Sorry To See @steemchiller, @glory7, @rakkasan84, @wonsama, @fenrir78 And Many Others Get Shafted

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Shut The Hell Up... Or Else




First, I'm disgusted to see there was a list of people that DID NOT get the HIVE tokens because they were on some arbitrary blacklist created. While I can't say things like this surprise me, it definitely shoots a hole in the "Justin Sun simply bought stolen Steem" point and that's what our problem was with him all along.

Now we can see it was about control, and the leaders of the HIVE chain will not tolerate dissent. Its anything but a decentralized community their sheep are "selling", but instead a gaggle of self-interested rich guys that want to keep their power. Otherwise they wouldn't have excluded some incredibly awesome people mentioned in the title.

While I don't have knowledge of everyone on the list, and I'm sure I missed a few I could vouch for: CLICK HERE FOR THE TOTAL BLACKLIST, I can speak up for a few great people I either know or know of.


1st up is @steemchiller ... I use his site daily 99% ... He brought great value to the Steem ecosystem and was a huge part of the positive side of Steem/Steemit. Almost all my friends used his creation and he deserves to be treated better than this. So whatever he did to piss off the dear leaders, shafting @steemchiller is an epic mistake.


Next is @glory7... One of the most outstanding people I've met. A nice, generous, and humble person who I was SHOCKED to see on the list. He is a major supporter of the Steemmonster/Splinterlands ecosystem and has been from the beginning. I would say without @glory7, its likely the game would not have progressed as fast as it did. And since Splinterlands is the main APP that surpassed even Steemit in users, his contributions to the Steem ecosystem should be rewarded, not excluded.


I have personally had the pleasure of playing alongside @rakkasan84 in drugwars and steemmonsters for many many months and I have found him to be a very stand up person. For him to be excluded from the HIVE airdrop could be for no other reason that he pissed off the wrong person.


Finally, I have seen @wonsama and @fenrir78 around Steemit, Steemmonsters, and/or Drugwars, and they have been active in various things. In fact I have seen at least one instance where being nice to a whale was not in their DNA. Of course, this action was hurtful to the whale at the time, but that should be NO REASON to exclude them from getting the airdrop of HIVE if all others get it.


I will leave everyone with this one thought: If pissing off the wrong person will lead you to lose all your benefits, everyone should pay attention to this point. Why? Because if this is how the leaders think over at HIVE, then what happens if you decide yourself to ever disagree with them?


Note: I will not be "cross-posting" this over on HIVE. Frankly the HIVE can do what they wish, and play in their sandbox all they want. I wanted to make this point for those people still left that follow me on Steem/Steemit to see. I feel it is only right to express my opinions freely, and I stand firmly on the point these people got shafted.

And as all of you know by now, I will not shut the hell up when it comes to my opinions.



I love you brother and you're straight forwardness. I agree 100 percent. I have been trying to check my hive balance all day but can't. For all I know, i might be on their list. 😆😀🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

The wallet on the official site doesn't work but the one on Peakd does.

Thanks brother. Looks like i got to figure out how to sell it.

Last I checked, trading at about 0.25 cents ....

are you able to transfer HIVE or powerdown yet? I tried both just to check it and neither worked for me.

Transfering HIVE can be done via

I believe a node change in KeyChain is required but there might be other ways as well.

As for poweringdown.... the only information I have about that is if you started a powerdown on Steemit before HIVE launched then that means your HIVE will also be in Power Down mode. You could try starting a STEEM powerdown to see if it triggers for HIVE. Powerdown might also be possible on

ok cool... I will keep checking... I'm not in any hurry, I was just testing to see what could and couldn't be done. Thanks for getting back to me @rentmoney!

Thank you very much @johndoer123! And I checked the list and didn't see you :D

No-one should of been excluded, it goes against the very reason in which they loudly proclaim for creating the "sister" chain. Thanks for always speaking your mind and sharing your opinion. Its a rare trait in a system where our currency earning is greatly affected by doing so.

The ones that created HIVE have a chance to show everyone that the move isn't largly in part because of the power/witness money they lost. So far they been failing at that.

