Homesteaders & Preppers on steemit - the updated list v3 [25 Jun '17]

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So the list grows... we've now got 77 homesteaders and preppers on steemit.

I am sure there are more I haven't found. And more are joining everyday.

Please do resteem and share with your followers, possibly even mention in a post if the opportunity arises.

I am sure we will all benefit from it.

I have found some great posts from following the people on the list. In fact I've highlighted my 'top 10' posts that I have found in my first week on steemit in a Pennsif's Picks post :

My apologies if I have missed anyone from the list that has already contacted me - just post in the comments again. Or if you know anyone else who should be on the list let me know.

Just for interest I have also included the join month for everyone in the list this time - definitely reflects the massive growth in steemit in the last couple of months.

Let the networking begin - let's see if we can reach 100 for the next version of the list !

Here is the Homesteaders & Preppers on steemit list v3 :

Some of my recent posts :

If you found this post useful or interesting please do upvote, resteem and follow. Thank you.

not sure if I count as a prepper but live on my sailboat totally off grid and am ready to go in a moments notice lol

you sound prepared to me :P

and following you guys looks like fun

Hi @thelifeofbrian. Definitely, you are welcome to be on the list. And good to see a radio ham on steemit. I've recently got my Foundation license sorted here in the UK, but I haven't got any equipment sorted yet.

great post and thanks for putting my page out here for others to enjoy, thanks, upvote comment resteem and follow

You are welcome - and thank you for the upvote and resteem.

Wow! 77!? And I don't think I have followed them all! Eeek! Gonna have to go ahead and do that now! Thank you for finding them and compiling a list!

I am gunning for 100 for version 4 of the list. With the current growth in steemit that should be possible soon.

Thanks for the mention brother. 😀

It's so nice to have so many preppers and homesteaders all in one place. So much to learn and so much to talk about. That's why I love this platform. 😀

Prepper here in Nevada. New to this platform and trying to figure it all out. Great list I am busy following them all!

Hi @iridium242, weclome. You are #90 on the list now. New version coming out soon.

Thank you for adding me! @weetreebonsai and @volcanosquad are also preppers

Of course weetree!

Hi @weetreebonsai, you are now on the list - No.88. Whereabouts in the world are you - USA?

A southern state....

Thanks - useful to know what country.

Appreciate the mention. Resteemed, and upvoted, naturally! :D

Pleasure you are welcome!

Dangit! I didn't make the list. Maybe next time. We prep, raise chickens, garden and are DIYers. Great list to follow! Thanks!

Hi @silversmyth, sorry I missed this. You are now in the list - no. 96. Only 4 more to go to reach 100 homesteaders and preppers on the steemit. They must be out there...

Thank you so much!!! my husband is @txbogey he's a homesteader too... obviously! : )

Wow! That list sure highlights how many new homesteaders have just recently set up their Steemit homeplace! Welcome to everyone! Thanks for putting this list together, @pennsif!

You are welcome @haphazard-hstead.

Version 4 of the list is coming out very shortly when we reach 100. Currently on 96.

That's a good list. It'll take me a while to get through them all :) I've just joined here, been on YouTube for a couple months sharing our journey as we get our 25 acre block to where we want it. Love reading and learning!

Thank you. Version 4 is coming out very soon when we reach 100 - currently on 95.

Thank you for the mention! It's great to see that many homesteaders and preppers on here.

Indeed - and they are growing in number quite rapidly.

Hope the deep State doesn't take this list and confiscate everyone's preps

I am just getting into this. I'm loving it so far and so are my family.

Hi @teerx, thank you for the resteem - much appreciated. Looks like you are a prepper from your posts. I'll add you to the list if that is okay?

Watch this 'baby' grow :)

Indeed @eggmeister. We are on 98 on the list now. I'll be posting version 4 imminently when we reach 100.

Thank you for sharing about this prepping and homesteading network. I look forward to meeting and sharing with like minded people. Upvoted, Following, and resteeming. Have a good week!

Excited to be part of the community here -- It's incredible what the homesteading community is building through this and the newsletter!

I'm not sure if I strictly qualify, but we're building an urban farm from the ground up and documenting the journey here on Steemit. Regardless, followed and will be contributing to the homesteader community!

Hi @stephanserrano. Interested to follow your posts about the urban farm.

Hey thanks for the mention! We are enjoying alittle down time for the rest of this month and then next month starts the push for prepping the beds for the late summer/fall garden. It would be good for people to make note of our planting schedules for when they are ready and for their part of the world ;0)
Now gotta go see who else I need to follow!

And by "our", I meant all the homesteaders' planting schedules...

Enjoy the downtime!

We just got on and would love to be added to your list.

Hi @sheepdogman, sorry I missed this. You are now on the list - no. 99 ! Version 4 will be out very shortly when we reach 100.

Thanks for the mention! I wondered how many there were. Can't wait to see how much and how fast it grows. @clickinchicken is my wife, not mentioned. Thanks again!

Hi @goatgarden. We have reached 97 now - 3 more to go and I will post version 4 of the list.

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