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What ever happened to the smart tokens anyway? Is that no longer gonna happen?

They’re still in the works. Work was apparently paused during the layoffs as focus shifted to reducing the cost of operating Steem nodes. There was talk of releasing an SMT “lite” in the not too distant future that would have fewer features at launch and then just iterate further from there.

Let’s see what @ned is telling now...
Really willing to see positive and realistic message

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This reply to Inertia doesn’t score highly in the positive category, but you gotta give Ned a good realism score here! 😆


Snake oil salesmen are diplomatic and enthusiastic.
No way you act like this if you're shilling your way to the fire exit.

I think @ned is knows what he is doing @bryan-imhoff and the powering down issue I think is a defensive move for that hard fork coup d'etat rumor to make the steemitinc account unusable.
So we just have to sit back and enjoy this community and use it for a positive way to make each other's lives better.

Agreed. Clearly Steem is fully capable of bringing entertainment and assistance, and I think it will only get better from here!

Meh. We've been talking about communities for almost 2 years now, SMTs for well over a year...

Excuse me if I don't hold my breath! Lolz


I wouldn’t advise a breath hold either... but I don’t think I’ve heard Steemit Inc. mention communities for like 12-18 months now. So the glimmer of hope is that it may be back in focus at long last. Now keeping them focused is another matter...

My guess is they'll talk about it for another 4 months, and then you won't hear anything for another year or so, and then the cycle will begin again.


I haven't followed the announcements on SMT's. I don't see where that could be used. However communities seems very interesting. The platform is definitely lacking some structure and some tools for all of us to interact.

I'm also following the narrative project. Looks interesting too. I like how they have moderators and owners who earn from the site too. They will most likely spread the word and keep the community active. I did actually bought a couple niches, as they say. (Illustration & Original art).

I'm still a big fan of Steemit. I hope it evolves in a good way. I'll be sticking around here for sure! ;-)

Very cool that you bought a couple Narrative niches. My understanding has always been Steem communities could work much the same, with the communities able to set a % beneficiary award to themselves like front end sites can.
The one thing that has me worried about Narrative niches is the approval/control process. At least when I was checking them out they weren’t allowing what they’d consider “duplicate” niches. There didn’t seem to be a way to compete against a poorly run niche that may be in the exact space you want.
I like that Steem communities will most likely be an unfettered Wild West survival of the fittest.... just like the rest of Steem! 😄

I'm counting on great moderators in narrative's niche to avoid complete chaos. I'm looking forward to see how an alternative could be run. Also how compatible it is to publishing comics online...

He does live... I was thinking he was never going to say anything again.

Same! And while I think the professional role he’s placed himself in requires more communication than the terrible showing of late, on a personal level I can understand wanting to avoid a lot of the negativity that gets heaped on his every word on Steem.

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