A Perfect Day

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Any Wellingtonian will tell you that on a nice day Wellington is the best city in the world. And every other Kiwi will remind them that there aren’t that many! That’s true – Wellington does tend to be a bit on the windy side. And for the last few years, we’ve had an exceptional amount of rain. Still, that’s better than not having enough.


But yesterday was a perfect day. I had Lou Reed going through my head all day, so you’d better have a listen too.

It was sunny, with a light southerly breeze keeping the temperature down a bit. I had one of those days I dream about, where I lie out on the swing chair on our deck, and do nothing much for most of the day. It was the perfect temperature, not too hot and not too cold. Then about 6.30 we went for a stroll down to the beach.


We sat on the beach for a bit, watching the dogs.


There was even one that looked like Hairy Maclary and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those in the flesh before.


For the non-kiwis, Wikipedia says:

Hairy Maclary is a fictional dog, the hero of a series of children's picture books created by the New Zealand author Dame Lynley Dodd, and making his first appearance in 1983 with the publication of Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy.

Image Source

At one point @frot lazily lifted his arm and pointed his camera around at the sea, the surfers, the strollers, the swimmers, the boats and the dogs, and clicked a few times, so I’d have some pics for this post.



But by the time we got home again, it was time for more resting and the post got left till this morning. Today it’s overcast and quite windy. Going on the weather forecast, that might be our only perfect day of the holidays. Though maybe there will be less clouds than it seems.


There was another perfect day once, down on the beach, which I posted about a whole two years ago…

Thanks for reading

Photos by @frot, unless otherwise stated.

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Fantastic weather and Wellington is amazing.

Yes, we think it's amazing - we've been all round NZ and there's nowhere else we'd choose to live.

The air must be super clean and with that super healthy to breath. :-)

Clean air is probably one of the things we take for granted in New Zealand, so good to have a reminder to appreciate it :-)

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Looks fun! I wish I was there.. cold here. :)

Just remember that when it's your summer, we will be cold, and there will be rain, wind, rain, wind, wind and more rain. If that's any comfort ;-)

Now all I need to do is move to the beach.

That's one of the things I love about where we live. Walk 10 minutes to the north, jump on a bus and be in the city in less than half an hour. Walk 20 minutes to the south and we're on the beach.

It was pretty good wasn't it?

And that was the perfect song for your post!

That's why I never set foot out of the house without a camera in my pocket - for your posts :)

Well, no point us both carrying cameras...

from my visits to there this line Wellington does tend to be a bit on the windy side. maybe a little bit of an understatement LOL, but I always loved visiting there :)

Sure looks like you had a perfect day

You need to come and visit again!

I would Love to but with not being able to fly I would have to do a boat trip which I guess would be a possibility

I don't remember if I ever heard why you can't fly, but @frot can't fly either. So he is about as likely to get to the US as you are to get back here :-(

As you may know I used to travel a lot over the years not often to touristy places where health conditions were shall I say not ideal, I was lucky to see so much of the world but on the downside it did affect my health a few times including getting TB, which damaged a third of my lungs and makes me very susceptible to Airborne illnesses, last few times I flew I ended up in hospital with Chest problems so now I do not fly anymore quite frustrating but I make the most of what I can do

Oh yes, I think that came up when we did the "10 truths and a lie" posts. @frot has a tumour in his ear canal. It's dormant now but far too painful to fly. At least you can look back at your travels in the past and appreciate those.

Yes I think I remember you mentioning his ear problem as well , yes indeed I was lucky to travel a lot been to over 60 countries so I for sure cannot complain

What an amazing weather it is in Wellington... I can feel how energetic the atmosphere is at the beach just by viewing these lovely pictures!
I hope you and the family enjoyed the holiday...

Regards always,

Yes, it's nice to have a bit of down time. Did you have a good Xmas Day with your friends?

Yeah, I did... It wasn't as lonely after all!
I have a great time with my friends.

Regards always,

Good to hear!

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