Steem skillshare comment contest |What were your ambitions when you were a child?

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Hello, everyone. What are you doing today? Hope you are doing great.

I always love reading your comments. I am delighted that my previous contests were well received and got really good responses.

I am going to announce another contest for you today, and I hope you enjoy it. It is incredibly simple and anyone can participate.

Designed in canva

In our childhood, we all had ambitions. Those ambitions became determinations later on, and some of them came true, while others remained unfulfilled.

So this week's theme is "What were your ambitions when you were a child?" In this competition, I would like to know your ambitions.

This is a comment contest; all you have to do is leave a comment answering this question under the post.

Lets have a look at the rules:


  1. Comment under this post using 50-100 words.
  2. Only one entry one person is allowed. Language : English.
  3. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs.
  4. Invite at least 3 of your active friends to this competition.
  5. You must resteem this post.
  6. You are free to use any image (only 1 photo) of your own or from internet with proper source.(Optional)

On the basis of grammar, lexical resources, spelling, sentence structure, originality, and compliance with the rules, I will choose the top five comments. As a result, be specific and creative in your response.


Total prize- 12 steem

1st prize: 4 steem
2nd prize : 3 steem
3rd prize : 2 steem
4th prize: 2 steem
5th prize : 1 steem

DEADLINE: 08-09-2021 at 10 pm (GMT+5)

I wish everyone good luck and look forward to your participation.

Thank you.


As a kid i had so many ambitions then. I later on got to realize that i was good at operating computers so i decided to become a computer scientist some day. Computer science is a dynamic and rapidly growing area that has become an integral part of the world that we live in today. ... Computing is part of everything we do! Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems. Computing enables you to make a positive difference in the world.
My ambition is to work in programming for a large corporate company, working as part of a team to maximise their IT potential
I enjoy designing web pages and and apps, even though i am not an expert, just a student😊 .
I invite @kodua @abdulkahargunu and @five5
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IT profession become more integral part of our everyday lives. The technology is advancing more than we can imagine but despite of this, we cannot stop pestilence and crimes.

Pursuing your goal is utmost. You are lucky in your time because web technology is already developed and more importantly, there are a bunch of earning opportunities inside the web space like

I remember during my college time, my group made a program to refill the credits of used telephone cards. We made a lot of money by reloading and reselling them out of being already trash.

I wish I can refill an empty Crypto Wallet thru a special code.

Wow such a nice story...the crypto part though🤣🤣

Wow. That's a great profession with lots of potential. Thanks for your participation. Wish you good luck with the contest.

Thank you pleasure


This is really nice.

Thanks bro

As a kid I wanted to be alot of things, it married with what inspired me during that period it could be a week a month a year etc.
My imaginations would play out so real and magnificent in my head like I had already achieved it some days I would want to be a Ninja from shoalin, and sometimes I would want to be a super hero. Of course all this would depend on the movie I had watched during that time.. but what I had wanted to so badly for a really long time seemed so beautiful, so adventurous, there was nothing I wanted more than to be in the Marines 🤗🤗

I really didn't care that they killed a bunch of people but the movies made it look like fun! I wanted to be a trained sniper 😎..
I wanted to be big and strong to protect myself then my family..
😂 I was really really small for a kid my age so I was bullied alot, like any normal person I would crave for power to stand up to the bullies. I liked the training the cool gear... The helicopters .. armored cars etc

But after seeing the military in my country at work the thought of being in the military disgust me!

Now I paint 😊 ironic isn't it.

I challenge

To participate in this contest

Haha. It was a good one.

Thanks for your participation. Wish you good luck with the contest.

😂😂😂 thank you.


I don't doubt your dreams as a child at all. I think you still have them dreams now. Na say age don change u small.😅.

The society we live in does not allow us to become our dreams. They only let us live so as to create other dreams if not jobs.
Thank you for inviting me
I will so partake in this challenge.

😂😂 I actually do.. you saw right throw me


My ambition is to become a teacher. It's because the teacher is very important in the life of students. They helped build the future, a guide to the correct path, and develop the potential of students to achieve their goals.
It was an unfulfilled dream but I do something in a different way like teaching basketball to young people, being a good leader, and sharing my Japanese skills with my co-workers.
I am inviting @maris75, @maimai80, and @rfprincess to join the contest.

Teacher builds the future, a guide to the correct path, and develop the potential of students to achieve their goals.

I agree with that. You are doing really great. I wish you all the best on your way to becoming a teacher.

Thanks for your participation.

 3 years ago 

I admire you for trying to fulfill your dream being a teacher...doing it in some other ways. Thanks for inviting 😊.

You're welcome.

Thank you for inviting me.


Back when I was a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist, I love history and I was engrossed with how the ancient civilizations life was.Their technologies, that are forgotten and might be of used if ever it was discovered again.Tracing back to the past using new techniques and carbon dating to place which part of the timeline it was to be specific.How it affected the other civilizations in terms of trading, producing products and others.It might be a foundation to a culture.I also think that archeology has been a field that has been untapped to my own country.Since the Philippines has been colonized by different countries the very foundation during the time we were not yet colonised is not yet known to the public.During the time it is possible that our ancient ancestors were already doing trade with china due to the evolution of Adobo which is orginally made without soy sauce.It was thought that it was originally influenced by the spaniards.These trivial everyday things has questions to be asked.And the connection from the past to our present and might be the future is revealed by an archeologist.
Inivite @sxshx @hanna716 @eryll to join the discussion.

