British sea-mine blockade of Europe, had proven immensely effective.
The U.S government, manipulated by its 'Jewish' bankers, was loathe to enforce the same rules of neutrality and international law against Britain as against Germany. It could have, at any time, removed the German submarine blockade of Britain by enforcing international law, and compelling Britain to remove its sea-mine blockade of Europe.
But of course it never considered doing so. For if it had done so, there would never have been a way to popularize a war with Germany. No matter how great the 'Jewish' propaganda against Germany might be, it would not be enough. What was needed was some 911, some Pearl Harbor ‘public opinion catalyzing event’. The death of Americans in some 'unprovoked' attack, which would rile the U.S masses to rage.
During the 911 attacks, around 3000 U.S citizens were killed. In fact in the sinking of the Lusitania, only 15% of those on board were U.S citizens. The numbers were wildly exaggerated in the 'Jewish' press, the eternal propaganda organ of the 'Jewish' Banksters.
John Bassett Moore, summed up the lack of any legal basis for the U.S entry into WWI as follows: 'What most decisively contributed to the involvement of the United States in the war was the assertion of a right to protect belligerent ships on which Americans saw fit to travel and the treatment of armed belligerent merchantmen as peaceful vessels. Both assumptions were contrary to reason and to settled law, and no other professed neutral advanced them.' In other words there was zero legal justification for the U.S declaration of war on Germany in 1917.
To paraphrase Moore, the U.S was treating armed British military ships as if they were neutral passenger liners. That passengers chose to ride in those ships was their own choice. They were informed and aware of what they were doing, and what risks they were taking, in choosing to be transported in ‘armed belligerent merchant vessels’. Calling a military vessel a ‘merchant marine’ was the equivalent of changing the ‘Department of War’ to the ‘Department of Defence’. It was pure propaganda. It didn’t change the actual facts. The Lusitania was a military vessel, armed, and with orders to attack German vessels.
There was no more a legal justification for the U.S.A to declare war on Germany after its attack on the Lusitania, than there was a legal justification for the U.S declaration of war on Spain after the 'U.S.S Maine' false flag, or the invasions of Iraq, or any of the more recent bombing campaigns in Libya, Yemen, or Syria.
There were no 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' in Iraq. The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was in fact legally justified by the fact that Kuwait had continued horizontal drilling of Iraqi oil from Kuwait. In fact the U.S and NATO had given Saddam Hussein ‘permission’ to invade Kuwait.
911 was carried out by the U.S and Israel, and not a single Muslim or Arab was involved.
'False flags' like the Lockerby air disaster (carried out by the U.S) are either carried out and blamed on the leadership the U.S 'Jews' want to overthrow (in that case Colonel Ghadafi), or the nation they wish to invade, such as 911 and Iraq.
False flags like the Oklahoma city bombing, and faked mass shootings like ‘Sandy Hook’ and ‘The Florida nightclub shootings’, were intended to demonise gun owners, patriots, Tea-Party members, and any U.S citizens who believed in the U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, and freedom of speech.
The ‘Patriot Act’, and equivalent ‘State of Emergency’ legislation in Europe, were all ‘justified’ by such false flags and faked terrorist attacks. The intention is to introduce censorship, to prevent the truth being discovered and communicated to the masses. Truth is Kryptonite to the Zionist ‘Jew’ World Order. Also to dis-arm the U.S population, all in preparation for the open declaration by the Zionist Occupational government of its occupation. The realisation of the ‘Jew’.S.A. Along with the same old ‘Jew’.S.S.R type gulags, mass executions (the Nazi’s were considered the true ‘liberators’ in the East, after the ‘Jewish’ lead Bolsheviks had murdered or imprisoned up to 20 million citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Czechoslovakia by the time the Germans reached the outskirts of Moscow), thought police, total censorship, and complete enslavement the victims of the ‘Jews’ suffered after the ‘Jewish’ revolution in Russia in 1917.
