The Bird Friendly Backyard

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When enjoying free time on my hands, walking and photography go hand in hand. It has become a hobby. So my share to day is up to the birds....

With long toes the African Jacana strides delicately on and in-between the water plants waiting to find the next morsel to eat.

Keeping with water birds the African Spoonbill and Sacred Ibis sharing the same strip of river, sloshing around pulling out a morning snack. "Mud Diving"

Pretty is he, up the palm tree singing sweet nothings into the breeze, maybe he gets lucky with a lady friend soon. The Dark-capped Bulbul a regular to my backyard.

Nothing is more thrilling than to song of the Fish Eagle when it skirts through the sky above as a lord of the manor above the ground. Many South African's lovingly call it the 'sound of Africa.'

Not a big bird but one that knows how to hunt almost anything, the Burchell Coucal with his masked red eyes, he is quite my hero in skills and tenacity.

My camera is very average (one day soon I need to upgrade) zooming into birds up in the sky the Canon 160 IS is only capable of 16x zoom and often I come back and have to download to see how it came out. (Not too shabby - almost feels like the old days of film)

Next on the list is to identify the bird, with my birdbook that has sounds to hear the calls from a wand you wave over the picture. My son's got for me a couple of years ago to build my hobby even more.

This last photograph is of a Wooly-Necked Stork and a juvenile Harrier Hawk just having fun up high, always a delight to witness them free up there.

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Wow, lots of really awesome birds there. I just recently shared about a yellow bird we had run into a window and stun itself. We got to hold it for a few minutes before it flew away. I am not very good at bird watching as I don't know what I'm looking at. I guess using a bird book would really help. Need to find one for Panama soon!! :)


Do a Google search you will most probably find an app to use for Panama @apanamamama you have beautiful birds to find in your country, have fun and thanks for stopping in and commenting.


What a great idea! We saw a brand new bird today right after I told my husband I was going to start bird watching. I couldn't get a good pic of it on my phone though! It had a yellow beak, yellow tail and black body. There was a whole flock of them! I do need to look for an app for Panama. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Like I always say I admire the people who take the birds shots. Amazing patience and good eye allows you to capture beautiful moments :) Up


All animals attract my eye @margaretwise it is having birds always around that gives me time to take photo's and enjoy watching them. Thanks for stopping by.

Hay my friend don't worry your photos are wow and I the movement you create here in this post is nice .and all the information you shared with us about the Fish Eagle is great.


Thank you for your words of encouragement @funatoz I really only do it for fun.

Here is a link to listen to the sound

Certainly some lovely shots Lady Joan. Funny that you should talk about a bird book, as a friend here in our complex gave me a great new book this morning that lists all of the day trips to birding places in Gauteng. I am taking my sabbatical next year and guess where I will be going? Blessings and upvoted!


Time to start hinting about Christmas presents @papilloncharity here is the link to this book I refer to in the content above - it is simply amazing to have on hand.

The bird book with the bird sounds is really cool, wouldn't mind one myself! And your photos look amazing, you have some really great finds there! Hobbies done out in nature have a wonderful way of rejuvenating one's mind and soul! Thank you for entering Hobby Hub Challenge #4 -good luck!


Absolutely love my hobby and have so many wonderful photo's of birds I have seen over the years @sweetpea I have placed the link to the bird book I use in @papilloncharity reply if you would like to take a look. There are a few now online and available via apps to the phone.

Thank you for arranging a challenge to share hobbies.

wonderful and amazing photography @joanstewart, of lovely birds. i love that and appreciate your work . good work


Thanks for visiting and sharing a comment @rabeel appreciated.

The images were great and you indeed have done a good job buddy !


Thanks for the kind words @rehan12


So many beautiful birds to enjoy. We love our bird feeders and attract so many different ones to our yard, it is the best entertainment.


We have great fun with our bird feeder @sunscape and vervet monkeys that come through and help themselves to some as well.

Great pictures and hobby photographing birds @joanstewart ! Thanks for sharing and entering the #hobbyhub contest ! Good luck !👍👍👍😊


Thank you for visiting and the kind words @karenmckersie got to thinking what I did most when not indoors, #hobbyhub literally screamed fun photography.


That's awesome ! And a cool hobby !✌👍🐦🐥🐤

You might enjoy the website Project Noah where you can post your pictures and at the same time give something back in the name of wildlife awareness and preservation. Project Noah is helping people reconnect with the natural world. I just wrote a post yesterday about discovering the site and how it helps me to identify plants, flowers, birds and all sorts of other organisms! A really cool site backed by NatGeo.


Thanks for the idea @retiredinsamar since I do photography on anything that attracts my eye I posted African animals today and wild flowers, all for the fun of sharing.

Those are amazing pics! We get some awesome birds around here, raptors mostly, but I can never get a decent picture of them!