Wow. Nice and detailed description of your ambition.
Thanks for your participation and wish you good luck with the contest.



Hello Friends,I am @monira999 from Bangladesh.First of all, I had some ambitions in my childhood that one of them was that I wanted to be a skilled teacher.A skilled teacher can educate parents as well as young boys and girls.The role of a skilled teacher in building a good society is immense.As a child, I used to play the role of a teacher by playing tricks on my friends.I used to wear them.Maybe it was a game at the time.But in a real sense, that game is still in my mind.So I am still trying to fulfill my childhood dream.I hope I will be able to move forward successfully in my life.Teaching is one of the most noble professions and there is a lot of respect, esteem and love in this profession.I want to earn love and respect from everyone through my teaching profession.You will all pray for me that I may be able to fulfill this childhood dream of mine.Thanks everyone.Thanks @ftz to arrange this beautiful contest.❣️❣️

Teaching is the most satisfying profession, I agree with you. I believe you can achieve it. I wish you all the best in your journey.

Thanks for participating in this contest.

What a great ambition, I am very happy that since I was little your goal was to be a teacher, education is the most powerful weapon in the world and without the teachers, the children and adolescents of today we would not learn anything, prosigue with this and you will see that You will soon be proud to see the students you educated, being professionals.

Hi, everyone. I am @jheirtalks

Well, growing up, If I want to be truly honest, I had so many ambitions or would you say 'dreams'.
They really gave me this sense of purpose, even at that little age, I wasn't limited to just 'existing'.

One amongst those many ambitions was that I wanted to become a professional drummer.
Drumming was almost a major part of me then, because I was little and of course had many dreams but at that point in my life, I could only think of playing the drums.


Playing in church services, at home, or wherever an opportunity presents it self; with one having to hit something to make a rhythmic sound.

Although, as of now, I still play the drums, but it wasn't as I dreamt of it as per playing professionally.

Nevertheless, whether it worked out fine or not, I guess it played a huge part in making me who I am today.

I would love to invite @vectorshore, @jerryivan, @anyiglobal to be a part of this contest.

Thanks for reading through!

Amazing. Glad to see you in this competition. Wish you good luck with the contest.

Great content @jheirtalks. I never knew you could play drums. Its great.

My bro! God has brought us thus far oo

Yes oo.. We thank God.


My entry:



One of my goals since childhood was to become a lawyer.I have dreamed since childhood that I will be an honest and dedicated lawyer.I am moving forward to meet that goal of mine.I am currently studying law to meet my goal.I want to become a lawyer and stand by the poor and miserable people of the society.My only dream since childhood is to become a lawyer and achieve justice for the helpless and poor.I want to be engaged in the service of the people of the country.I have dreamed since childhood that I will serve the people of my country.The legal profession is a noble profession.So I want to provide legal services to the poor people of my district and the whole of Bangladesh through this great profession of mine.I want to fight a legal battle for those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.I want to take strict action against various criminal acts of this society such as rape, violence against women, child abuse, acid throwing, drug users and drug dealers and bring them under the law and punish them.May you all pray for me so that I can make my childhood dream come true.

Specially thanks @ftz to arrange this comment contest.


It's really great that you want to work as a lawyer to help people. I hope your success in this field.

Thank you for your participation.

Thanks mem.

Hi! everyone, its such great news to get the chance to share a part of my childhood with the wonderful people of this community.
Growing up we all had various professions we wanted to pursue however, some came to past and others diverged onto different paths which I am not an exception. I had different ambitions growing up as a kid but the one which I was so attached to was to become a pilot.

Things didn't go as expected because I had to pursue my passion which is what I’m actually on.
I really miss those days when I had to tell my parents to get me aero plane whenever they step out and coming back. It was fun though but as we grow we begin to think and act differently.

I wish to invite @illy123, @mukadas and @mukka to join this contest

 3 years ago 

My childhood ambition


Growing up as a child I always had the ambition of becoming a doctor. This choice was influenced by the fact that my dad was a medical doctor himself. He encouraged us to pursue the same career. He even thought my older sibling and I how to prescribe drugs and inject someone.
The experience was really interesting, as a young child I already knew some basic cures to some physical ailments. Father gave special attention to I and my older sibling and he was determined to make sure we reach the goal of becoming a medical doctor.

Though some of my ambitions has been adjusted, I still hope to be a hard worker and do what will provide satisfaction to me.

I hereby invite @wizzyboy3, @ijelady, @esthyfashion to participate in this contest

Great. Thanks for your participation.
What did you want to pursue? Did you finally became a doctor?

 3 years ago 

Well my dad soon passed away, leaving my mom alone to take care of the 6 of us. She couldn't further our education.
Also after he passed away I didn't have the ambition of becoming a doctor anymore, I simply lost the zeal.
But I knew that life without direction is dangerous. So I developed the zeal of becoming a teacher. I think this is what I am really good at.
I do hope that one day I will achieve the goal of becoming a professional teacher.

 3 years ago (edited)

I am so sorry to hear that your father is no more. Life actually leads us to different direction from time to time. Not everyone can fulfill their ambition all the time.
It was really nice knowing your story. I am happy that you want to be a teacher. Thank you.

I wanted to be a Nurse,I will love to work with you if you become s Doctor, thank you for the invite

 3 years ago 

Sure ma'am it will be a pleasure to work with someone like you. But sadly I don't think this ambition will ever come true.
There is a new focus now.

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