To the best of my knowledge so far they:

(1) Blacklisted specific front end users and took what would of been those users HIVE tokens (that's right they didn't even burn the tokens).
(2) They excluded only the Steemit Ninja Mined Stake. There's more ninja mined stake other then Steemits.
(3) Back to point one...... the Steeimit Stake was recreated and put in some "fund" so they essentially might be recreating the same issue that is currently going on with Steemit.

The good ....

(1) There's talks about a proposition that can get voted on to get some of the transfered "steemit inc" hive stake burned.
(2) The blacklist users that had their potential HIVE tokens taken from them still have a chance at getting them. I think with enough community pressure they just might be able to get them.
(3) I have no clue what witness voting system they plan on using but if they rework it to give the little guy a bigger say that will show that the HIVE blockchain creation wasn't because, "they lost their power".

Personally I hope both blockchains succed and will be using both blockchains because as an end user we don't have to choose. Its no different then using microsoft email services and Yahoo email services.

Wow #1 and #3 are going incredibly disturbing.

The tokens should be burned and not arbitrarily used to give certain individuals more power / control.

Make no mistake. Both Steem and HIVE are both centralized but the question is extent and identity. @davemmcoy speaks the truth as inconvenient as that truth may be.

I was not a fan of the status quo especially knowing many of them rose to power as what I call the vote selling cartel. Steem just has a new and more powerful cartel (in terms of monetary resources).

The former is doing what they must to retain their their control under the guise of decentralization. Assuming what you say about 1 and 3 is true, the the decentralization is nothing more than a selling point but not the reality.

It's ok to play in their sandbox but think we should all be mindful of the truth. Indeed, the truth will set us free. They want to harness our creative energy for their gain. Maybe give them a taste but do not, I repeat, DO NOT fall into that damn crab bucket.

Maybe they will demonstrate good stewardship of these resources they have comandeered to their control or perhaps they will show us more of the same. They have made strides in the right direction but not nearly enough.

This is why I, once I recover my strength from an illness I have succumb to, will continue to create the new vision. I refuse to allow the corrupt to lord over me and think I don't speak for myself in that capacity.

I completely agree with you @anthonyadavisii... thanks for stopping by and adding some great points to the issue. And I wish you well on your illness, that is way more important than this stuff!

The former is doing what they must to retain their their control under the guise of decentralization.

I agree although I wouldn't lump everyone in that category. It'll be interesting to see what witnesses stay on STEEM / Go to HIVE or try to be witnesses on both.

Assuming what you say about 1 and 3 is true, the the decentralization is nothing more than a selling point but not the reality.

Its to the best of my knowledge ...... There's likely others who are more closely following the situation that can give a better explanation and information then what I can.

The good part about (1) is it means the Steem(it) accounts that got "excluded" has a much better chance at getting the "airdrop" they are currently "excluded" from due to "thier" coins not being destroyed. If the Tokens were destroyed instead the chances of the excluded accounts being able to reverse that decision would be next to @null.

This is why I, once I recover my strength from an illness I have succumb to, will continue to create the new vision. I refuse to allow the corrupt to lord over me and think I don't speak for myself in that capacity.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

Edit: Self upvoted to get ahead of the giant wall created by the HIVE advertisement.

you noticed that too? omgosh :P

great post follow you and resteem. and great you poin thing out. hive shot it self by blacklist ppl who dont like then, or do thing they dont like how are they better then justing sun when they do thing like this ?

Thank you @vcdragon and I agree. Not a good start in my eyes at all.

I do not agree. People supporting Justin Sun actively supported the centralization of the chain. It doesn't matter if they did it because they supported the centralization factor (with their censorship policy on Steemit we are noticing now what he wants to do) or if it was to achieve their own selfish goal by taking the blockchain hostage. Either way they threatened the integrity of the blockchain.

One of the key factor of PoS is that the value of your stake is threatened if you do a malicious attack on the integrity of the chain.

Now, missing out on the airdrop is exactly what should happen.

For everyone that was included in the script by accident there will be DAO proposals to include them in the airdrop.

You of course are welcome to your opinion.

If you think the old steem power people and the new HIVE power people support decentralization, then there isn't much we will agree on. I see it quite the opposite as you.

