🔥Easy cooking with me! (7) ~ Flavored Sticky Oil Rice! 幸福感爆表的油飯來囉!

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On special days and certain holidays, people would like to have big meals as a part of celebration. For Chinese people, it’s also a way to express their happiness and best wishes for the family; moreover, sometimes it’s also a way to show their respect toward the goddess.

How do Taiwanese people give best wishes to the new born babies? Is it also related to something delicious? Well, the answer would definitely be positive “Yes!” Today we are going to talk about the food and learn how to make it at home! Voila, it’s Flavored Sticky Oil Rice!” Mmm~ smells so good!


In tradition, Taiwanese people who are having new born babies would like to allot Flavored Sticky Oil Rice to relatives and friends as a declaration that our family are having new members! And people receive it would send gifts in return to show their best wishes for the newborn.




Owing to the out-of-date custom, there is inequality between the different sex, thus, people can tell the sex of the the newborn from what is contained along with the sticky oil rice. How come? If the sticky oil rice is accompanied with a chicken leg, it means the newborn is a boy, and it’s due to an allusion of the male genitalia. On the contrary, if it is accompanied with a red egg, then the newborn must be a girl.

However, as time goes by, there are a lot of changes and the barrier is not that apparent nowadays! Most people would like to deliver the sticky oil rice with both red egg and chicken leg regardless of the sex of the new born baby. And some people would even choose cakes which is easier to store instead.



Ingredients & Steps

  • long grain rice : 2 cups
  • pork : 1 box (chopped)
  • dried mushrooms : 5~6 (sliced)
    ( clean / soak in 1 bowl of water)
  • shallot : 4 (chopped or minced)
  • soy sauce : 2 tbs
  • sesame oil : 2 tbs
  • salt : 2 tsp
  • pepper : 3 tsp
  • brown sugar : little (about 2 tsp)
  • cooking wine : little (about 15 cc)
  1. Steam the long grain rice first, and prepare the ingredients.
  2. Turn on the fire and put sesame oil in the pot. Put in the pork, mushrooms and shallot and stir fry for 8 minutes.
  3. Add soy sauce, salt, pepper and brown sugar and keep stirring fry for another 6~7 minutes, then pour in the cooking wine.
  4. Turn off the fire. Put in the steamed long grain rice and mix up. Finished!








Each life is a blessing of god, and we should value and respect both ourselves and others!
“Cheers to life! Enjoy yourself!”


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Looks delicious! My brother in law is Chinese and often cooks us some YUMMY Asian dishes! And how cute is that baby!


Ah~thanks! This dish is really good both in the taste and best wishes contained!😃
As to the gold and veg the baby is in are with special meanings (mostly are related to good wishes) for the newborn!😘

What an intriguing tradition @floatinglin. Do you know if it is only celebrated in Taiwan, or other Asian countries as well? Funny how rice is often a reoccuring element within baby-related celebrations in Asia. In Nepal, they have a special rice feeding ceremony in which a 5 or 6 months old baby is fed rice for the first time.
Good luck in the culturevulture challenge this month 😊


Thank you for reading and leaving me wonderful wishes! As I know, it’s the Taiwanese traditional custom. Since many Asian people used to feed rice as main dishes, it’s easily to develop related cultures with the grain!🤗

Thanks for sharing your cooking hobby in the @hobbyhub contest ! Good luck !😋😋😋👍


Thanks! 💖