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This is going to be a very short and straight-to-the point kind of post.

Are you're one of those many users, who are planning to move with your activity to a new HIVE blockchain? Are you planning to power down your STEEM? Or perhaps you intend to hold on to your stake, but you may not have time to carry on with manual curation?

If you replied 'YES' to any of the previous questions, then please continue reading - we may have an offer which you could find interesting and worth your attention.



I won't be describing in detail what our project.hope is about in this publication as I covered it quite well in our latest article.

In short: we're supporting (MANUAL CURATION) quality content, created within our community by active and engaging users. Content related to few specific subjects: technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity and gaming (on blockchain). We also like topics related to economy, business, marketing, psychology, social media etc.

So if you don't have time, energy or willingness to perform daily manual curation yourself and you do not want to delegate your SP (which means freezeing your assets for one week) then please consider joining @project.hope CURATION TRAIL



It's very simple. All you need to do is to sign in to, click "curation trail", search for "project.hope" and click "follow". The rest is quite easy :)

Or you can directly click on this link:



remember to visit "Dashboard" and set up your "Upvote Mana threshold". My suggestion: 80%



Project.hope is going to support quality content posted within our community on both chains. Those of you, dear readers, who received HIVE tokens within last airdrop can also join our curation trail here.

Curation trail can be terminated anytime, with immediate effect - so it's great alternative to delegations.



We would appreciate every resteem - as this would obviously allow our post reach the attention of more users.

Thank you,
@project.hope team


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I am also on the curation trail

I'm in the curation trail now. Here on Steemit. First time ever.

 2 years ago 

@borjan Thanks friend.

You can witness a great project, where several of us are interacting so that this site is a good place for everyone.

Hello @Project.Hope, and @Cryto.Piotr, is a great initiative. Your post has been voted and resteemed. I love supporting you a hug

 2 years ago 

@tipu curate

Highly rEsteemed...

I may be planing on just focusing on one Block for now.
Any unused Power will be delegated. Thank you for your continued efforts and work you've done for the community. See you in the new world... SteemON!

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 9.29.21 AM.png

I am following the trail. Thank you!

download (5).jpg

I am staying here in Steemit, I dont care about the hive site. I am very happy having Justin Sun at Steemit and I support Justin Sun and welcome him to Steemit.

Project Hope, probably the best community on the Steem chain. Cheers @Cypto.piotr !

Si realice el primer post en Hive pero, no hubo respuesta no se si es porque es la primera y no me conocen.

Good job project hope. Together we are going to grow.

@project.hope is a great initiative, and I think it's great that I'm in both chains, there are really very interesting posts and super smart people are discovered, recently I met through the project a CEO of an oil related company, someone very professional from Nigeria. I invite the whole community to participate, it is great.

awesome resteemed

 2 years ago 

Regards dear friends.

Currently the trail has 19 members in Hive and 13 in Steemit.

With the participation and help of all of us, we can muster the necessary strength for a respectable voting power.

Join the Trail, resteem this post and invite your friends to join.
Together, we will make Project Hope Hive grow up.

Your friend, Juan.

Hello @Project.Hope, and @Cryto.Piotr!! Your post has been voted and resteemed!! I hope to be in thoch to present you a little project of my own which can easily combine with the inspiring work that you and your team are doing. This project with an account of recent creation will be on steem but will support authors no matter other platforms they are publishing with the condition that the material is own created and with references and sources. I'm preparing a roadmap, it will be a pleasure to share with you and count with your input and advice.

Best wishes for every project!!

Hello, my friend!

I've got a question: Do I have to set up my curation trail in Hive or was it done automatically when the systems were separated?

it was done automatically (at least with other trail i am in)

Thanks :D

 2 years ago 

Hi @project.hope.

Count on my support to get this message to more people.
I think this trail will bring a lot of benefit to those who join.
in addition to that it is guaranteed that the healing is manual, because all the publications will be read. to establish the level of quality and originality.

In constant evolution..


I support Project Hope 100%. I'm already following the two healing paths in both hive and steem. I also gave reestem to this publication, greetings friends

I'm glad to read your new curation trail for both hive and steem blockchains as well. I'll try to be active user here with making valuable contents and increase engagement base. Resteemed for see more audience.

Great accomplishments through-out @project.hope and among-st the community . And for the good and strength that we can build upon through the Hope and positive direction forward . Great day through-out and the best ahead.

Oh yes, I continue in both steem and Hive, already delegated in steem 1000SP, besides following the trail of Project Hope 100%, I will do the same in Hive. Count on that, plus a resteem to this post.

