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This is going to be a very short and straight-to-the point kind of post.

Are you're one of those many users, who are planning to move with your activity to a new HIVE blockchain? Are you planning to power down your STEEM? Or perhaps you intend to hold on to your stake, but you may not have time to carry on with manual curation?

If you replied 'YES' to any of the previous questions, then please continue reading - we may have an offer which you could find interesting and worth your attention.



I won't be describing in detail what our project.hope is about in this publication as I covered it quite well in our latest article.

In short: we're supporting (MANUAL CURATION) quality content, created within our community by active and engaging users. Content related to few specific subjects: technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity and gaming (on blockchain). We also like topics related to economy, business, marketing, psychology, social media etc.

So if you don't have time, energy or willingness to perform daily manual curation yourself and you do not want to delegate your SP (which means freezeing your assets for one week) then please consider joining @project.hope CURATION TRAIL



It's very simple. All you need to do is to sign in to, click "curation trail", search for "project.hope" and click "follow". The rest is quite easy :)

Or you can directly click on this link:



remember to visit "Dashboard" and set up your "Upvote Mana threshold". My suggestion: 80%



Project.hope is going to support quality content posted within our community on both chains. Those of you, dear readers, who received HIVE tokens within last airdrop can also join our curation trail here.

Curation trail can be terminated anytime, with immediate effect - so it's great alternative to delegations.



We would appreciate every resteem - as this would obviously allow our post reach the attention of more users.

Thank you,
@project.hope team


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I am also on the curation trail

I'm in the curation trail now. Here on Steemit. First time ever.

 4 years ago 

@borjan Thanks friend.

You can witness a great project, where several of us are interacting so that this site is a good place for everyone.

Hello @Project.Hope, and @Cryto.Piotr, is a great initiative. Your post has been voted and resteemed. I love supporting you a hug

 4 years ago 

@tipu curate

Highly rEsteemed...

I may be planing on just focusing on one Block for now.
Any unused Power will be delegated. Thank you for your continued efforts and work you've done for the community. See you in the new world... SteemON!

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 9.29.21 AM.png

I am following the trail. Thank you!

download (5).jpg

I am staying here in Steemit, I dont care about the hive site. I am very happy having Justin Sun at Steemit and I support Justin Sun and welcome him to Steemit.

Dear Piotr, of course i will resteem it, but you posted on both community? If you send me the link i will resteem it on Hive too...:))

Yes it is challenge going back and forth between two chains.
Great idea guys go project hope

Hello, my friend!

I've got a question: Do I have to set up my curation trail in Hive or was it done automatically when the systems were separated?

it was done automatically (at least with other trail i am in)

Thanks :D

Si realice el primer post en Hive pero, no hubo respuesta no se si es porque es la primera y no me conocen.

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