Most legal experts, and even the U.S public, understood that British merchant marine vessels were armed, and had orders to hunt down any submarines or other German vessels they came across. This meant that any submarine commander would be forced to assume that any vessel in the war zone was armed, and intent on its destruction. This made it necessary to attack any vessel it cited. To incapacitate it. However there had never been any reports of any efforts made to prevent the evacuation of any ship’s crew or any other passengers to life boats, nor any attacks ever made upon the lifeboats.
Compare this behavior to that of Israel in the attack on the U.S.S Liberty, and that of Soviet and Allied attacks on Germany passenger liners full of German refugees fleeing the advancing red army at the end of WWII.
So let's now attend to the largely unpublished facts about the 'sinking of the Lusitania, nine miles off the English coast on May 7, 1915.
The Lusitania was constructed with Government funds as an auxiliary cruiser. It was included in the navy list published by the British Admiralty. It was equipped for warfare with bases laid for the mounting of guns of six-inch caliber. If you have any experience with firearms, you will be impressed by the very aggressive nature of such weapons. To supply these 6 inch guns, the Lusitanian carried a cargo of 2,400 cases of rifle cartridges and 1,250 cases of shrapnel.
Why was the Lusitania referred to as a 'passenger ship' by all the U.S 'Jewish' propaganda newspapers and radio reports, when it was clearly an armed military vessel?
The Lusitania had ongoing orders to attack German submarines whenever possible.
Why were U.S passengers encouraged to board such a military vessel, travelling through hostile waters, after the German Government made every effort, through the U.S newspapers, with full page paid advertisements, to warn any non-combatant from ever boarding the Lusitania?
Seven hundred and eighty-five of 1,257 passengers, lost their lives as a result of blatantly disregarding the facts of the situation.
Can be even believe this figure? Given the recent proof of 'faked' mass shootings?
Assuming the casualties were real, we should next consider the following fact.
There were only 197 Americans officially on board. But like the passengers of those American Airline flights that supposedly perished, how many of these passengers can we assume ever boarded the Lusitania? Just as the co-conspirators of 911 faked the boarding passes of non-existent American Airline flights, the U.S and British authorities could easily have faked most of the casualties of the Lusitania.
128 of these 197 Americans were reported to have died. Nothing like the 80% of passengers falsely reported by the U.S 'Jewish' propaganda press.
To understand what happened we should recall that Winston Churchill was in charge at the Admiralty at the time of this false flag. It had become imperative for the U.S to enter WWI. Some ‘catalyzing’ ‘Pearl Harbor’ type event was seen as necessary to mobilize U.S public opinion against the Germans. Up until this point there had been little U.S popular support for U.S involvement in WWI. The Jewish press in the U.S, along with Hollywood, had been unable to manage to whip up any anti-German sentiment. And so a huge propaganda stunt had been arranged. As history tells us, this stunt, just like the 911 false flag, just like ‘The Gulf of Tonkin’ faked false flag, proved hugely successful in achieving their aims.
For reasons never given, the Lusitania’s destroyer escort H.M.S. Juno had been strangely instructed to abandon the Lusitania as the Lusitania approached Ireland.
This off course brings to mind the ‘stand down’ orders given by the U.S air force to fighter-interceptors during 911. That and the fact that President Kennedy’s security detail was inexplicably removed from his car just before he was shot. Note that it was his successor, President Johnson, who colluded with Israel in the U.S.S Liberty false flag.
Capt. William Turner was then ordered to ‘go slow’, along a path which the Admiralty knew for a fact would place the Lusitania ‘in direct danger’ of German submarines known to be in the area.
The Lusitania was well able to outrun any German submarines, however it was ordered to ‘go slow’.
It was ordered NOT to carry out the usual ‘zig-zag’ anti-submarine maneuvers.
Captain William Turner was well aware of the presence of the German submarines in the shallow waters off the Irish coast, and yet, inexplicably, he literally cruised directly into them.
The Captain had also, inexplicably, ordered the Lusitania’s portholes left open.
He had failed to order the lifeboats to be prepared, even after the Lusitania had been hit by the one torpedo the German submarine had launched.
In fact the crew of the Lusitania had not participated in one single lifeboat drill.
Under normal circumstances this might have been considered negligent. But under the current conditions it has to be seen as criminally culpable.
