Contest Alert😃:The Teacher I will never forget // #club5050

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Here we go again😃.. It a fresh week with fresh contests. The goal is to provide you with Interesting things to post on and be supported in return. Do well to take advantage of the ongoing contests in the community.

There are things we can never forget in life no matter how hard we try to. This also cut across learning. We all at some point have been taught by some persons before and somehow these people have left us with memories whether good or bad. Teachers are meant to lay a solid foundation which student can build on,however some teacher leave their student with horrible memories in their learning process while some other leave their student with pleasant memories of impact that cannot be forgotten in a haste.

In this contest,I will love that you share with us the teacher you can never forget either for his or her positive or negative impact. Tell us why you won't forget the teacher and what you will probably do to/for the teacher if you meet again by chance. Would you appreciate the teacher or blame the teacher for not grooming you well?
Let's have fun once again,I personally learn from every entry I receive for my contest and am sure it's the same with many of us who follow the Contest.

The Rules of the Contest:

  • The title of the post should be ‘’The teacher I will never forget by @username"
  • The post should be published in Steem Skillshare Community.
  • Do not Plagiarize
  • Kindly tag me in your post and drop the link to your entry in the comment session.
  • Use #myteacher as one of your tags
  • Invite three friends to be part of this contest

Note:Contest runs till post expires and winners will be chosen based on the quality of entries.

First Position - 100% Upvote from our Curation Trail
Second Position - 75% Upvote from our Curation Trail
Third Position- 50% Upvote from our Curation Trail

I can't wait to read your entries,common let's have a good time sharing our experiences 🤗

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Best Regards:

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So lovely, I wanna make my entry here soon

Steem greetings @lhorgic thanks for the contest. This is the link to my post

 2 years ago 

Greetings @lhorgic
here is my contest entry you may like, thank you!


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