Good luck over there though, I hope you don't piss off the dear leaders one day!

Their loss is a big gain for Steem.

I agree @hone.heke. Steem benefits huge by this single action.

Yeah I was black listed too cause I voted Tron witnesses on accident for a few hours. Now the promise me if I beg and ask for forgiveness I might one day get the airdrop. They create a chain and decide who gets the power.

I'm sorry to hear that you were included on the blacklist too @balticbadger. It truly sickens me that they force people to submit to pledging against Justin Sun or else "no soup for you". It shows the colors of the people that defend it, ie... those people are either blind to the issue or willing to form a chain that will punish anyone who doesn't agree to the leaders wishes. Not so decentralized if you ask me.

I wish you the best. And hopefully I will see you around! :)

Yep. I fully disagree with this blacklist too. Forking out the JS stake is one thing. Making a centralized decision to exclude a truckload of accounts based on the fact that they did or did not do something is a completely different thing.

They can 'appeal', people say. In other words, they should ask forgiveness for their 'mistakes'. Not okay!!

Who will give me the guarantee that I won't be excluded in the future when I don't agree with something?

They already showed that 'freedom of speech' is not a thing on the new platform.

I had a feeling we'd agree on this one @simplymike! :)

The whole decentralization issue is a myth and used to keep people blinded to what is being done. Basically the HIVE/old steem leaders are willing to blow up Steem since they didn't get their way, and somehow we are supposed to accept that being ok. It's Justin Sun's fault, pfft... from my perspective this is about the leaders wanting their way, not getting it, and taking their ball and going home so no one can play.

I don't have a problem with them starting a new chain, I don't however think it will be as successful as they think it will. Its the same group of people running things we witnessed for the last 2 1/2 years destroy the old system. They don't see that the problem is with themselves and the way the power was structured, so I doubt it will be any different over at HIVE.

Happy birthday again and hope you have a wonderful rest of your birthday weekend!!!

I am honored to be mentioned. Thank you.

And in fact, now I am also honored to be on the "blacklist", as it shows that I risked my stake to stand up and state my opinion against "powerful guys".

@glory7, you are deserving of being mentioned and I'm still shocked they excluded you. While I don't like to see you lose out on anything you're owed, I do admire your stance for standing up for your opinion.

And for what its worth, your exclusion sent shock waves through my friends. Almost all of us know you from Steemmonsters/Splinterlands and I've NEVER heard a bad word about you. We all have respect for you, so you being on this list shows clearly how non-decentralized the new HIVE blockchain really is. Its pitifully obvious to those that aren't blinded by the carefully crafted narrative.

Hey hey! :-) As you know I always come to bring a little note of 'extra perspective', although never expecting you will change your opinion after that, more to make sure all information is available.

In this case, I think it's important to add, that due to severe time constraints (the HF had to be done quickly in order to prevent Sun to be able to take actions against it) some decision were made hastily and/or without the elaborate discussions it deserved.

The 'list' was not hand-picked, it was collected through code, and the code of course was based upon ideas of people of what was fair. Now, it's not perfect, and that's what the group 'accepted beforehand', so they reserved EVERY HIVE token that was NOT airdropped, because there will be a second airdrop. Now, the decentralized part, although after the fact, exists in that the people who feel they were wrongly excluded can appeal this and the community will then decide of they will be part of the second airdrop.

Again, not defending anything, just adding the info.

Cheers Dave! Hope you're well and healthy in these interesting times.

Thanks for the explanation @soyrosa. I hope you all go back through that list now and add some of them back.

And cheers to you too :D ... these are definitely interesting times ;)

arbitrary blacklist created

To the best of my knowlledge the criteria was 'voting for SteemTron witnesses' and then a script was run according to this criteria.
That seem to be rather more 'fair' then appointing a 'committee' to deside which account is Steemit inc sock puppet and which is not.
The best proof that it wasn't "personal" is the fact that Ned Scott @ned wasn't excluded from the airdrop.

I hope you all go back through the list and include the people that were good Steemians. I think now that what's done can be fixed and whether its done or not will go a long way to showing the motives. I do appreciate you giving your thoughts and explanations.