Most of the wartime documents related to the incident were destroyed in the 1960s, and those that survived that ‘re-writing of history’ were destroyed under infamous war-criminal Prime Minister Tony Blair’s orders more recently.
The Lusitania Captain and crew had every reason to expect to be attacked, and possibly sunk. The German advertisements in U.S Newspapers, including at the point of departure of the Lusitania, made it clear that the Lusitania was considered a legitimate war target for German submarines. Until the British removed their sea-mines, and released the illegal blockade of Europe, Germany was forced to reply in kind with their own blockade of Britain. Until the U.S stood behind international law, and the law of the neutrality of the seas, and had those laws enforced, Germany was entitled to engage in a quid pro quo.
For as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you!
It appears clear, in hindsight, and given a continuation of the same pattern on the part of the U.S authorities and their 'Jewish' puppet masters, that the Lusitania had been set up. The entire propaganda action had been planned from start to finish.
The odds of the Lusitania sinking were rigged in favor of it sinking as fast as possible. This was done by leaving portholes uncovered. Probably opening up all the internal bulkhead compartments. And planting a huge amount of high explosives in just the right places to ensure that the Lusitania would sink quickly, within 18 minutes, before the lifeboats, which the crew had no idea how to release, could be used to save the passengers. This was done to ensure the maximum casualties, and mass propaganda value of the sinking.
Yes, it is an admitted fact that a large explosion shook the Lusitania quite a distinct period of time after the German torpedo attack had finished. It was THIS explosion that sunk the Lusitania. And given the U.S record of 'false flags', since the U.S.S Maine which was sunk in the same way, the faked 'Gulf of Tonkin incident', the U.S.S Liberty, WOMAD, 911, Sandy Hook, and so on, it would be reasonable to assume that the Lusitania was sunk, like the U.S.S Maine, by the U.S, to 'justify' war with a foreign power it had, under its own Constitution, and international law, absolutely no legitimate grounds for.
The reality that the Lusitania sinking had been a carefully planned propaganda false flag, like the U.S.S Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, U.S.S Liberty, WOMAD, 911, Sandy Hook false flags and faked incidents, screams out at us when we consider the sophisticated way in which the supposed 'incident' was exploited, immediately, around the world, for propaganda purposes. It was a Madison Avenue 'product rollout' like all the rest.
The Times of London falsely reported that 'four-fifths of her passengers were citizens of the United States'. In reality this was 15.6%.
It was reported that the German Military had issued a special medal to the crew of the submarine that had sunk the Lusitania. This continued the 'Jewish' lead demonisation of Germany in the U.S mass media. In fact the British Government made, then distributed, this medal, and then faked photos of it being awarded to 'crisis actors' pretending to be German U-boat crew. Just like all the 'crisis actors' we have seen filling our tell-lie-vision screens.
If you've read my books you will be aware that 'Jewish' media set up a group of Palestinian refugees by giving them presents, then filming their children celebrating at the apparent friendly gesture. The footage was then shown around the world as 'Palestinians rejoice at the deaths of 3000 U.S citizens in the 911 WTC terrorist attacks'.
By now you probably are aware that the mass media of your nation has often taken footage from totally unrelated events, even from totally different nations, and presented it in the same sort of way. Faking popular protests in Moscow against the Russian Government by showing crowds of Greek protestors from Athens. Stuff like that.

Well the French newspapers, Jewish owned and operated mouthpieces of the Zionist propaganda machine, have played this trick before. In fact after the sinking of the Lusitania, French 'Jewish' newspapers took an old photo of Germans rejoicing in Berlin from years before, and misrepresented it as 'Germans rejoicing at news of the sinking of the Lusitania'.
Do you see the pattern yet? Please read my books for enough details to join the dots, and make the patterns clear to anyone with a performance IQ over 80.
Germany had made every effort to avoid the situation that had lead up to the torpedoing of the Lusitania.
Germany had sent U.S President Wilson a note on May 4, 1916, hoping to get the United States to put pressure on Britain to follow the established rules of international law in regard to blockade and freedom of the sea. Wilson refused to do so.
It became clear to Germany that they would he starved into defeat unless they could defeat Britain first by unrestricted submarine warfare.