This is a awesome project

Awesome will join the Trail nice project!!

It is good seeing project.hope become larger. This community needs all the support it can get.

Glad to have my small stake taking part in the support of content owners in these chains, there you have it.

Resteemed :-)

I have resteemed and joined the trail.
I remember you have earlier talked about delegation benefit program but minimum amount that can be delegated was 1000 SP. If you consider delegation of 500SP under that program then I can consider delegating my 500 SP .

resteemed ! I wish you good success !

Fully supporting my project hope. I hope we get all the support we need

I wiil vote manually by Steemit platform once in a while, I stopped use steemauto now. And will use only steemvoter...!!

Resteem for you, as you ask my friend. Good luck!

Yes it is challenge going back and forth between two chains.
Great idea guys go project hope

This is really cool, I like this.

Resteemed - always happy to help you and the Project HOPE. Great work!

Cool. I salute the efforts of Project Hope community members and everyone. Nice job.

Resteemed for added visibility

Together, we can grow this community. The trail needs more people to follow. The power in number.

Dear Piotr, of course i will resteem it, but you posted on both community? If you send me the link i will resteem it on Hive too...:))

@project.hope this is an awesome project and i will really love to be part of it...kudos to you guys who made the project possible....

This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @project.hope.

Great initiative, I'll be following closely

Resteemed. Delegation will be sent before the week ends when I get back a retracted delegation from another account.

Keep doing what you're doing good. More power to your initiatives!

Hi @project.hope
I can’t join your discord server. It shows invitation is invalid or expired. Please help.

I hope that this will birth even more real creative writers with original contents and have their posts seen.

@dses is still trailing this account when its VP is 70% and above.

This post has been manually curated by the Decentralised Sustainable EcoSystem movement by various stake holders and charitable donors to support Entrepreneurs favouring a stable STEEM ecosystem

Highly rEsteemed!

And see you on HIVE!

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.56.58 AM.png

@project.hope : j'ai reblogué votre article et j'ai voté pour lui. Je me suis également inscrit à la fan-trail de project.hope

Bonne continuation ;)

I'm in the trail :D

On curation trail in both Steem and Hive.

The truth @projet.hope is that I would like to keep both accounts, after all they are ours and we are the ones who make life in it for the platform. They need people to do their original content and healing work, plus we already have time on them and I don't want to lose anything I've achieved. Greetings.

@project.hope, Good wishes from my side and hope that this Curation Trail will going to reach to more Audiences. Stay blessed.

My steems are now delegated. I'm going to waste them and join your curation trail

No Farming? Poor me 😢😥😔😔

Nice initiative and interesting for sure.

Where can I find an example of the posts that are being upvoted, to get a better idea of the content that I might ( auto ) curate?

 2 years ago 

Hi friend @vincentnijman. I'm glad you are here, PROJECT HOPE represents COMMUNITY of steem blockchain users, who share similar values, goals and mostly passion towards topics related to:

  • technology,
  • steem and steemit,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • machine learning,
  • cybersecurity,
  • gaming (on blockchain)

as well as:

  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing,
  • psychology, social media etc.

In this publication you can read how the project develops.

And in this publication you can see who is part of the project

#ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

Suerte en su proyecto!

Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

Great update and looking forward for the success :)

..hi all..following the trail..let’s see what will be the advantages for you and of course for me too..meanwhile, up, follow you..resteemed..enjoy..

I just joined the curation trail of this project/ initiative.

I expect my / our voting power to be used wisely, to benefit as many others as possible while we still can :>)

All the best,


Glad to see the optimism here... I am very busy to follow things on HIVE ot steem and when I try to...either something or other does not function. For instance for 2 days I am not able to open steempeak and before that I was not able to post on peakhk... from being a involved steem community member when the dramas happened, back to square 1 on figuring out things.

Hope I do it...I don't know for instance where I can trade HIVE tokens yet...have to sit down and read...

but project.hope is helping me, else I won;t be getting the votes and cryptos I am getting(: ... if it were not for project.hope, won't have any chance for getting my content read by more and voted and all...

Thanks for your support. I would have delegated all that Steem there, but I want to sell them myself, not much money about... I think I will be putting content in HIVE and grow there and exit from Steem...

Atleast I can have complete social distancing from any Justin Sun association(: ...peaceful...

Congrats the winner

Great project! We will support your trail.

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Hi, I am powering down STEEM, but I decided to use those my not-yet-powered-down-STEEM to increase my curation trail upvoting power to a maximum. So I run curation trails on both blockchains is my answer. At least for 13 weeks.

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