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

I don't think it's all over for Steem. While JS don't seems to understand what he has bought and what to do with his purchase it's quite likely in future he might sell Steemit inc to someone who knows better.
I feel like giving him more time, however I'm going to power down most of my SP and keep it liquid.
As for Hive I do simpatize with the movement but will abstain from investing into untill I see how it's going to develop.

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

...resteemed as well.🤗

Thank you @johndoer123 :) You are awesome to spread the word!!!

Yup its really sad how they keep shouting about being pro decentralization while freezing out anybody who didnt jump on the freezing Suns account before he even made a move band wagon.

Glad to see more people who aren't nobodies or on the list being outraged by it. You are absolutely right about this being nothing more then a power play.

Probably not going to be sticking around on steemit, had my hopes up for Hive but that list shot them right down.

Thanks for stopping by and voicing your thought @tryp. I see it how you do. And a truly decentralized chain would have none of us feeling like nobodies, but sadly the dear leaders of HIVE don't grasp that point. Decentralization is a code word used to rally the troops, but in reality its the same group that squandered their early success and led the old chain to the graveyard where it was littered with ghosts.

Yup, unfortunately @blocktrades and the rest of the project leaders found a way to ignore several million worth of non mined stake and secure their own positions as kings of the hive.

After all the complaining about ninja mined stake, the fact that miners are still the top dog is both depressing and hilarious.

Perfectly said!

the fact that miners are still the top dog is both depressing and hilarious.

Though i can see your point.

I see it this way, there was an argument on both sides ... and so now The community on Hive decides if they get tokens.

There's an argument though that these users prefer to be on a chain with @justinsunsteemit so why would they even want to go to hive?

However they can appeal to the community and if any are steempeak users we're happy to help them appeal to the community on hive.

I don't have anything against Justin Sun, does that mean I should be shut out of Hive?

I have nothing against many of the people going over to Hive, but excluding people because they don't follow the "Justin Sun is the enemy" line of logic is not very decentralized. I thought decentralization people would want independent thinkers.

Anyways I have nothing against you having your point of view either @jarvie, and I hope you look at he list of people and find out for yourself if there are any that you should "vouch" for. I know if I was on that list, I sure as hell wouldn't appeal to anyone. I would think you were ok with me not getting HIVE and think you and all the witnesses supported me not getting it (so I imagine others that got screwed will feel the same way). If you want to protect your customers, I think you might want to take that suggestion. It only takes a few minutes to check the list and I know for a fact there are steemmonster players on it.

My point of view is that let's encourage the community vote for them ... many people don't think most of those 300 accounts never even once wanted to be a part of hive. But i think a bunch of them are interested. So let them know ... let's see how the the decentralized decision making works. We have yet to try it in this situation.

I didn't just look at the list... I looked at every single profile of those 300
There were a couple of them that actually seemed interested in Hive.
The record of their blockchain even states that they have interest that's hard to dispute... i think they'll get plenty of the community to vote for them to get hive.
Granted it's not a huge number but those individuals have interest in the hive chain at the very least.

I commend you for looking at every single profile. Hopefully you can vouch for a few and get the decision overturned on them at least.

I'm pretty sure this was partly done to counter the fact that many of Tron were moving into proxy account ie a fear of buying to sabotage Hive.
The list was a pure bot with no human input hence why the list is so harsh and ignore people who voted but support Hive as well.

There is an appeal process as the stake can be restored or so I heard.

I wouldn't exactly call it an appeal process, in their own words its a "forgiveness" policy.

Hey @sames... I think you are wrong about that list. If you dig into who created the list, I think you will find out more than you think. Some of the names on that list pissed off a few whales over the years, so I highly doubt they got excluded for their threat to sabotage HIVE. Many were very small stakeholders that had less than 100 Steem, so it is clear in my eyes this is blocking those that piss off the leaders. If they do it now, you can bet they will do it later. So be careful out there ;)

Good to see you and hope you do well however things workout over time!

Naw I disagree it just happened they fall in the same category as the script fits the requirements.
Correlation is due to the disagreement but is not the cause of it

we can agree to disagree :)

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