But they preferred a peace settlement. And they made many secret peace offers to the United States, to bring about an end to the war.
These efforts were in vain. Britain and the U.S.A and France, puppets of their Zionist 'Jewish' Banksters and supporters, were intent on the destruction of Germany.
The Germans made more secret peace offers, to avoid ruining the morale of their troops. However they also went to the extremes of making public peace offers.
Germany even temporarily suspended their blockade of Britain, to give their latest official, public peace offer a better chance of success.
But the peace deal of December 12, 1916 was rejected by Britain and its Entente allies on December 27th.
This left Germany with no option but to continue the submarine warfare. These began again on February 1, 1917. Wilson was notified of this decision on January 31st. He broke off diplomatic relations with Germany on February 3rd, and, after two months of indecision, asked the Congress for a declaration of war April 3, 1917.
On October 5th a German note to President Wilson asked for an armistice on the basis of the Fourteen Points of January 8, 1918, and his subsequent principles of September 27, 1918. These statements of Wilson had captured the imaginations of idealistic persons and subject peoples everywhere. The Fourteen Points promised the end of secret diplomacy; freedom of the seas; freedom of commerce; disarmament; a fair settlement of colonial claims, with the interests of the native peoples receiving equal weight with the titles of imperialist Powers; the evacuation of Russia; the evacuation and restoration of Belgium; the evacuation of France and the restoration to her of Alsace-Lorraine as in 1870; the readjustment of the Italian frontiers on nationality lines; free and autonomous development for the peoples of the Habsburg Empire; the evacuation, restoration, and guarantee of Romania, Montenegro, and Serbia, with the last-named securing free access to the sea; international guarantees to keep the Straits permanently opened to the ships and commerce of all nations; freedom for the autonomous development of the non-Turkish nationalities of the Ottoman Empire, along with a secure sovereignty for the Turks themselves; an independent Polish state with free access to the sea and with international guarantees; a League of Nations to afford "mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike"; and no destruction of Germany or even any alteration of her institutions except those necessary to make it clear when her spokesmen spoke for the Reichstag majority and when they "speak for the military party and the men whose creed is imperial domination."
In a series of notes between Germany and the United States, Wilson made it clear that he would grant an armistice only if Germany would withdraw from all occupied territory, make an end to submarine attacks, accept the Fourteen Points, establish a responsible government, and accept terms which would preserve the existing Entente military superiority. He was most insistent on the responsible government, warning that if he had to deal "with military masters or monarchical autocrats" he would demand "not negotiations but surrender." The German constitution was changed to give all powers to the Reichstag; Ludendorff was fired; the German Navy at Kiel mutinied, and the Kaiser fled from Berlin (October 28th).
Note that the British refused to accept the Fourteen Points as the basis for peace until Colonel House threatened that the United States would makes a separate peace with Germany.
And even though 'reparations' formed no part of the 14 points, Britain and France demanded them. In fact placing no upper limit on them. These reparations included the theft of German industrial and chemical patents and proprietary manufacturing processes.
Just like after WWII, Germany had its 'intellectual property' stolen along with its manufacturing and industrial machinery, forestry, coal, and most of its livestock, poultry, and industrial capacity.
Britain also 'spun' the meanings of items to their advantage, to ensure their dominance of the international seas.

You must understand that without U.S support, Britain would have been defeated. Germany would have been the 'winner' of WWI.
Britain only reluctantly agreed to its own version of Wilson's '14 points' reluctantly, and disingenuously, after Wilson's chief military advisors had threatened to make a separate peace with Germany, if Britain and France failed to accept the negotiated '14 points' Armistice. If America did this, Germany would have won the war. The French and British knew this. Britain was on the verge of total economic collapse. The population, facing severe economic restrictions due to the German submarine blockade, would have demanded Britain leave Europe to the Europeans to fight it out amongst themselves. In fact even the very food supply would soon have evaporated, making Britain’s surrender unavoidable, within a few weeks. France would have had to surrender at the same time, having no more allies to fight for it.
Germany had agreed to the Armistice based on Wilson's promise that the 14 points would form the basis of the final agreement.
Germany had made a fatal step in trusting the U.S, and President Wilson. Germany had unilaterally surrendered all the territories it had occupied, along with its military capacity, in terms of weapons and other equipment, and its 'war booty'. In doing so it had made itself totally vulnerable to any 'bad faith' on the part of the U.S and President Wilson. If the U.S did not honor its agreement, Germany would be at the mercy of Britain and its allies.
Wilson had clearly promised that the peace treaty with Germany would be negotiated and would be based on the Fourteen Points. In the end the Treaty of Versailles was imposed without negotiation, and the Fourteen Points were ignored.
And so Germans learned what a 'League of Nations' really was. A Jewish pact intended to totally destroy and 'pastoralize' Germany. The last nation to defy the Zionist 'Jew' World Order. The last nation to be 'occupied'.
Germany was demonized by propaganda in which Germans crucified people in Belgium, cut off the hands of children, and murdered civilians to boil them down to make glycerin for use in explosives (this last with actual photographs as evidence!), along with the more typical rape and brutalization of civilians. All these lies were of course debunked during the course of time. However new propaganda was later made to demonise Germany and Germans, such as 'The Holocaust'.
Note that the British did exactly what the Germans did in Brussels, to Greece, using a neutral nation as a corridor for troupe movements, against the wishes of that nation.
And note that 800,000 Germans died as a result of the British naval blockade of Germany, which continued 9 months after the Armistice was signed. At the same time as French and British were 'appropriating' almost all the German livestock, and when the German production of all foodstuffs was at a record low.
Of course all the world will remember is the propaganda against the Germans. You probably didn't even know that the British had blockaded all of Europe, against international law and the law of the seas, and that the German submarine campaign was a direct response to this. That the Lusitania was officially a military ship of the British Admiralty, armed, and ordered to attack German vessels. And that it was not any German torpedo that sunk the Lusitania, but explosives detonated within the ship, by the British themselves. Just another false flag with horrific consequences, to get the U.S population fighting and dying in wars it had no interest in, or moral justification for, or desire to fight in.
Look forward to a new 911, Lusitania, Gulf of Tonkin, U.S.S Liberty, WOMAD, U.S.S Maine 'false flag' or 'faked' attack, to 'justify' the U.S once more defyings its own Constitution and destroying more nations. And then expect the U.S.A to be destroyed, along with Israel, as the last step in the realisation of the Zionists plan for a 'Jew' World Order.
Please read my other books and watch my markus rehbach youtube channel videos.
My interest is in truth, justice, and beauty.
Noble truths intead of supposedly 'noble' lies a.k.a vicious propaganda.
Truth is Kryptonite to the Zionist 'Jews', because the truth will set you free.
If I cannot wake you up this life, I look forward to meeting you all in next lives defined by my Optimal Ethics Generator, and my Eden Protocols.
Otherwise I hope to at least free myself from the prison you appear to willfully desire to remain in.
Enjoy your 'Jew' World Order.
2800 'Goy' slaves for every one of the 144,000 'Jewish' masters.
Remember that 'God' made all the other non-Jews, the 'Goys', who are NOT human, in the FORM of humans, merely to be of better service to the 'Jews' as sex slaves, workers, and pets.
If that's your idea of utopia, you are welcome to it.
For those of you who wish to live free among the free, why not join with me?
But remember, that as you do unto others, so shall be done unto you.
So go vegan, and deserve justice and freedom by giving justice and freedom to all sentient beings.
I'm not interested in saving you from YOUR fate, just so you can impose the same fate on billions of other sentient beings.
Maybe Buddha was right? At least at the level of rejecting THIS world as we know it.
But I'm pretty sure that if my little human brain can imagine the details of a world worth living in and reproducing, then it is most likely possible. I mean the actual details. The micro-management levels.
If can work out a system that comes close, then surely there are minds greater than mine somewhere out there, or in here, that can complete the task, making Buddha's pessimism seem out of place.
Deserve truth, justice, dignity, and freedom, by granting it to all sentient beings.
Go Vegan.
Or remain in the hell you create, every moment, by your every thought and deed. Your every intention.
For the kingdom of heaven (or hell) is within you.
Happy Next Lives

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